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a story xD
I still need to work on titles ouo..
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Some of my drawings from oldest 2 most recent💕
Sorry I've been 2 lazy 2 start on episode 4 of "the miracle" guys! I PROMISE I'll post soon!💖👍
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*SHORT*Episode 5 of:"The miracle"💖
So heh~ I really haven't got enough time dis week cuz i got caught up with chores and hair salon and stuff (it takes 4 hours 2 straighten my hair). I'll keep tryin 2 keep up! Make sure 2 hit dat sub and bell button and give this vid a thumbs up!😊❤👍
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Meh at the aquarium😐....
So um, please don't pause when my face shows cuz im not very "photogenic" without filters😂😂😅 the otters were my ultimate fav 😍
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If I was a dragon 😛  sorry for de granny 😂
-3- hope ye like it! Make sure 2 subscribe and turn on the notification bell for more vids like this!💕
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Episode 7 of:"the miracle"
Heh heh.. XD hope y'all like! Don't really got much 2 type here soo... make sure 2 sub and SMASH dat bell!❤
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Shortclip: Moms my teacher!?
Make sure to give it a like and hit that subscribe button! Psst, don't forget the bell.👉🔔
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Episode 6 of:"the miracle"
Sowwy i have to shorten the episodes to save up more time for school/school work and chores and stuff.. but anyways like I said, I'll try 2 keep up!😊
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Episode 2 of: The miracle
Heads up:if you notice a character's name tag named "Max" it was my mistake. I forgot to change the name to "Dr. Johnson". Hope u enjoy!
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Shortclip: Story behind Caramel
Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I'll try to keep up❤ make sure to like, sub and hit that bell!👉🔔
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Episode 3 of: The miracle
Sorry I haven't been posting for the last 2 or 3 days. Hope u enjoy!
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My nightmare(shortclip)
Sorry for de cringeeee!! Some scenes were somehow accidentally cut off so some of this may not make sense. Hope u like and sub and Smashhhh de bell. (More cringe, sorry)😂❤
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Episode 1 of: The miracle❤
Next episode might upload in 2 weeks. Sorry guys! Stuffs been going on and got lots of chores. Make sure to subscribe and give it a like!
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Gazing above 💖
This is a redo of how me and mystic started dating! Hope u like 👍
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I tried 😊 #Riri&Jay💖
I'll eventually update meh skillz 😜
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Episode 4 of:"the miracle"
Don't mind the cringe scenes😞
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