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[NG:RP] Complaint against Sean Willson
Skip to 5:45 please, my Recording wouldn't go into Windows Movie Maker so I couldn't cut it, anyway. - Just off the Bat, Me and Devis pulled over so I didn't crash while Typing, and this guy Non-RPly attempts to Jack me, and then Runs off, Runs back and then shoots us, later he shoots the Gas Station to kill me.
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Victory Dance
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This is the sound..
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[NGG] Darks Sgatni DM
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[NG:RP Complaint] Bishop T Maddox Jr.
Story : I wanted my car fixed and he said 10k, I lied of course for 3k, then he pulls out a gun, tells me to put my handsup, I do as he says, and he shoots me, I think this is DM as I complied and he still shot me.
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[NG:RP] Complaint against Benjamin Brusca
A little Backstory, me and my Fellow family Members(The Saints) Were Raiding The Clan, This was part way, Before the Report takes place I'm sure it was lag but this guy wasn't taking any damage, but anyway. When I was in a 1v1 With Benjamin Brusca who RK'd, But thats irrelevant because I didn't have it on Recording, but he runs away after we were in a 1v1, So I chase him, He runs to the car, and doesn't take damage (again lag,) and Jails me, even though it was a RP Raid and we were in a 1v1, He abuses his Power as a CA and just Jails me, and so I'm reporting him. After the Jail its just me trying to talk to him because he logged straight after that, I'm not sure if thats allowed either but I thought I might leave it in and mention it.
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