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What To Do When You Feel Stuck In Life
Here's what to do when you feel stuck in life... stop pushing against the stuckness! Go in the opposite direction and you'll find that stuck in a rut situation disappear all on its own. Follow along as I show you. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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How I Quit Smoking (and why it matters to you)
I quit smoking, after 15 years of smoking over a pack a day. And I did it in just a couple of hours. I didn’t even have to go cold turkey. I just dropped it like a rock. And what I’m going to share with you is how this quitting smoking story applies to quitting any bad habit… or any life program… really really easily! Here's the link to check out the 21 Day Master Your Fate Course: http://powerofquiet.com/mastering-your-fate-course Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Experience the True Spirit of Christmas
Hello everyone. I just want to reach out and say thanks to all of you who have supported this channel. This Christmas Day, I sat down and recorded and guided a cleanup session, so you can experience the true spirit of Christmas. I wish you all the peace and love and good wishes this holiday season, and an abundant New Year! Love, Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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Loving Yourself Unconditionally (how it works)
The simple secret to loving yourself unconditionally starts with recognizing that it’s been your choice all along. It takes practice, but… with a little practice, loving yourself is the easiest (and most rewarding) thing you can do. And, unconditional love instantly opens the doors to abundance in your life! Find out more here: Love Yourself and Let the World Have It Your Way http://powerofquiet.com/love-yourself-course Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Learning to Love Yourself
In order to love yourself completely, you must be willing to face and accept your dark side. Once you do, you'll discover that learning to love yourself is the easiest thing to do. Follow along and I'll show you how. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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Are You A Closet Releaser?
So many times we procrastinate and postpone releasing, either because we are more interested in other things or we think we don't have the time or energy to commit to it. But consider the results you are getting... Are you getting your goals? Are you feeling happy and motivated? Are you imperturbable? If not, consider what I have to share with you in this video. This will seriously help your motivation and build massive momentum in your life, so you can get your goals. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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Become Fearless
http://powerofquiet.com/awakening-to-the-real-you-retreat Who would you be if you dropped all your fears? Imagine what life would be like right now if you felt anchored in a rock-solid space of confidence and imperturbability. This is how you should feel all the time (it's your natural state). So, follow along and take the steps to become the fearless you. Kris Dillard
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The Law of Attraction (making it easy)
As you know, the law of attraction says “Focus your mind on what you want, and you’ll manifest it.” There’s a lot of ways to harness the power of the law of attraction, and you’ve probably seen some amazing experiences. You got focused... decided, “I’m having this goal.” And bam… it happens. Maybe it takes time for it to manifest. And maybe you had to put some work into it, but you see it through successfully. Sometimes something magical happens, and you’re like “Holy cow, look at that.” But... then there are times when you focus on something and it doesn’t happen. You were really serious about it, and you put the effort to do everything you’re supposed to do. And no matter what, you just come up with a big goose egg. The law of attraction lets you down. So this leaves you feeling confused. You start wondering if maybe you've been kidding yourself about the whole thing. That’s what we’re going to take a look at today... how to be successful, and how to attract what you want in life. ============= For more info, go to my website: powerofquiet.com ============= Hit the like button if this was helpful to you. And leave a comment to let me know what you experienced after watching this video. Thanks! Kris Dillard
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I've Been RESISTING Freedom (and why)
This week I discovered that I've been holding back on freedom. It was a revelation that smacked me in the face. But... I stared down those inner demons of my ego and saw them melt away into love and peace. Watch this unfolding spiritual enlightenment story and see if this relates to your own path to enlightenment. Love, Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Do You Have The Right MINDSET To Attract Money?
