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ANTI Nightcore-Open up your eyes (Lyrics)
Open up your eyes by Emily Blunt. The pictures follow Anti's life before he possessed Jack, and how he's explaining to him how Jack needs to grow up, and open up his eyes. -+ Lyrics: It's time you learned a lesson It's time that you understand Don't ever count on anybody else In this or any other land I once hoped for friendship To find a place among my kind But those were the childish wishes Of someone who was blind Open up your eyes See the world from were I stand Me among the mighty You caged at my command Open up your eyes Give up your sweet fantasyland It's time to grow up and get wise Come now little one Open up your eyes We all start out the same With simple naïve trust Shielded from the many ways That life's not fair or just But then there comes a moment A simple truth that you must face If you depend on others You'll never find your place And as you take that first step Upon a path that's all your own You see it all so clearly The best way to survive is all alone Open up your eyes And see the world from where I stand Me among the mighty You caged at my command Open up your eyes And behold the fading light It's time to grow up and get wise Come now little one Open up your eyes Open up your eyes Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZvSriNSvUk Nightcored by me :) All art belongs to Maskman626 on both YouTube and Devianart
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B R E A T H I N G {meme} Anti-Nightcore
Okay guys, so I thought that this would sound really cool slowed down So uh, CREDITS! B R E A T H I N G | Original meme by Sufoih Art not mine All part credit goes to the original owners, Sufoih and Erica Wester
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Multi Cosplayers~WolfStar: Gasoline x Dark Paridise
NONE OF THE CONTENT PRESENTED IN THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO ME! THE COSPLAYERS ARE (in order of appearance): The Mischief Managers Deiraj WafflesWithSpain (YuttyCosplayers)-unfortunetly deleted, but did definatly help out Nor do I own the song, or mash up. Links to channels: Mischief Managers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqP-5kU6UOaYpGzyotxYKaA Ghost Fish Productions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Yzx3cGJsrmO76QjbDPiZw Deiraj: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmdrU57ZL7q9G3dNIVvCuiQ WafflesWithSpain: https://www.youtube.com/user/WaffleswithSpain YuttyCosplayers: https://www.youtube.com/user/TaisetsunaCT PLEASE SUPPORT OFFICIAL RELEASES
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Left Brain, Right Brain ~Switching vocals~
I OWN NOTHING! Original song is by Bo Burnham
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Body Swap (Comic Dub)
What do I do with my life??? Sadly, I do not know the amazing illustrator of this comic, but it in no shape or form me. Music is called "Sneaky Snitch" by Kevin MacLeod Welcome to Hell belongs to Erica Wester Please support all official releases, this is a non-profit video, and in no way is to claim any resources as mine under copyright
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Nico di Angelo-Control | MV
Oh my holly Styx! This took so long to make! Well, greetings from Camp Half-Blood's cabin thirteen! Where I have the one and only Nico di Angelo sleeping in the bunk above me. XD (he snores) anyway, this took so long to make! I'll keep you posted with so many more videos! Bye for now my black cookies! Song: Control by Halsey DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN NOTHING!
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I will never by your friend~Nightcore (reupload)
The same I will never be your friend by Irish Stew brought on by Erica Wester's Jonathan Combs nightcore, only having better audio. I'm cleaning up my videos.
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My Supernatural Parody 2 Reaction
The Hillywood Show are fantastic, FANTASTIC people who work really really freaking hard on their videos. Most recently? THE SECOND FREAKING SUPERNATURAL PARODY. Watch my reaction and you will instantly be able to tell that I’m such a fan of both Hilly, Hannah, Oscric and the whole Hillywood Crew and Supernatural. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
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My Biggest Dream// Comic Dub (+ IW spoiler!) Ft. Victoria Rose
Okay! So, fun little Stucky comic dub with my friend (Youtube channel name) Victoria Rose. CREDITS: "Scheming Weasel" by Kevin MacLeod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx2FDyvt0gI Comic Link: http://wingedcorgi.tumblr.com/post/174505639161/incorrigible My Friend "Victoria Rose" as Steve Rogers, Me as Bucky Barnes Steve Rogers, Thanos, and Bucky Barnes are all property of Marvel Studios, and in an extent, Disney. I am not claiming any right to anything In this video aside from my own voice.
