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5 Things You May Not Know About Minecraft!
EXACTLY what the piece of paper says: 5 things about minecfa (minecfa↑?) I mean ~minecraft~ that some people may not know: 1: You can name a sheep jeb_ and it will turn into a rainbow sheep! 2: Cakes produce (make) redstone signals depending how much is left! :D 3: If you place a piece of carpet on a fence block, players can jump over it, but all other things can not. 4: You can place blocks on the outside of iron bars if you are on the inside - but only the corners for PE. 5: The particle effects mix - so, if you drink a strength potion and a night vision potion (red + blue) the particles will be purple! 😃 (‹- not really how I look, BTW) Check out Cubfans videos for stuff like this! (Search this: cubfan things you possibly didn't know about Minecraft!) See y'all later, bye! Just imagine me saying 'see y'all later, bye!' As 'see y'all lata bayah!'... Remind you of anyone? 😆 (#SimplyNailogical) Also: SORRY FOR MY BAD HANDWRITING, THE PENCIL WAS 5 CENTIMETRES LONG AND SLIPPERY, NOT MY FAULT! XD
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Kia was so grass-y.... 😫😆
She was Rolling around in the grass 😂
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