New 6 Week Course: http://powerofquiet.com/wealth-manifestation-course ––––––– We all think that we are agreeable to the idea of having lots of money. But in reality, we reject money and create an unhealthy relationship with it. So it's a classic case of us intending one thing, but acting in ways that are totally opposite. If you want to know the secret to attracting money (or using the law of attraction to manifest your specific goals) you must identify your true thoughts and attitudes. This video is going to show you exactly how to do that. You'll learn how to become conscious of your unconscious thoughts, and permanently erase the thoughts that are not helping you. At the end of it all, you will see yourself as the conscious creator that you are. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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How to Overcome Fear (and be more confident)
Fear is a feeling that we all carry with us. It destroys our happiness, saps our energy, and leads us into making bad decisions. Fear is just a feeling! And it's our responsibility to overcome fear and be confident with everything we do in life. Follow along as I show you how to overcome fear, tap into an ocean of confidence that's already within you right now. Get positive. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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[Instantly] Realizing Your Personal Power
9-Day Abundance & Bliss Retreat https://powerofquiet.com/abundance-bliss-retreat —————————————————— Realizing your personal power doesn't have to take time. It doesn't have to be a forever pursuit. Your power is available to you (entirely) right now, once you identify with your beingness. In other words, nothing needs to be added ...just remove the blinders. Follow along as I guide you to connecting with your inner strength (beingness) so you can instantly realize your personal power, and change your life. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Stress Free Productivity
The key to stress free productivity is being clear with your intentions. Follow along and learn the art of getting things done more easily. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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Change Your Life (by accepting what is)
I used to have a lot of difficulty accepting what is. Even though I understood what Eckhart Tolle meant about being in the moment, and the power of now. It always seemed that harsh reality would forever beat me over the head. Over time I learned that simple, consistent steps are all that you need to quickly change your life. ==================== New Live Video Course — How to Live Your Life's Purpose http://powerofquiet.com/how-to-live-your-lifes-purpose/ ==================== Love, Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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21 days to mastering your fate (course sample)
Here's a sample of the upcoming video course. http://powerofquiet.com/mastering-your-fate-course In this clip, we're looking at how we get lost in our thoughts (and how that leaves us asleep in the world) versus how easy it is to shift into a perspective of FREE WILL. Let me know your impressions in the comments.
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(Real) Pain Management
Learn a different approach to pain management, so you can stop having to run away from pain. Follow along as I guide you though how to eliminate pain, right now. ============================ Here’’s the link to find out more about the new Health and Body Course http://powerofquiet.com/mastering-your-body-course ============================ Thank you, Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Finding power in vulnerability
Check out the new Conscious Couple Relationships Course here: http://powerofquiet.com/conscious-couple-relationships-course We fear vulnerability. We build a wall to protect ourselves from getting hurt. But it’s a big freakin’ lie, perpetuated by our ego. The truth is, you only get stronger …the more you allow yourself to be seen.
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Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs
The ultimate course to break your limiting beliefs... 6 Week "Be Your Own Boss" Course http://powerofquiet.com/be-your-own-boss-course Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Naturally Healthy
If you’ve been struggling to be naturally healthy, you’ve been doing it all wrong. I’m going to share with you the one simple truth to have good health, naturally and easily. Forget looking for the next cure, or the next medicine - whether natural or not. The answer to natural health and fitness is in the "I" of you. Here’s the link to the new health course — http://powerofquiet.com/mastering-your-body-course Lots of love, Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Mindfulness | How To Stay PRESENT In A World Of Noise
Practicing Mindfulness and staying present is easy when you are in a peaceful space. It can be far more difficult 'out there' in the world, where you are bombarded with noise, activity, and negativity. I'm going to show you how to stay present in a world of noise, so you can deepen your presence and mastery in the world. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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Set kickass goals like Bruce Lee
It's said that 98% of us flat out don't believe in ourselves. So when it comes to New Years resolutions, this explains why we abandon our goals so quickly. But if you're going to take the initiative to set goals, you might as well stand behind those goals all the way. In this video, I show you how to do that, in the most easiest way possible. To find out more, come visit me at powerofquiet.com Love, Kris Dillard
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Allowing success is easy
http://powerofquiet.com/mastering-your-fate-course Can you allow yourself to be successful? I know this sounds a bit too simple, and unrealistic. But it's easier than you think (and extremely practical and provable). I'll show you the real secret in this short video.