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The Giver~Rosemary's theme~Nightcore
GOOD AUDIO. Unlike my previous nightcores, this one possesses good audio. The Giver book was fabulous and the movie had a different sort of pizzaz. This song I fell in love with, and thought it sounded lovley as a nightcore. SO here it is. AUdio found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6AmBOf5GxQ and image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Yx2lhvDpHgQ/maxresdefault.jpg Stay lovely my beautiful followers
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Newtmas~~What About Us?
Oh I made myself cry! CREDITS: "What About Us?" by P!nk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84yFcn-U9b8 Newt and Thomas belong to James Dashner I do not own any of the characters or clips presented, nor do I claim any ownership over them. God, I love Newtmas
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THIS IS BETTER AUDIO The first one was crap, this one is just better audio. There will be a new actual AMV out soon. Happy late Halloween pomegranates! XD
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Welcome to Hell ~Mad Hatter~
This is gonna be short. I love Erica Wester's (NOT MINE) welcome to hell. And I love Melanie Martinez. So I wanted to put writing for every word. Again, short. C ya guys! ~Nyx
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Sockathan, Please Don't Go
Song: Please Don't Go by Joel Adams Animation: Welcome to Hell by Erica Wester, aka NOT ME Storyline: Sock and Jonathan used to be best friends, but Sock fell in love. Before he could tell Jon his feelings, the blonde boy dies in a car crash. Sock then tries to live without him, but can't and starts remembering all the good times they had. Too depressed to live without Jonathan, he kills himself. Idk, I was bored. I OWN NADA!!!!!
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~Everybody Loves Sock~
Everybody Loves Sock! And why wouldn't we? He's adorable! (Even Jonny Boy's interested!) SO Here is a video to help support our precious little cinnamon roll! Song-Everybody Loves me by One Republic (I did not nightcore) video feed-Welcome to Hell by Erica Wester I DO NOT OWN!!!!!!
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"Keeping The Outfit?"//Comic Dub
This one is just me right now, I hope you liked it :) CREDITS: Comic is never mine, and though I cannot figure out who originally drew it, I am not claiming any rights to it Music: "Sneaky Snitch" by Kevin MacLeod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SjOkb3kVgI I own nothing presented in this video but my own voice Programs used: Movie Maker and Sony Vegas Pro 13 Marvel studios owns all rights over CAPTAIN AMERICA (STEVE ROGERS) and THE WINTER SOLDIER (BUCKY BARNES).
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Calling John Constantine
Lol Title says it all. John Constantine belongs to DC Comics, not me. His phone number is: (404) 248-7182 That's all, I was bored :)
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Happy Birthday Mud Boy!
Our beloved Artemis Fowl, it's his birthday and I love him! So listen closely mud people, this is an important occasion! So, celebrate! Songs: Miss Jackson-Panic at the Disco! Centuries-Fall out Boy
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//And I Boogie// Happy birthday, Shank
This is a birthday present to my dear friend *****, I cannot say her name, but I'm positive that she'll love this video. And this goes to anyone who's birthday is today, or heck, watch it on your birthday, I don't care! Either way, this was hilarious to edit--I APOLOGIZE FOR THE UNEXPECTED BAD QUALITY, IT LOOKED FINE ON MY SCREEN! CREDITS!: I do not own the Scorch Trials, The Maze Runner, the Movie clips, or 20% Cooler. The rightful owners are James Dashner, 20th Century Fox, and Ken Ashcorp. I am in no way, shape, or form claiming that these items are mine. Please support the official release.
