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Doggo Eating Soup
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Does anybody know what this thing is?
Her right elbow is fine (I showed it in a part of the video), but this weird sore on her left one only came about today. Not sure if it's a bite from some sort of bug, her elbow scabs coming off, or just a cut from a stick jabbing her in the arm. Its a bit swollen. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there yesterday. Probably just a little cut, but I'm just making sure. She's walking and running fine, doesn't seem to be in any pain. I tried googling it, but it's hard to Google something when you have no idea what it's called. Btw, sorry about the loud music, but my neighbours bird was making annoying screeching noises that hurt my ears, so I decided to spare you all and cover it up with music.
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"Spearmint Leaves"... AKA dRuGs Xd
In my old bowl, ready to give to my doggo Kia... (she was inside, since it was, like, _42°_ CELSIUS...) Meep ;^;
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Look at the colour line in the oceannn
Look at the line where it goes from dark to light blue! Weird
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5 Things You May Not Know About Minecraft!
EXACTLY what the piece of paper says: 5 things about minecfa (minecfa↑?) I mean ~minecraft~ that some people may not know: 1: You can name a sheep jeb_ and it will turn into a rainbow sheep! 2: Cakes produce (make) redstone signals depending how much is left! :D 3: If you place a piece of carpet on a fence block, players can jump over it, but all other things can not. 4: You can place blocks on the outside of iron bars if you are on the inside - but only the corners for PE. 5: The particle effects mix - so, if you drink a strength potion and a night vision potion (red + blue) the particles will be purple! 😃 (‹- not really how I look, BTW) Check out Cubfans videos for stuff like this! (Search this: cubfan things you possibly didn't know about Minecraft!) See y'all later, bye! Just imagine me saying 'see y'all later, bye!' As 'see y'all lata bayah!'... Remind you of anyone? 😆 (#SimplyNailogical) Also: SORRY FOR MY BAD HANDWRITING, THE PENCIL WAS 5 CENTIMETRES LONG AND SLIPPERY, NOT MY FAULT! XD
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Home-made (well, sort of) prawn crackers
My dad came over to make prawn crackers. Yep. That's literally the only reason he drove all the way over here.
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My doggo killed a bird, so I buried it...
My doggo Kia killed a little brown sparrow type bird with yellow on its wings, so I picked it up, dug a hole next to my half-assed garden, buried it, and wrote R.I.P Bird on the "grave" in rocks...
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...My Dog Eating Custard...
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What Even Is This... - Far Cry 4
Every time I try to just DRIVE it goes to the weapon wheel, even though my finger isn't anywhere near the button to get to it! Ò-Ó
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Kia was so grass-y.... 😫😆
She was Rolling around in the grass 😂
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Doggo has butt hair that never stops coming out
"The ground is lava!" No... The ground is dog fluff!
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Doggo thinks peach is ball
Oh my god look how cute the doggo is... I gave her some of the fruit that fell off the trees in my backyard, she thought they were play balls that tasted like sugar and her own fur (changed title of video btw)
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ԻճռձօՊ If I stay very still and stare at my left boob I can faintly see and feel my heart pumping blood into the rest of my body. The first time I did this I was like "woah, what the fuck is that...? Is there an alien inside my boobsicle? Oh, wait, I'm retarded, that's my heart..."
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