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How To Manifest MONEY Easily | What The Law of Attraction Experts DON'T Tell You
Over 15 years ago, I came across the most powerful tool that showed me how to manifest money easily. It's called the Butt System. Even though it has a funny name, it takes you through an important step that all of the Law of Attraction experts miss. Once you see this missing link for yourself, you'll see how silly all the other LOA methods are. Manifesting money is easy. Having wealth, abundance and prosperity is your true nature. You are a Creator, and you can access your power to attract money quickly and easily, using this method. ===================================== New 6 Week Wealth Manifestation Course http://powerofquiet.com/wealth-manifestation-course ===================================== Direct teachings from Lester Levenson on goals. To your success, Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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How to Stop Thinking So Much
Find yourself overthinking everything? Check out what’s actually going on in your mind, and learn how to stop thinking so much. =========================== Check out the new love yourself course: http://powerofquiet.com/love-yourself-course =========================== Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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Confidence... the key to achieving your goals
http://powerofquiet.com/conscious-creation-master-course Confidence is key. It's the key to maintaining the conviction necessary to making your goals a reality. But how do you make sure the confidence is real, and not faked? And what is it like to maintain a rock-solid conviction? Watch and see.
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My Law of Attraction Story
If you've been wondering how to use the law of attraction successfully, just watch my law of attraction story. I'm going to share with you the secret (the simple secret) to manifesting your goals with ease. It's been right in front of your nose all this time. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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Why Vision Boards DON'T Work – A Better Way To ATTRACT Your Goals
Why doing a vision board is a waste of time (and why practicing the Law of Attraction is only half of what you need in order to manifest your goals). In this video I'm going to break down how the mind really works, and show you the most effective technique to attracting your goals quickly and easily. Learn the secret law of attraction technique discovered by the physicist, Lester Levenson by following this link: http://powerofquiet.com Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Stop Letting Fear Hold You Back
Today I show you how to conquer your biggest habit, that happens to be creating the majority of the problems in your life. Follow along and learn how to stop letting fear hold you back. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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What Causes ANXIETY? | Stopping An Anxiety Attack
If you've been experiencing anxiety attacks or wondering if you have anxiety symptoms, you may have noticed that nobody really knows. Today we're going to understand the basic truth about what causes anxiety and take quick, easy steps to eliminate it right at the source. Stay tuned for further videos on stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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Enlightenment and relationships
You know that wonderful feeling of falling in love? What if you could feel that way all the time... in your relationships, as well as your whole life? Check this out, because if you've had (or have) some uninspiring or rocky relationships, you can turn on the magic again (and go free while doing it)! And check out the new Conscious Couple Relationships Course: ►►► http://powerofquiet.com/conscious-couple-relationships-course
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Be Your Inner Happiness
To be your inner happiness is easy. It starts with look at the "I" of you. Once you see it, everything becomes clear in your life. Follow along with this guided release, recorded at the 9 Day Retreat in Romania. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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How to Quiet the Mind Quickly
In this video, I'm going to show you how to quiet the mind quickly, using five practical techniques. Follow along and see how fast you can quiet your mind. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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How To Stop Being TIRED All The Time (Guided Meditation)
Being tired all the time makes it difficult to get through the day and enjoy life. Today I'm going to show you how to eliminate the tiredness, and discomfort in your body, so you can feel alive and energetic. Follow along with this guided meditation and see an easy and instant way how to stop being tired all the time. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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How to be Limitless - Right Now
Your potential to be limitless is right under your nose, at this very moment. All you have to do is look at it. In this video, I guide you through a special ‘cleanup’ process where you discover for yourself how to be limitless. Unleash your potential now! ============================== New Course on Mind / Body Mastery: powerofquiet.com/mastering-your-body-course ============================== Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Advanced Goal Setting - Uncovering Your GREATEST Goal
One of the first blocks to getting your goals is not being sure what it is you really want to achieve. This is the easiest block to overcome, though. In this video, I show you the essential ingredient to goal setting. ======================== New 6 Week LIve Video Course: http://powerofquiet.com/how-to-live-your-lifes-purpose/ ======================== Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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Law Of Attraction | What You MUST Do To Manifest Money
Wealth Manifestation Live http://powerofquiet.com/wealth-manifestation-course =============================== When it comes using the law of attraction to manifest money, we make a common mistake that majorly limits our success. In this video, I show you how to spot what your mind is doing and redirect it towards a real abundance and wealth mindset. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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The Courage To Be Yourself