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Happy Birthday Stiles! hUmOr
Happy birthday dear Mr. Bat (what I call him). Played by the amazing Dylan O'Brien, Stiles Stilinski is one of the funniest characters I have ever encountered. He honestly deserves all of the praise he gets. CREDITS: Ed Sheeren: Shape of you (instrumental) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8yyxpyOXuo Search "Stiles Stilinski Funniest moments"
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Happier~Cover by Nyx Burdges
Ah, this song makes me so sad CREDITS: Art: Vira, just look her up on Tumblr Music: "Happier" by Ed Sheeran Instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hDBXWktHgg Characters: Reyna Ramirez Aerello, Jason Grace, and Piper McLean
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When You're Dead (Comic Dub)
I tried to make it realistic, how'd I do? Comic by an unknown, yet amazing illustrator that is definitely not me. Crowd Cheers (first result when you look up Crowd Cheers at a Concert) Music: Industrial Music Box by Kevin Macleod Welcome to Hell by Erica Wester I do not own, nor claim that I do, any of the sources above used. This is a non-profit video, and please support the official releases under copyright
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Welcome to Hell AMV~EVOL
Hi guys! This was my very first video using IMovie on Mac. If it sucks, blame it on the awful cold i have at the moment. Just some Sockathan fluff, and whatnot. Song is EVOL, by Mirina and the Diamonds. Ok, well, see you later!
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The Future is Now//Comic Dub (ft. Victoria Rose & PqlarIce_)
Well, Tony's boned. This was real fun to make, I'm actually planning to do a lot more collaboration dubs in the future (especially w/ Victoria). No more doing this alone! CREDITS: Comic is in no way no how mine, and I am claiming no rights to it. Music: "In the Hall of the Mountain King [original composer: Edvard Grieg" By Kevin MacLeod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDNMWQJlDto Steve Rogers: Victoria Rose Tony: PqlarIce_ Bucky: Nyx Burdges I am claiming no right to any of the things presented in this video other than my own voice. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes are owned by Marvel, and in a larger retrospect, Disney.
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This is in no way mine. None, nada, no way, no how. This is the link to where I got it, and it belongs to ERICA WESTER NOT ME. Thank you Erica for this beautiful thing, https://vimeo.com/17204129 There you go, ERICA's work
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Bring it on (PJO Comic Dub)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not own any of the materials presented in this video, this is a non profit video. CREDITS!: Music: "Monkeys Spinning Monkeys" by Kevin MacLeod Artist: Minuko Characters: Reyna Avilla Ramerz Arello and Nico Di Angelo Author: Rick Riordan Series (Parody): Heroes of Olympus Thaz It!!!!!!
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Trippy Tokyo Ghoul-Falling in the black~Skillet~
(name of software in corner) Original video by LelouDX ALL I SERIOUSLY OWN NOTHING BUT MAKING IT LOOK TRIPPY AS CRAP! ALL CREADIT TO THAT PERSON! (I just made it trippy!) yea......OK!
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Sony Vegas Test-Love to change the World (W2H)
The title really says it all, and in case the credits don't work too well: Fandom-Welcome to hell (Erica Wester) Song-I'd Love to change the world (Matsdub Remix) By-Jetta (Cover) I OWN NOTHING!!!!
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Do you like painting?
