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Ancient Aliens ft. Angkor Wat
It really talks about me lol copyright this is okay right
Burke Street Pizza in Burke Street Winston-Salem North Carolina
Best pizza in Winston-Salem North Carolina the 5 meats was good my lasagna pizza well let’s say my lasagna pizza 🍕 needed help should of went for the supreme nyc style but still an imitation hopefully I’ll get to try New York fresh thin crust pizza 🍕 again lol sorry in the future uploads will be better going threw something
So what I’m unprofessional I’m comfortable
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009569384371 https://www.instagram.com/sephierothkong/ oh yeah warriors all the way nba finals mvp The Curry.... Yeah from 235 to goal weight 220-210 still heavyweight champion of all champions Goal to get there nothing but 1 minute oatmeal for a month a half then I’ll have a forgot to mention I’ll splurge to an all you can eat higher calorie cheatweek with a well deserved full week rest days that’s also adds to a then royal 👑 family vacation to Atlantic City Ceasars New Jersey and New York this time legit and fashion worthy with a positive attitude I’m cool with Jerseys style but the York already knows how to get a taxi but not needed since we driving there. Subway 🚇 knows the clumsy catch and hold when the subway gets moving on the go. Lol ignore fake Buddha monks trying to scam donations and a 20buck bracelet also ignore rappers selling mixtapes for 5 bucks.... This time find a real New York Pizza 🍕restaurant that makes fresh dough and pizza which the last time we ended up at some Latin pizza joint at 1 o’clock in the morning ordering to large pizza 🍕 forgot the toppings and name of the pizza but man they were using dough they already made ahead of time but shit not going to lie it came out actually good the hype is real 2nd best thin crust pizza I had since the last time I was in nyc at a mom and pop pizza 🍕 restaurant. So I’m going to plain ahead and scoop out the nearest best number pizzeria with fresh made dough and pizza hopefully I can find one that has a cheesy stuff crust lol as I want believe again and even better with the Nyc thin crust pie 🥧 as you can’t tell I’m a pizza fanatic especially a cheesy stuff crust Pizza Hut pizza as you can tell my anticipation is high.... So if anyone care to read the description which best Nyc thin crust pizzeria that is close by 🇨🇳 Chinatown which where we going to stop by first.... Out Godking immortal in training for hire....
Thirst for Virgin lady oracles Angkorians bloodlust Vempires
Only blood that I drink Angkorian lady virgin oracles 🍷 will settle for runners up oh thee age Zer0 saga continues now it’s the waiting game.......
Staying and living lifer on this planet Earth mine as well save it!...
Can’t move everyone on my side to my other birth place other space.... So beware what you see is always not what it seems some want me dead that will be treason or life somewhere else of our chosen because my life is a blessing and not another shall kill it or destroy it paper is taking yes official with 23 percent of the women in a mans land is all android cyborg and robot metal blooded skin anyways...
Bloodborne™_ Silence is the awakening next kill
"Cathedral Ward" great place to train for blood echoes semi-early. Well after the 2nd boss easy circuit as demon-strated in this video clip. Along with the awesome doll's level up vocal channel. Sorry for the lack of audio, my headset microphone isn't sychronized in the recordings, but do enjoy. And may thee echoes, be with you :-D Bloodborne!
Brock my fav lol Monday night raw
Paul Heyman made me laugh
2 weeks with my baby bro while rest of the family is gone off to Cambodia🇰🇭special needs/veteran
2 weeks worth of ration we both can’t drive can’t work but surviving
2018 holidays for the Age Zer0 for the serial extinction era
Going gothic and keto #dietfoodsucks #familyfizz
This is going to heal me even though keto scares me I’m sticking to it
Still don’t get it
Try the one meal a day challenge
Sleep test
No one was harm
Before the aftermath I still got those
Cheatdays vs cheatmeals
Happy South East New Dynasty Asia New Years
Using all body parts for that fist strike
Quick trip Columbia Va
Turkey bites with honey brown sugar Quicktrip Buffalo chicken cheese bite rollers thing lol missed the bite project bites
Extremely Angkor savage dancing
I will kill for
Blessings of all kinds on Thanksgiving
It’s really on this and now
The time has come
Presents for the present
Special Olympic 2019
Cambodia 🇰🇭 wins gold in female race
Flexibility dieting
Cutting season
Quest to be the best fighter in Earth and galaxies
Angkorian Godking Immortal Rank Sephieroth El Bunthan King Kong!!!! Age over a zillion years power level over a zillion infinite...
Falling in to cheatdays
3 months before vacations cutting training flexible dieting starts now...
Hutch and Harris restaurant
Was pretty good
Total glaze
Silent quick video selfie
250 to 226 in two months
Getting medium rarer
Warriors baby nba finals street sweeper 4-0
Struggle a bit but season is closed mvp Kevin Durant can’t wait for next season

Shuib sepahtu solo video chat
Teachers masturbating at work