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reuploaded because i accidentally deleted it. song is the chris kogos spongebob version of tides by home. new video today probably comment i dont want your goddamn lettuce if you are reading this thanks
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etika reacts to headpats
rare footage of ebina reacting to good anime anime: akkun to kanojo subscribe for more random uploads
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its sans time
hey peter yes, sans gaming from undertale? spell bueno nigga holy shit! like for el fuego sombrero i still cant think of an idea for a 200 subscriber special, but i just want to say thanks to everyone who watches my videos. stay wholesome and spooky my dudes.
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the most powerful scene in neon genesis evangelion
dam you just got meloned qna soon (soon means sometime this year lol)
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cultural appropriation
haha funny cause true anime: Watamote
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see you again Justin Y.
like if you cried. dont worry, he is not gone forever. he said that he hasn't decided for how long he will be gone, but atleast we know nothing's wrong. see you again justin.
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n A n I ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?
the ultimate nani anime is yuragi no yuuna san
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belle delphine
you have just been nico'd check out NicoShot69 he did the you just got nico'd first and LemonOVA and Stoop Vital they made videos about belle first song: Based Race - Lil B thank you based god
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this video is shit. arigato gosaemasu for 100 subscribers gonna make a special i just gotta find out what im gonna do in it. i dont know why would you want the name of this anime, but its tsurezure children. anime is good and so are lolis.
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big chungus for the ps4
big chungus for the ps4
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