XD STRANGE COMIC DUB XD I love Jack and Anti, kay? Lol, you know what I think would be cool? Sock as Jack/Anti and Jonathan as Mark/Dark.......I AM SO GONNA WRITE AN AU ON THIS- wait. CREDITS! Music: "Fluffing Duck" by Kevin MacLeod Comic: Maskman626 on Devianart Have a fantastic day! S̶̨̬̯̘̘̮̗̞̟͒̎͒̊̏ẘ̸̱̼͓̟̪̏̑̉̅̿͜͡ͅe̡̢̫̟̲͈͙̣̊̊͌͋̏͝ͅe̵̡͚͍̫̠͍̅̄͂̉̔͐͌́͘t͍̗̪͇̥̀̓̍͛͝ N̷̩̯̩͎̉͊̈̇̏͛̀̕͘͟͠i̜̞̩̣̽̑͆͑̾̀͆̉̚͜͟ğ̩̱̱͕̮̯̖͒͂̽̿̕͟͞h̪̯͖͇̣̪̱͈͎͂̅̐͒̇̐ͅt̸̢͈͓̝͗͗̇̅͐͢͟͠m̷̳̜̪̦̤͆̊̂͒̐̍̂͘̚͡ą̴͚̭̯̥͚̤̈̽̌͐͂͟͠r̴̞̩̥̃̂̈́͊̋̇͢͟ȩ̠̙̘͍̤͔͈̳̑̔̀̓̑̋̐̉̃͊͢ş̛̣̗͙͖̣̩̙͔̒͑̎̒̚̕͢͠͝
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If I die young -nightcore-
The song If I die young does not belong to me and it wasn't nightcored by me either. The image is Angel!Jonathan Combs from any fan fiction ending up with jon dying instead of killing himself. Its sad, and the ending is sadder
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PREVIEW...Our Work Is Never ★·.·´¯`·.·★ ᴏᴠᴇʀ ★·.·´¯`·.·★ (SPN AMV)
This is just a preview of a full AMV I'm putting out soon, I hope you enjoy CREDITS: Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Far Out Remix)--Found on Trap Nation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sjWU5dGcGI SOME CLIPS LOCATED ON YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Wayward Winchester CW owns the show "SUPERNATURAL" along with the characters SAM and DEAN WINCHESTER, CASTIEL, ROWENA, JACK, and I guess, LUCIFER. I am claiming no rights in this video, under laws of copy right, I am not claiming to own anything presented.
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The Marauders as Sims
I got bored while playing Sims 4. This is the lovely result. All songs in video. Credits in video I DO NOT OWN THE MARAUDERS J.K ROWLING DOES
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Sock's case of Hanakotoba (Comic dub)
Sock is a victim of the Hanakotoba virus; brought by one sided love Comic by Maril Lampourge Song "Heartbreaking" by Kevin Macleod I own absolutely nothing Please support the official release under copyright
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Hamilton~Congratulations~Cover by Nyx Burdges
I think the one Hamilton song I actually know. Just me singing 'Congratulations' Link to instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpI-W6PusW8
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He admits it!!!
Sock admits it! I don't own him!
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"Please, Tommy, Please" (Fan Song for Newt from the Maze Runner-description scan encourged)
Okay, so two, no, three things. One: I MISS MY BABY NEWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *clears throat and wipes nose* Sorry, And Two: Though I tried for literally an hour and a half, I could not create my own music, I spent two days trying to think of it, and half an hour of just absolute throat-hell while trying to accapella. I ended up using the very talented Youtube Channalist xxxplayboy182xxx 's song, called "Cassie's Song" Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv8uGW3Wy0Y And lastly: I do not own any characters in this, and here are the lyrics!: I'm sorry I'm sorry For all the things I didn't say I'm sorry I'm sorry That I lied to you yet another day And I know that it seems That I can't get a hold of my dreams But I promise you, I'm just fine. Please Please don't take this the way I wish that I could see you leave and save The day But I can't And I have to ask you this So please, Kill me Please, Tommy, Please Please, Please Kill Me Set me free, Make amends, Save me from myself, So please, Please, Tommy, Please You and I We've been through a lot Together Through thick and thin, Through scorching weather Now I have to ask you this, Though it breaks my heart inside My mind has turned reality into a lie So please, Just let me die Please, Tommy, Please Please, Please Kill Me Set me free and make amends, Show that we were really friends, And please, oh, please Kill Me Kill Me, Do it fast, Kill me please, While some sanity still lasts, I trusted you, And you're ready to move on, Don't worry about me Just set me free Please, Tommy, Please Please, Please Kill Me Set me free And make amends, Show that you are my best friend You never failed me 'till the end... I'm sorry Please, Tommy, Please...
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Mr  Grumpypants (Comic Dub)
This art is obviously not mine! Belongs to the artist Penn Dragon! I've missed these. Music: "Fluffing a Duck" by Kevin MacLeod Art: Penn Dragon See you all soon!
