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League of Legends Hextech Chest Opening: 3 Legendary Skins and 1 Gemstone!!!!!!
So I spent a little money to open some hextech chests and what I got out of only 10 surprised me....
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HearthStone  Frost Festival + Ahune's Superior Brawl!
This tavern brawl was pretty fun for me, and you also get 3 free packs for the new Knights of The Frozen Throne expansion which is coming out soon. I'm thinking about pre ordering it but I'm on the fence.
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Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Mission 40[EXTREME] QUIET BOSS P.1
MGSTPP Chapter 2 Second Time Fighting Quiet... Only way to take her out is with sleep air strikes or bombardment airstrikes. As far as I know
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Smite Assault Neith gameplay
I have been playing Smite for a while now and I wanted to upload a gameplay to show my skills. Feel free to leave tips. My favorite characters to use are Neith and Nu Wa. I'm not the best with Neith, but I feel extremely confident with Nu Wa. I will post gameplays on Nu Wa soon. Let's hit 4 likes on this video :)
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HearthStone MidSummer Festival Mini Ragnaros Brawl + Legendary From Pack
I realize I haven't made a hearthstone video in a while so I wanted to record this brawl. I was lucky enough to get a legendary from my pack that will fit nicely in my play style of decks.
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League of Legends Lethal Tempo Fast Jhin 20/3/10
I finally decided to try out the crit/fast Jhin build I had, and I have zero regrets! This was the most fun I ever had with Jhin. The match was also fun because Leona and Sivir were being really competitive, and we were bragging about our skills.
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(23/3/2)League of Legends Graves Dark Harvest ADC
A while back I decided to try Graves ADC, which worked out pretty, well, so this time I tried using Dark Harvest. I even got flamed by my support for the pick which I can understand. For some reason I can only play Graves as an ADC and not a jungler. this was also one of the most fun games i've had to date.
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Call Of Black Ops 2 PC Gameplay S&D and Gun Game
In the first part I played Gun Game. I played as aggressive as I could without dying too much. The Search and destroy gameplay was one of my best games yet! Hope you guys enjoy
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League of Legends M6 Teemo Ranked [15/1/7]
In my shop I was offered little devil Teemo, and I just couldn't pass up on that skin, so I bought it and took him into some ranked.
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(19/7/8) League of Legends Zoe Gameplay rank S
I decided to play with Zoe as a warm up for some ranked and to my surprise, I'm really good with her. I have her at mastery 3 currently and though I wouldn't consider myself the best I think I have alot of potential with this champion. She's alot of fun. It's a shame katarina got fed off my jungler, causing us to lose the match.
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League of Legends Season 8 All Tanks Comp
This was easily the most fun I have ever had in League to date. At first it was just my Jungler a support with the 2 tank picks, then I said "let's go all tanks". To my surprise, all of them agreed! They were all randoms too yet they agreed to play a crazy team comp XD. Also, I just bought Kled earlier today so I'm not that good with him yet but I plan on playing him a lot more.
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League of Legends Hextech Chest Opening: DJ SONA!!!!
This was by far the best chest opening I have had to date, unfortunately I already have dawnbringer Riven and Dj Sona so it was bitter sweet. I wish I could’ve gotten Elementalist Lux.
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Overwatch Bastian Team troll +Reinhart
My team decided to go all Bastion, 1 reinhart, and a widowmaker. It didn't turn out so well.
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League of Legends Camille Gameplay [Crushing A Cocky Renekton]
I enjoy playing Camille when I do but I tend to stray away from her when I play top because i'm not confident in my skills with her. Instead I normally play Fiora. I hope you enjoy me crushing the cocky renekton as well
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League of Legends M6 Jhin Ranked [10/2/12]
So after buying the High noon lucian skin, I bought some chests, got some garbage skins, so I rerolled them and got High noon Jhin! it's a skin I have wanted for a long time now and this is my first game with it. In my opinion BloodMoon is still the best but this is easily my second favorite. Also I was at my Silver 1 promos to go to Gold V but after a long series of horrible games I am now trying to get to my promos to go back to silver 1. This sucks.
