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Meet Yano
Scary animatronic toy.
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Grandpa talks about the war pt. 1
This is the first part of my conversation with Grandpa Bud about his time fighting in World War 2.
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Huge red rock crab!
Tolmie State Park
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Grandpa talks about the war pt. 3
Grandpa continues talking about his brush with death, and then surprises me at the end.
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Grandpa talks about income inequality
My grandpa talks about his working days during and following the Great Depression of the United States. He is a World War 2 veteran, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.
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Grandpa talks about the war pt. 2
Part 2 of Grandpa telling me about surviving an attack while flying over Germany in a B-17 bomber.
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Clinical Depression Dog
Poobers has no will to live since his family left for the holidays.
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Told myself I'd start playing again
Mother- Pink Floyd
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Pie in the face!
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Blue Fenders and Original Songs
This is a song I wrote. I don't claim to be great at guitar, hence the little chuckle at the end. The audio quality is crap, and the sound warps a couple times, especially in the beginning. ENJOY!
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Confused dog
She just can't figure this one out.
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Performance at the Christmas market in Trondheim
I have no idea what's going on here.
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Hardcore Teeball
Teeball is serious business, as you can see. My nephew is #3, the first baseman. Music is "Baseball Furies" by Buckethead.
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Spider crab
Tolmie State Park
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Binky and I walking from the Capitol Grounds to the Park
Banks having fun making his way to the park. He stops to play with a stick. Lol
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Fun at the park during Lake Fair.
Banks likes the "spinny thing".
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Charlotte plays "The Game": Part One
How does The Game work? We've been doing this for years now and don't do it very often because too many treats isn't good for dogs. But here's how we play: I take her jerky treats and break them into several small pieces-about dime-nickel sized each. She knows by now what I'm doing when she hears "Do you wanna play The Game?!", so she happily goes into my bedroom and I shut the door. Then, I hide the pieces all over the house, sort of like an Easter egg hunt. I make sure to go high, medium, and low and incorporate different problem-solving strategies (finding "under" or "inside", jumping on the couch to find high and medium locations, and using different lighting, and fine-tuning her sense of smell and her knowledge of human body language. Sometimes, if she's stuck, I'll use my body language to give her hints. This is both highly mentally and physically stimulating and great for after work, rainy days, and breaking away from the same old tug-of-war and fetch games. She can go on searching for an hour afterward so this can keep your dog busy and stimulated for a long time. Try it! Both you and your fur - babies will LOVE it! Thank you for watching!
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Charlotte plays The Game: Part Two
Charlotte finishes up The Game like a regular detective! (With some help from Mama...)
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Peanut butter Charlotte
Charlotte tries to get peanut butter off her tongue.
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We stumbled upon a great show by Taboo from the Black-Eyed Peas!
A local Native Festival led Banks and I to dance with Taboo from the Black-Eyed Peas. He loved it! Thank you to our local indigenous community and to Taboo, who was very kind and genuine.
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Sleepy Jack Russell Terrier cuddles with Mom
Charlotte got up early and needed a nap. We were going to take a walk, but it looks like we have to wait a little bit. Enjoy!
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Norwegian Christmas song
Sheila and Vidar serenade us.
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Dog scolds owner for not scratching belly!
Charlotte acting like a diva.
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One More Dose
Brand new song. Terrible sound quality. For some reason, you can barely hear my guitar even though it was way louder than my voice. Fucked up at the end. Whatever, blah. My heart's in it. Lyrics: Someone told me when you lose, you grieve But I don't think I truly believed The pain Of letting you die. I stare into that orange abyss All I see is one more kiss And I Just can't say 'goodbye'. Chorus: One more dose Just one more dose. One last hug, One more dose. (2x) I'm packing my bags and I'm going away But I never thought I'd see the day When I Would leave you behind. I'm terrified but can't reach for you Black of death by the color blue And you Helped me dig my grave. (Chorus) Reaching out for a different hand I'm disappearing into the sand Oh, please Don't let it swallow me. Away I go, now Before I choke A warm embrace from the Freezing cloak This is My one last dose. (Chorus)
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