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Happy Birthday Seaweed Brain! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (dear gods, please look at the description)
On today, August 18, is our beloved hero, Percy Jackson's birthday! We all love Percy! And I wished this video did him justice, but I will explain. Instead of WMM, I used IMovie, because, after getting anime clips for AMV's for you guys, my computer crashed and is still being repaired. So I had to use what I had on my phone. If you guys want, I can redo it when my computer is better! Anywhere, I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU PERCY!
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Be More Chill~Michael in the Bathroom~Cover by Nyx Burdes
Me singing Michael in the bathroom from Be More Chill. Sorry if it sucks guys. Link to instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccNOty6v44k Thanks for watching!!!!!! Or...listening!
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Still into the dark~1 hour loop
Jonathan would be thw first part, and Sock the second. This is, a really cool mashup, and this is an hour loop of it. Link to original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edZlTERkoe4 I own neither song(s), nor images
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Welcome to Hell ~WiReS~
As stated in the video's credits, I own NOTHING! All this art was found on Maril Lampourge's tumblr site and I'm pretty sure it was made by her. The last photo was found on another W2H tumblr site called 'Dude, I'm peeing'. Music: Wires, by the neighborhood I'd love to change the world- Jetta Matsdub remix Welcome to hell belongs to Erica Wester
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Bipper-Glad you came
I haven't been posting in a while, so this is my make up. I'm sorry! So here you go! I'm trying to make it up! Here we go!
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Empty Movie Theater-wow
I have never seen anything like this. We’ve been sitting here for about 10 minutes and no one has walked in! It’s just been, me, my sister, and my dad who went to the bathroom. This is creepy! XD not to mention we can hear bits of other movies playing which sound like creepy horror music XD
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I am damaged~Heathers~Cover by Nyx Burdges
I CHANGED PITCHES ON PURPOSE! Just to show how he's calm and then yelling to his 'Ronica. CREDITS (ps MY VOICE ISN"TTHAT BAD! XD) I do not own Heathers the musical or the movie. Instrumental found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpSDUpB0Lmg NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED Hope you all enjoy
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Sock is digging himself a grave
I literally just came up with this weird Shitpost XD So, I was watching Markiplier's friend Ethan (CrankGameplays) make a video called "A Fun Day In The Sand" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_W5d_hLGgM Omgf it was hilariously ironic, So here's Sock!
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Welcome to Hell ~pretty little PsYcHo~
This is a welcome to hell (by Erica Wester) video. This time it's longer than my other one, and it's full! Yay! So lately I've been I've been loosing sleep (lol XD) I'm joking, lately I've been fussing over my thirteenth birthday tomorrow, and my Wattpad account (AnimeBooks13) so here you go guys! I OWN NADA! Program: Windows Movie Maker Song: Pretty little psycho by Porcelain Black Video feed: Welcome to Hell by Erica Wester (the_real_faker)
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RipTide by Vance Joy--Cover~
Title pretty much says it all. RipTide + Nyx = This YouTube + Copyright = CREDITS: Please support the official release of 'RipTide' by Vance Joy Instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWq1hK6XtjU
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My First Trip To, Universal Studios
First things first, I would like to give a huge thank you to the family that allowed me to have such an amazing day, I loved it so much that I just wanted to squeeze all of you (that would have been awkward though). You allowed me to have one of the times of my life, thank you so much :) Music: Harry Potter theme song "Industrial Music Box" by Kevin Macleod I do not own Harry Potter music at all, at allll. Thanks for watching
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First Upload of THIS channel!!!!
Ok, so I had this channel "Yaya Francious" and I needed a little YouTube space. (I still love her) but I just wanted to promise lots of AMVs, CMVs, and fandom book series MVs (Percy Jackson ((all three series)) Artemis Fowl, etc) well, I've just got to say ENJOY GUYS!
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Insane is such a strong word...
My first random crack post XD Me as Sock...so cringey... Anyway! I don't own Welcome to hell blah blah blah, Erica wester does. Yeah XP
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