Videos uploaded by user “Resurgence Of The Shadow Dragons” for the 2017
Gangplank - The Hard Carry
Carrying hard against Gold/Silver Plebs. Final score 14/0/7, of course I did not receive an S b/c Riot is on crack.
Xayah - The Long Con
How to bait your stupid Gold-level opponent into a free kill.
Tryndamere vs Riven: 0/10/1 Gold 2 Tryndamere
I didn't cut in all of the lane trading, but the idea is simple with Tryndamere, when he has no rage (red bar) he has no crit, and is very, very weak. In order to heal he has to expend all of his rage bar, at which point you can zone him from the wave or all in him. If he does not understand this weakness, then you can quite easily exploit and destroy him. His final score was 0/10/1 (as referenced on the scoreboard for the 22 minute surrender). You can trade him low enough to force his ultimate out, and then either zone or dive him (if he is under tower). If he does not understand how weak he is without his ultimate and commits to fights (like you saw in the video; he was spam pinging his ultimate cooldown after he died to say it was down, I knew it was down b/c I had a rough estimate of it's cooldown in my head and committed to fighting him). He's a rather 'easy' match up, in the sense that as long you as you don't fight him pre-level 3 (or 2 depending on circumstance), you will do very well. At which point you transition into shorter trades and leave before he can retaliate. If he is forced to use his heal, which consumes his ragebar, he is left without any ability to fight you (and trying to do so will simply get him killed). If you're wondering why I flashed the Evelynn after killing the Tryndamere, it's because I saw her animation beginning and knew that if I didn't flash I'd die (couldn't afford to wait for my abilities to come up to disengage). I won that fight b/c he teleported onto my area, without rage (which is when he is weakest, rage grants him a lot of power and pressure), I knew I could free trade. I kited him for the simple purpose of waiting on my cooldowns, and knew I could win. It was close but I was confident that I could kill him.
Teemo vs Riven: The Vanishing Teemo
Riven vs Teemo, short clip
Garen vs Riven: Why you don't play Garen
This is why you don't play Garen
Nasus vs Riven
I got rather lucky early game and made a few misplays, but for the most part did decently final KDA of 12/3/10, though we were quite far ahead early, we were unfortunately unable to transition that into a win (our Yasuo went 1/13/8 lol, and did less damage than the Rakan). That's just life though. Team kept doing weird fights in 4v5 situations, I did have other kills than what I showed here, but if they weren't at least somewhat interesting (me walking up on Twitch and oneshotting him wasn't that interesting to me), then I didn't bother. The victory screen at the end was showing for the red team (we lost).
Gangplank How to climb out of Silver
These scurvy retches thought they had us walking the plank, but then I reminded them whose ship we were on, and threw them to the fishies. In case any of you were wondering, I was intentionally soaking up the bullets for Warwick, he wasn't making it easy (did that a lot that game, kept stopping me from saving him, or tried to at least). That was a game we were losing pretty hard up until I finished my shiv, and right after grabbing the item you got to see our fight. We eventually managed to make a strong comeback and win the game!
Gangplank   The Gangbang
A match we were losing for the majority of the match, but managed to make a comeback when the enemy was unable to keep me down once I hit my powerspike, and did not end while they held their advantage, so inevitably we turned it all around and won the day.
Teemo vs Riven (Description for Important Matchup Info)
In this matchup, it's important to know whether the enemy is maxing Q or E, if they are going with E first, it will be a far more difficult lane. Q is easier because it only does high burst damage, and maxing your E will completely negate it's damage. E on the other hand makes it much harder to farm safely or even go all in as their sustained damage is much harder to consistently negate and makes for a far riskier engage onto them. As Riven, you will want to max E first in this matchup, and focus primarily on farming as best you can, while not being forced out of lane. Against GP you will want to do something similar, maxing E to better absorb his harass, however in the GP lane you have very, very high kill pressure. Teemo is a bit more difficult due to his blind blocking a lot of your damage (and in closer fights while you are not as durable, that can matter a lot), once his blind wears off you can generally make a quick turn around. You can bait it out and then go all in on him.