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Link gets the king's dinner
The King asks Link to make him dinner, threatening to attack Link's pal, Duke Onklard, if the dinner doesn't satisfy. He won't settle for afters, so Link must go to Gamelon with Gwonam to seek out a feast. Upon arriving there he encounters flutes, birds, homosexual bakers and evil. Deciding there is no good food in Gamelon, he heads to Koridai instead, which is a fun, fun place. My first poop. Rather than trying to be too random I instead tried to go for something a bit more classy. It's annoying how some characters just don't have enough vocabulary to make these voice clip jobs smooth. I used mostly Zelda CD-i material and the music that plays in the Koridai section is the Puppy love theme (italian medly) from Earthworm Jim 2. I am aware that the video quality is utter tripe, but this is a YTP so does it really matter? I don't own any of the material used to make this, and this video is purely for parody purposes.
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gannon is a sexy beast
In a futile attempt to overthrow Ganon's position as a sex symbol, Link and Zelda travel to Gamelon for shenanigans with the locals. Since Gamelon's primary export is DUNGEONS, it's no wonder they have a thing for S&M. Link gets more than he bargained for when Ganon himself rocks up to steal the show. The king has better things to do until he meets a fan. ============= My second youtube poop. I tried to make this one a bit more coherent and payed extra attention to the mixing, so things should be more clear. I also used lots of effects to make things more interesting and tried to speed up the action a bit, since I think my last one was too 'slow' Music: Pardners(you and me) - Dean Martin Green Grow my Nadgers Oh - Rambling Syd Rumpo Lovely Beam 2002 - Glove on Fight I don't own any of that stuff.
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