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League of Legends Ashe First Penta Kill
So I've been playing league of legends for a few months now and this was a clip of my first penta kill with Ashe. My first Penta was with Sona but I never recorded it, nor did I know how to replay games. I also got S rank when I first played her. She's definitely one of the champs I use when I want an easy win. I will post more league gameplays, I want to main Ahri but I suck at hitting her E. I'm comfortable playing Katarina, Ashe and Miss Fortune.
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My first Official video in Black Ops 2.
My first real recording in Black Ops 2. Sorry for the lag.
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League of Legends Jinx S+ [Surrender at 15! ]
Lately I've been playing Jinx and Jhin nonstop, and last night I had what is probably the most fun I have ever had with Jinx! I got S+ which is the highest I have ever gotten, my second highest is S with Riven. I'll be posting some Jhin gameplays soon as well, so I hope you enjoy this video!
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Overwatch Reaper Nano Boost Team Kill POTG
I've been practicing with Reinhardt and Reaper more and I will be posting a couple Reinhardt clips. I think i've got the hang of him. During this match I got a quad kill in the first round with rein, after I charged 4 people off the edge of the map. The guy who was playing rein during this clip was raging at me complaining that I was a horrible rein and the Ana deserved the play of the game for the nano boost.
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League of Legends Mastery 2 Riven 16/0/4
So I was thinking about buying Riven and then I saw she was available on the rotation so i decided to use her. This is the result. I am very satisfied except for the fact that I only got an A- for that and my teammate got S- for going 6/0/4.
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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 PC 1v5 Clutch Ace
I forgot to record the rest the game so i'm sorry for that but we did win. How about that turn? and that final kill? Hacks or nah? I had to watch that a few times. That last guy scared me so bad!
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League of Legends First Rank S using Sona
I just got my first S rank using sona a few days ago and I'm pretty happy. I main her and today I just got her to mastery 5 and will be working on M6.
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Battlefield 4 quick 10 minute video
Hey, lately my Steam hasn't been working right so Battlefield 4 was recommended for me to play. So here it is. a quick, 10 minute video showing my Battlefield skills. Who knows, maybe PreX' will become a Battlefield clan too? It's an amazing game. Enjoy your Spring Break!
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BO2 first gameplay since I fixed my PC
It feels good to upload another gameplay. Silent, no commentary. Yet.
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Screen Recorder Test/ First Video
This is just a test using my new screen recorder so i apoligize for the lack of decent quality. I will improve the video quality in a while for my official first video.
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Overwatch Hanzo Play Of The Game Ana Nano Boost Sacrifice
Ana gave me her nano boost before she died so I could hold the line, what a brave soldier.
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Insane CSGO 1v5 ace clutch on Dust 2
My first clutch in my second favorite game. Comment when you got your first ace down below!
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SMITE Amaterasu Gameplay [Enemy Team Rage Quit]
I am wondering if I should buy Amaterasu because I am in love with the way she plays. Obviously I am not a professional with her but I have looked up good builds so I think I'm good in regards with that. I would love tips from good Amaterasu players. Thanks.
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Smite Nemesis Conquest Gameplay [Super Close Match! Very Intense]
I have mastered at least one god in each class, Warrior, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, and now I have chosen Nemesis as my assassin that I will master. I hope you enjoy this very close game. I think I'll buy nemesis.
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Overwatch Pharah Sneak Attack Play Of The Game
Sneaking behind the enemy team has never felt so good.
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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 PC Destruction
Whats up guys, I just wanted to thank every person that watches my videos. Not every person that watches them subscribes, but I appreciate all the views and like ratings.
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CounterStrike Global Offensive Official Zombie Escape Server.
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League of Legends Lethal Tempo Kayle Pentakill
I decided to play some aram as a warm up match and to my surprise I got this penta. I just sat there and let Kayle auto attack. This marks my 4th penta, and i'm looking forward to any others I get in the future! Seriously this surprised me!
