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The Big Fat Hike: Appalachian Trail - Day 1 (Springer Mountain to Horse Gap)
The first day of our Appalachian Trail section hike. I ended up falling within the first 20 minutes of our trip and spraining my wrist. Other than that, the day goes pretty well. This is a re-upload containing 5 minutes of bonus footage originally left out (accidentally) of the first upload. Also I decided to color correct this version.
The Big Fat Hike: Bell Mountain - Belleview, Missouri
Never been to Bell Mountain before, but had heard about it's beauty. Were originally intending to do the Adventure Hiking Trail in Indiana, but due to a time conflict, we changed course early Saturday morning to Bell Mountain. It was a nice trail and definitely lived up to the hype. Also, I'm doing additional editing to shorten these videos. I babble a lot! Here is a link to the proper trekking pole usage video made by Bigfoot. His channel is a great resource for hiking information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jH9e4QGUP4
The Big Fat Hike: Natural Bridge State Park - Virginia
Sariah and I stop in to Natural Bridge State Park in Virginia for a quick visit on our way up to New Jersey. This was mere hours before the norovirus took effect, lol!
The Big Fat Hike: River to River Trail - Godwin Trailhead
Sariah and I spend the weekend hiking a section of the River to River trail in the Shawnee National Forest located in southern Illinois. The River to River trail is a 160 mile trail system that spans the southern tip of the state running west from the Ohio river to the Mississippi River. It is comprised of a series of trails throughout the Shawnee National Forest connected by roadways and towns. Besides giving Sariah and I a chance to train for our upcoming AT section hike, it is providing us with some useful information on the trail itself so in the future we can thru hike the entire River to River trail.
Funky Circus Fleas - Buttercup
The Charm Offensive CD release show.
The Big Fat Hike: Appalachian Trail - Day 5 (Low Gap Shelter to Cheese Factory)
Sariah and I learn some unexpected news and tackle what turned out to be our easiest day, despite the fact that it was also our longest.
The Big Fat Hike: Appalachian Trail - Day 3 (Lance Creek to Neels Gap)
Our final day on the AT climbing Blood Mountain, checking out the Blood Mountain Shelter and battling a giant black snake on our decent. We had so much fun, despite the sprained arm that we intend on returning next year to do another section.
The Big Fat Hike: Know Yourself
I find that the first step to having a fun time hiking whether you're big or small is to understand yourself, your body and your own limits. Short hikes are a great way to get to know yourself so when you decide to tackle that hike you've always wanted to take, you'll be better prepared and much more likely to follow through with your plans. I recount two personal stories that relate to this topic involving separate trips to the Taum Sauk section of the Ozark Trail in southeast Missouri.
The Big Fat Hike: Ozark Trail - Taum Sauk Section Part 1
This is part one of a two part video. My wife and I planned to hike 10 miles from Johnson Shut-In's to the base of Mina Sauk Falls along the Ozark Trail in southeast Missouri. Due to an unplanned rainfall, our trip was cut short.
The Big Fat Hike: Lusk Creek Wilderness - Day 2
This is day 2 of our backpacking trip in the Lusk Creek Wilderness within the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois. The highlights of this day were the rock outcroppings where we crossed Lusk Creek, a natural bridge and the salt peter caves. A much more straight-forward hike compared to day one. Day One: https://youtu.be/1em33J578nM
The Big Fat Hike: Appalachian Trail - Day 6 (Cheese Factory to Dick's Creek Gap)
The final day of our second AT section hike and arguably the most difficult day of the trip. Tray mountain and Kelly Knob were butt kickers to be sure.
Funky Circus Fleas - The Beginning of the Fall
The Charm Offensive CD release show
The Big Fat Hike: Appalachian Trail - Day 4 (Neels Gap to Low Gap Shelter)
Sariah and I decide to hit the AT again over labor day weekend. This is the beginning of what turned out to be a 38 mile trek.
An Explanation of Donnie Darko
This is a reupload of a video I created over a year ago and posted on a different channel that has since been rebranded. Donnie Darko is a great movie, but the directors cut kinda ruined it for me.
The Big Fat Hike: Pere Marquette State Park - Grafton, IL
Me, my wife and Skye take a hike to Pere Marquette State Park. More preparation for our section hike of the Appalachian Trail next month.
