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Decí Perro! - Juanpi
Juanpi, 3 years old :)
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Documental Humanoid Chimpanzee in captivity
Project: Observation of Humanoid Chimpanzees in captivity Name of Specimen: Heri Origin: Japan Research log: ------------------- (Korean) (0:00) Me: I won't take pictures, I said I won't take it. (Surreptitiously placing the camera on the table) (0:10-0:30) (Negligible background conversation in Korean and Spanish) (Konglish) (0:31) Heri: "Handphone (Cellphone)?" (Spanish) (0:38) Me: *We are observing... we are observing the behavior of Humanoid Chimpanzee in captivity.* (Spanish) (0:54) Me: *Lets observe the facial expressions of the... * (Spanish) (1:04) Me: *Now it has entered defense mode!* (Spanish) (1:23) Me: *Lets observe how it stays still under threat.* (Korean) (1:34) Aaron: "LOL He is the best!" (Korean) (1:38) Heri: *squealing* Aah, I don't like it~! (Korean) (1:40) Heri: Evan, what does it mean? (Spanish) (1:44) Me: *Listen listen! we are hearing monkey screeches* (Spanish) (1:52) Me: *According to the last theories...*
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Tincho III
Y más chorizos... Sobre stand-up mediocres (como Wainraich) y aspirantes conchetos de comediantes que van a talleres de stand-up.
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Tincho II
Más asadito y chorizos Propaganda de Pizzería con Neo + Doblajes Volver Al Futuro
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Tincho I
Asadito con lo'pibe Sobre negros, lismoneadores y vendedores ambulantes...
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