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Overwatch Mei POTG
I do not hate Mei unless the enemy team has someone who KNOWS how to use her! I'm considering getting Mei's golden gun as my first golden weapon.
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Paladins  Gameplay Part 1
Hope you enjoy this gameplay! The upload is a little late due to internet problems so I do apologize.
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League of Legends: Best Lux Outplay
I'm shocked they weren't able to kill me lol, the enemy team lost their minds and they were so mad at Rengar and Ahri. I recently ouplayed a Zoe while playing as Veigar and I will upload that later.
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Overwatch Competitive Crazy Mei Skills!
So this gameplay is a few weeks old, as this was the first match I played after I finished my gaming pc build. I'm reluctant to play Overwatch right now because my computer hits 82 degrees Celsius and I don't want any problems to come from it until I am able to resovle this. Just a note, all my other games are fine and my computer doesn't overheat at all unless I launch Overwatch.
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Overwatch Loot Box#1
I just bought Overwatch yesterday and I am already having so much fun and I understand many of the characters and how to use them. Feel free to add me. my Battletag is [email protected]
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Overwatch Play Of The Game #5 What Just Happened?!
I'm not sure what happened here.
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Grand Theft Auto V Modder trolls me
So this was actually pretty funny to me because the modder that put me in the cage was nice enough to let me god and wasn't totally controlling everyone in the lobby like most modders do. This person (I never found out who it was) Would do pretty harmless things to be honest. The part that made me laugh really hard was when they took control of my car when I tried to stop.
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League of Legends Nail Biting Yasuo 1v3
Happy Valentine's Day! I don't play Yasuo much, but that moment there is the reason I play him occasionally. Now I'd never take Yas into a raked match but I had those 3 on full tilt after that.
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Overwatch Play Of The Game #1
I just bought Overwatch yesterday and I am already having so much fun and I understand many of the characters and how to use them. Feel free to add me. my Battletag is [email protected]
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Overwatch Play Of The Game #2 Unstopable
I just bought Overwatch yesterday and I am already having so much fun and I understand many of the characters and how to use them. Feel free to add me. my Battletag is [email protected]
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CSGO Gold Nova Competitive Gameplay
CSGO Ranked Competitive Gameplay! This Is probably my best competitive game ever! hope you enjoy, don't forget to drop a like and a comment below!
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Csgo Custom Skin- M4A1-S Echo
Custom skin used: Echo. Used on M4A1-S Five Seven and Butterfly Knife.
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[First Commentary] Paladins Champions of the Realm Closed Beta First Impressions Gameplay And Review
I received an email earlier today inviting me to the closed beta of the new Hi-Rez game, Paladins, Champions of the realm. I absolutely love this game and I will definitely post more gameplay in the future. This is my very first commentary and I hope you all like it, so drop a like and subscribe. Next parts coming out tomorrow.
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Overwatch Play Of The Game #3 Junkrat never dies!
I knew I was going to die so i was ready to take out whoever was in the area. Then Mercy came and resurrected me.
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League of Legends AR URF 2017 (My first Urf match ever)
Okay so some people on my friends list told me that URF mode was coming soon and after finding out what it was I was pretty excited to hear all the cooldowns were reduced greatly. Unfortunately this was AR mode and they said they felt ad for me since this was what my first URF experience would be all random mode . I think I did pretty well though.
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Destiny 2 Early Access Beta Multiplayer!
I love the fluid movement in this game and it reminds me of call of duty advanced warfare in a way, so I decided to play some quickplay to see how it is to fight others. I will definitely post more videos of this soon.
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HearthStone Knights of The Frozen Throne 56 Pack Opening!
So I decided to preorder the expansion a day before it was unavailable to buy and I must say nothing about this opening surprised me. On the bright side when I dusted all the duplicates I was able to craft the Golden Jaina Knight Legendary.
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