Today we set our sights on the goal to being in courageousness, acceptance, and peace at all times. This monumental decision... to step up and exercise the courage to be yourself... sets you on a course to achieve every single one of your goals in life. Enjoy! Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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How to stop being INDECISIVE
If you find yourself stuck in indecisiveness, you know it's a very uncomfortable feeling. And the more you try to get yourself out of it, you become even more jammed up in indecisiveness and it's harder to take action. In this new 'beyond-motivational video' I show you, step by step, how to stop being indecisive. Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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5 keys to creating a conscious relationship
Creating conscious, connected, loving relationships isn't difficult. You just need to stop making these unconscious mistakes that zap your happiness and create conflict in your life. Sign up for the new course here: http://powerofquiet.com/conscious-couple-relationships-course
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How to create your own reality
The secret to creating what you really want in life is to become completely imperturbable (on BOTH sides of the coin). Follow along as I guide you on how to create your own reality. ========= UPCOMING ========= Living Free Weekend in Amsterdam – 8-10 February http://powerofquiet.com/amsterdam-0219 ========= Abundance & Bliss Retreat – 6-14 April http://powerofquiet.com/abundance-bliss-retreat ========= 21 Day Mastering Your Fate Course http://powerofquiet.com/mastering-your-fate-course Love, Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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Let Go Of Subconscious Programming
Let go of subconscious programming, and exercise your free will to do anything, in this new six week course. http://powerofquiet.com/be-your-own-boss-course Love – Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Going Free | Lessons We Can Learn From LESTER LEVENSON
Lester Levenson was a true Master. His message was love. Today, we examine how we can apply more love, just like Lester did. This pure love is the essence of our own Beingness, and when we apply it fully, we realize how WE can learn the secret to going free like Lester Levenson. Yours, Kris Dillard Power of Quiet http://powerofquiet.com
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How to Handle Your Enemies
How do you effectively deal with your enemies, the people working against you? The answer may not seem the most logical approach, but it is the THE fastest way how to handle enemies that will keep them off your back forever. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Check out the new "Love Yourself and Let the World Have It Your Way" Course: http://powerofquiet.com/love-yourself-course –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Love, Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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5 Reasons To Subscribe to The Power Of Quiet On YouTube
Check out how this game-changing approach to growth and mindset puts you in the driver's seat of life (right now): http://powerofquiet.com/wake-up-and-live-a-most-excellent-life/ Click here to claim your FREE 20 minute video training on how to word your goals for the greatest effectiveness: http://powerofquiet.com/ Click here to discover how you can create a massive shift in your life, in just 21 days, letting go of the inner blocks so you can have more success, more happiness, and more abundance in your life. http://powerofquiet.com/mastering-your-fate-course
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NATURAL Confidence | How To Be More Confident ALL The Time
Today I'm going to show you how to be more confident all the time, doing just one simple thing. If you want the secret to natural confidence, you're going to love this! ==================================== Go here for the Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting http://powerofquiet.com ==================================== Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Fortune cookie reveals the SECRET to achieving goals
Today I stumbled on an unlikely source of profound wisdom on achieving goals (and it came from a fortune cookie of all places!) If you've been unsuccessful in getting certain big goals in your life, you're going to want to pay special attention to this. It will literally tip the scales and allow you to achieve your goals faster! Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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How to Achieve the Impossible Goal
If you find yourself stuck on how to achieve the impossible goal, you have two options:Let yourself believe that the goal is impossible, or… Renew your commitment to pursue the truth, whatever it takes. In this video, I walk you though option 2, so you can set yourself on the track to achieve that goal …no matter how impossible! ===================== The 9-Day Awakening To The Real You Retreat http://powerofquiet.com/awakening-to-the-real-you-retreat ===================== ===================== The 6-Week Be Your Own Boss Course http://powerofquiet.com/be-your-own-boss-course ===================== Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Dealing With Problems [Guided Process]
Sorry I took a little bit longer to get this video out. I know that what I was planning for the class over the weekend was going to be really special, and that I wanted to share it with you. This is a special process on dealing with problems in your life, and making those problems go away. Even better, this shows you how you can turn your problems into portals for stepping into FREEDOM. (This isn't your typical motivational video). Enjoy! Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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LET GO of Holiday Stress and Family Drama
Don't let holiday stress and family drama bring you down this season. The fact is, if your family can trigger negativity in you, they are doing you a favor. I'm going to show you how to use that to your advantage and let go of that negativity, so you can use it for your own personal growth and win at life (with positivity and love). Kris Dillard Power of Quiet www.powerofquiet.com
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