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Man Caught cheating on girlfriend on LIVE RADIO Programme.
A man was caught cheating on his girlfriend (affair-couple of years),on live radio program, absolutely shocking,she cries....poor girl.
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French Kiss - You are my high (Demon Vs heartbreaker)
I really wanna know who these actors are ! Searching from years.
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SECRETS of Best Photoshop Effects Tutorial : Fireglow Photo tutorial
This is a tutorial made by someone i found very helpful for you guys, this tutorial includes the "how to make a photo glow in fire" or burning effect...sorry I type bad english. http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/tutorials-effects/how-to-create-a-flaming-photo-manipulation/ is the address where you can see the tutorial if you cannot see this video clearly, or if you cannot understand the text in this video, my apologies, i took screenshots and made a movie. Hope you'll all like it.
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GUIDE- tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain
Singer in this video is my dad V. Kishore Kumar, singing "tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain- movie GUIDE"
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Secrets of best photoshop effects: NEON ECLIPSE in CS5
This is a tutorial for creating cool neon and eclipse effects, you can also try out my other videos in my channel for creating 3D TEXT.
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Secrets of best Photoshop effects tutorial: 3D text with rasterization technique
This is a tutorial for HOW TO create 3d text and with improved quality in CS5 extended.
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Doomsday countdown
See the World, starting from green planet, ending to war... and people dying from the politicians and terrorists karma, Nuclear war destroying environment, wars killing people and making them Homeless. The Great Satan has his glory upon earth...
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Secrets of best photoshop effects: tutorials
this is a video tutorial example how the cs5 works with its 3d capabilities. The two different tutorials of rendered 3D text is put below in front of eclipse so that the illumination of the eclipse falls on the text with nice shadows. Please like and subscribe. Cheers !
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Smule piano...  call me when you are sober by Evan
Call me when you're sober by Evanescence
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yeh shaam mastani song
my dad V.Kishore kumar singing "yeh shaam mastani"
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My Immortal by evanescence piano smile
My immortal by evanescence smule magic piano
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choo lene do nazook honton ko- movie name: kajal (1965)
my dad V. Kishore kumar singing a beautiful hindi song
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