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you are the moon - pmv
Well, this is my first PMV. Hope you enjoy it. This is a tribute to my best friends. It might be messed up in some parts, but this is my first PMV remember. So no screaming at me please. Song used: You Are The Moon by The Hush Sound Audio source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpUP0jjicqY
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OCS USED -------------------------- MAGNUS THE WOLF VULPUS THE WOLF SASHA THE WOLF LUPIN THE WOLF COUGAR THE WOLF --------------------------------------- CREDITS --------------------------------------- PROGRAMS USED --------------------------------------- MS PAINT WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER --------------------------------------- MUSIC --------------------------------------- STEVEN UNIVERSE - ROSE'S ROOM BY REBECCA SUGAR ART BY ME COPYRIGHT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED DO NOT RE-UPLOAD
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o v e r t h i n k i n g .
just a vent speedpaint also my first speedpaint sorry about the bad video quality, i didnt know how to fix it exactly and i used the windows xbox recording software which isn't the most incredible but i tried don't comment about the facial lighting i know its a bit off but i like the concept of this drawing so i'll probably redraw it in the future anyways, im not very good at shading and lighting yet song 1: lontalius - sleep thru ur alarms song 2: joji - unsaved info (extended version) total time taken: 2 hours program used: medibang paint pro tablet used: i use a mouse lol oc used: sealine
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have u noticed that ur voice has changed
Random animation that I had to animate Audio from Amazing World of Gumball Art by Me Original by folkpunkdog (Link here) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7h7ZrhdTUk OCs are Reed, red fox and Ness, arctic fox
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who broke it
Equius: So Who broke it I'm not mad I just wanna know Nepeta: :3 - I did. I broke- Equius: No No you didn't Karkat? Karkat: DON'T LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT DAVE. Dave: what? i didn't break it Karkat: HUH. THAT'S WEIRD. HOW'D YOU EVEN KNOW IT WAS BROKEN? Dave: because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken Karkat: S U S P I C I O U S . Dave: no, it's not Dirk: If it matters, probably not, but... Meenah was the last one to use it. Meenah: dirk i don't even drink drink that crab Dirk: Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the milk earlier? Meenah: to use the shelf to put back my trident everyone knows that dirk Nepeta: :3 Okay let's not fight, I broke it, let me pay fur it, Equius. Equius: NO Who broke it Dave: equius kanaya's been awful quiet Kanaya: Really?! Dave: yeah really Kanaya: All This Time! *arguing* plot twist. equius broke it.
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i'm in love with u, sorry
song - j'san. - i'm in love with u, sorry just a quick practice animatic i'm not great with fur flowing whoops
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so this is just a random practice i did lol music: neptune by sleeping at last full image: https://www.deviantart.com/remmaart/art/i-wanna-love-you-but-i-don-t-know-how-756387305?ga_submit_new=10%3A1532616901&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1
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Here's another pmv! For those of you who haven't read Warriors, here's what's going on. Characters: Grey tom with dark grey speckles and blue eyes // Ashfur Darker orange she-cat with dark green eyes // Squirrelflight Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes // Brambleclaw Silver gray tabby tom with blue eyes, blind // Jayfeather Black she-cat with green eyes // Hollyleaf Golden tom with amber eyes and fur around neck like a lion // Lionblaze Brown tabby tom with blue eyes and white chest // Hawkfrost Orange tabby tom with emerald green eyes // Firestar !! SPOILERS !! At the beginning from 0:00 to 0:13 Ashfur is bounding up to Squirrelflight. Ashfur crushes on Squirrelflight and Squirrelflight thought she had too after her quarrel with Brambleclaw, but after they made up she thought twice. She confessed that she cannot be his mate because she loves Brambleclaw, only to get a bad reaction from Ashfur. From 0:13 to 0:16 Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight have three kits. Hollykit, Jaykit and Lionkit. It shows them transition to Hollypaw, Jaypaw and Lionpaw to their warrior selves, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze. 0:16 to 0:25 Memories about how him and Squirrelflight were together and how she went back to Brambleclaw. 0:25 to 0:31 Hawkfrost manipulating Ashfur into helping him set up a trap for the clan leader Firestar, and Hawkfrost would achieve Brambleclaw, his half-brother, sucessing to become leader after Firestar since he is his deputy, and Ashfur would get revenge against Squirrelflight for backstabbing him since Firestar is her father and his death would devastate her. This leads to him leading Firestar to the trap, saying RiverClan was attacking the ThunderClan border. Firestar gets caught in the fox trap and Brambleclaw finds out and runs to help, Hawkfrost tries to convince Brambleclaw to kill Firestar to become leader. When Brambleclaw refuses Hawkfrost is enraged and attacks Brambleclaw. Brambleclaw kills Hawkfrost and saves Firestar. 0:31 to 0:51 The fire scene where Ashfur threatens to kill Squirrelflight's kits. Squirrelflight confesses they are her sister's kits and not her own. They are all shocked, Hollyleaf the most devastated. So Ashfur lets them live. 0:51 to end Hollyleaf kills Ashfur by the riverside. || CHARACTERS BELONG TO ERIN HUNTER || || ART IS MINE || || CHARACTER DESIGN IS KIND OF MINE?? I USED THE DESCRIPTIONS BUT CHANGED THEM UP A BIT. || || MUSIC IS SUCH SMALL HANDS BY LA DISPUTE ||
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Kizoa Video Maker: Buddy - Story :)
:) In memory of Buddy :)))) Kizoa Video Maker - http://www.kizoa.com
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AJ Speedpaint #1 - Me!
Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com
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I died
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Broken - Part 2
Young pup Magnus grows to be older, stronger, and to live on his own. But how long has he been alone? Leave your answers in the comment section!
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redrawing sealine's ref sheet
oofer gang
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animating ((mic on))
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"THIS ISN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM" characters floofy long hair: jasper aka big buff cheeto puff dorito hair: peridot aka angry tiny space dorito smol bean at side of screen: lapis aka edgy water kid music at beginning is from super mario 64 jasper walking away is just a laughing crowd lapis eating chips is just chips being eaten peridot screaming is from michael p don't even steal this this is my best art yet
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my crappy art from the past 2 years crammed in one video
yeah pretty much also i changed my name several times if you were here for a while you would know that lol thats why there are loads of different signatures on my art because if you know me i used to change my name and i cant change my name anymore so uh yeah a lot of the really crappy art in the beginning is my old art where i used to do a bunch of requests for people and probably secretly disappointed them really old art is from 0:00 to 2:31 oldish art is from 2:31 to 4:35 new art is from 4:35 to 7:51 don't steal my art that's stupid yeah music does not belong to me song 1 - wine red by the hush sound song 2 - water or concrete by setec song 3 - i know you so well by xfruge
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Broken - Part One // Original Slideshow-Animation
This is the backstory of a young pup named Magnus, a pup hated by his brothers and sisters.
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Charlotte's Web Speedpaint - Charlotte
This is Charlotte fro Charlotte's Web.
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|| FORGET ||
this is sort of a vent i guess i don't own the song song is forget by pogo oc used: sealine programs used: ms paint and movie maker this took like a week hhhh
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youth part 2 and 3 wip
the map is here -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne75F48ps6Y
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Broken - Episode 3
deez nutz hah gaty
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Broken - Part 4
Fenris arrives!
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Animal Jam - Meet Topddog :)
this is my frend topdogbutt
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unsaved info thumbnail - speedpaint
here's an early upload just for the sake of it, it's the thumbnail for an upcoming amv of one of my favorite characters from warriors, crowfeather, going through his love life with feathertail, then leafpool, then nightcloud and the relationship between he and his son. music - unsaved info by joji (extended version) character belongs to the erins don't use my crowfeather design please aa it took a while to come up with don't steal my art either not cool time taken - roughly 1h30m tablet used - i use a mouse lmao
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It Took Me By Surprise preview
This is a story about my life. The brown wolf is my mother, the white wolf is my dad, and the brown and white pup is me.
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drawing stuff ((mic on))
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i didn't record a video today so i just grabbed a random 3 month old animation from my pc oops
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Undertale part 2
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Undertale Part 1 (SPOILER ALERT)
:) Thank you Toby Fox for making this game. I do not own this game. I do not own the music.
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just an animation i made a couple months ago i found
this was kind of abandoned and i dont use that artstyle anymore so i just decided to end it with a lame error ahahah song is aftermath by caravan palace
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Lovely Comments
this might be a series it might not it's really just something to do coughs chokes Music: Kevin MacLeo - Fluffing a Duck Edgy music: Crawling by Linkin Park (The edited version...) I know I sound like a kid. That's probably because I am one. Also my first attempt at editing.
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merry friday eve
oofer gang
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im out of school
thanks for 100 subs also i got out of school early just waiting for september again woohoo
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hiatus is ending soon. :)
2018/10/03 music : bonnie's lullaby by scott cawthon oof
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welcome to my screaming room
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DISCLAIMER : Subtle blood warning This is my visual cover for Into the Wild. I chose the fight where Rusty, the main character of the book, was challenged by Longtail to prove his strength to ThunderClan before he becomes Firepaw. The characters are not mine, they belong to the Erin Hunters' series Warriors. Song : I See Fire by Ed Sheeran Program used : MediBang Paint Pro Tablet used: i use a mouse lol Time taken: 2 hours, 16 minutes Don't use my art, nor trace, nor steal. I WILL give you a copyright strike. I listened to a lot of Hamilton making this and now I have about 20 songs playing in my head at once.
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oofer gang
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I'm so sorry FNAF WIP
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drawing and animating ((mic off))
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animating ((mic off))
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