Unleashed Opinion: June 28th, 2016
Steve and Larry Bud welcome Outlaw Morgan on the show. www.outlawmorgan.com
The Big Fat Hike: Carpenter Park
This is a park in nearby Springfield, IL. It was billed as a 11 mile trail, but didn't even come close. Things got interesting near the Sangamon river, but otherwise I was somewhat disappointed with the condition of the trail.
Guy Eats Nachos Off a Toilet Seat
Eating nachos off a toilet lid to prove that a clean toilet can be eaten off of.
Funky Circus Fleas - Dango
The Charm Offensive CD release show
Funky Circus Fleas - 12 Steps
The Charm Offensive CD release show
The Big Fat Hike: Buford Mountain
My day hike of Buford Mountain near Belleville, Missouri in preparation for my section hike of the AT. February 25th, 2017
The Big Fat Hike: Lusk Creek Wilderness - Day 1
This video ended up being a lot longer than I had intended, so instead of having a repeat of Buford Mountain, I split up the video so it would be shorter. Day one details Lusk Creek and Owl Bluff. It also shows how easy it is to lose your way while following the River to River Trail in this section. Day Two: https://youtu.be/mRpMuADLff0
Ralph Sutton on Jerkcast
A clip from Jerkcast, August 29th 2015 featuring Ralph Sutton of the SDR Show and the Tour Bus Radio Show out of NYC discussing his appearance on the Gavin McInnes show to promote Motorhead's Motorboat.
The Big Fat Hike: Silver Mine Trail
June 3rd, 2017 - We did a day hike trip to southeast Missouri hitting three trails we've never been to. The first one was called the Silver Mine Trail. The trail claims to be a looping trail, but due to the damn being destroyed the only way to cross is to climb down and cross through rushing water. Still, it was an interesting trail to start our day.
Birthday Stream
Come help me celebrate turning 42 today
Funky Circus Fleas - Betty's Pen
The Charm Offensive CD release show
The Big Fat Hike: Intro Video
This is the first in a series of videos in which my wife and I will be sharing our hiking experiences as well as offering advice for overweight hikers on the fence about taking their first steps on the trail as well as hiking as a couple, pets on the trail and others.
The Big Fat Hike: Pickle Springs Natural Area
Our final stop for the day was the amazing Pickle Springs Natural Area. A short little romp through nature located near Farmington, Missouri. We highly recommend this trail. It's short, but beautiful!
The Big Fat Hike: Cuivre River State Park
This is a trail system near Troy, Missouri. The Cuivre River Trail is a little over 11 miles in length. Our intention was to backpack in and camp overnight, but due to an unplanned late start and ridiculous overgrowth on the trail, we decided to just hike back out and return home instead. The bright side was that we got to do our first night hike on this trip.
Jerkcast: September 5th, 2015
Special in-studio guest Ken Bradbury talks about his upcoming play "Pearl's Place", his last play "Genesis: The Musical" and the acquisition of property in Jacksonville for building a new center for the arts. We also take a phone call from Tim Givens to promote the upcoming Pinfall Wrestling Association event at the Beardstown Fall Fun Festival.
The Big Fat Hike: St Francois State Park
Another first for Sariah and I at St. Francois State Park in Missouri as we set up our hammocks in the rain.
Description in the title
The Big Fat Hike: Argyle Lake State Park
This one is long, but it's close to home. Not a bad little 5 mile trail, assuming you don't get lost like I did and turn it into a 6-7 mile trail.
Civil War, Bitches!
The Big Fat Hike: Starved Rock State Park
After Bell Mountain, we decide to take it easy and return to Starved Rock State Park near Utica, Illinois. Also trying out a new style of video - Less Talk, More Walk!
How bout them midterm elections, huh!
Description is in the title
Description in the title
Unleashed Opinion: October 30th, 2018
Happy early Halloween with your boys Smitty and Deacon.
Funky Circus Fleas - Seven Degrees From Center
The Charm Offensive CD release show
Jerkcast: September 26th, 2015
It's a full house! Jake, Chad, Rob and John (off camera) are joined by Chad Harris, founder of the popular Facebook group #FBGM and Brandon Park, drummer of the metal band Allegaeon.
The Big Fat Hike: Opossum Track Trail
This was a 2.5 mile trail near the 1000 Steps trail in Washington State Park which ended having a much more strenuous climb as well as a really sweet cave that I went down to explore a bit. Highly recommend Washington State Park near DeSoto, Missouri if you've never been before.

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