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Visual Ragetage
All recorded in 1 night. Raging and trash talking. #1 American http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Finally Unlocked Golden Hunter + Clip Choke
Should have aimed in for that last one. Got golden hunter pretty late but he has got to be my favourite locust. To unlock him you need to get 2000 kills with the 3 rifles and the 2 shotguns. I got the lancer/gnasher kills legitimately in Public matches. The other 3 weapons were mostly boosted in private matches against bots. Took me quite a few hours. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Song: Kavinsky - Nightcall My Twitter: http://twitter.com/A_H_S_P
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DK Mode (Big Heads)
On May 6th 2011, Epic Games turns "Big Head mode" on in the Gears 3 Beta. The voices of characters get alot squeaker too. Played 1 game with the mode on. Nothing special in the video otherwise. Be sure to subscribe, plenty of Gears of war content coming!
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Bot totally destroys a guy with the mulcher
Blindfires and nearly downs a guy at long range and then does a 180 degree turn and mows down a user. He rage quit right afterwards. I thought this was stunning.
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IBuff Ninja Told Me to Set this up
What does it look like to you? The bot was in on the deal too. The bot asked for a 1600 MSP card so he could change his GT. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Be sure to subscribe for more lols.
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Is Gears of War 3 Dead? What's Next?
Week of Mar. 19 Stats - GOW3 Ranked #10 - http://majornelson.com/2012/03/28/live-activity-for-week-of-march-19th/ Week of Mar. 26 Stats - GOW3 Ranked #7 - http://majornelson.com/2012/04/04/live-activity-for-week-of-march-26th/ The March 26th week stats came out around the time i recorded this. I think the game got a boost in activity because of the DLC. It will probably drop down a bit once again now that the new maps have been played a bit. Please leave me a comment on what you think about the current state of the game & it's future. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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GOWJ Bots Know The Drill
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3 POINT BLANK. Thoughts?
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Avenge RC
Skype: Gearsdemon Twitter: http://twitter.com/A_H_S_P
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Intense KOTH Match Against Some Recognizable Names
Played against these guys in Ranked KOTH twice a few days ago. Went 1-1. Both Matches were very close. Our team of 4 + 1 random versus their team of 5. Cream is a former MLG Pro for GOW1 and GOW2. Trumpfy is a member of Team Envyus. Not familiar with the others. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Gears of War Judgement Details & Thoughts
The reason I think the new game mode "overrun" could replace beast and horde is because it is a hybrid of the 2 game modes. Just like Capture the leader was a hybrid of Guardian and Submission. It's just speculation though. Be sure to like the video and let me know what you think of all of this. Teaser Trailer - http://ca.ign.com/videos/2012/06/04/gears-of-war-judgment-trailer-e3-2012 Teaser Trailer Extended Version - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkPUwUwfKUk Article #1 - http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-06-04-gears-of-war-judgement-features-class-based-multiplayer Article #2 - http://zoknowsgaming.com/2012/06/04/gears-of-war-judgement-multiplayer-details-hit-web/ Overrun in Great Detail - http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2012/06/04/hands-on-with-gears-of-war-judgment-39-s-overrun-mode.aspx?PostPageIndex=1 http://twitter.com/gearsdemon Ignore Tags : Gears of War Judgement Judgment GOWJ Gears of war 3 Gears of War 3 Trailer Gears of War trailer Trailer Preview Gameplay Marcus Lambent Cliffy B ign ignentertainment games gaming video games gameplay hd official Gears of War 2 3 1 - Cog Tags / Collectables Achievement Guide Act 1 2 3 4 5 tag collectable collectible collectibles location locations act i ii iii iv v video completionist walkthrough achievements unlocked Gears of War gow gow2 Cog Tags Collectables Achievement Guide Act tag collectable collectible completionist collectibles location locations act ii iii iv games game video walkthrough achievementsunlockedson cliffyb epic "gears of war 3" "gears of war project" "epic games" microsoft "marcus fenix" "gears of war 2012" "xbox 360" ign ignentertainment games gaming "video games" gameplay hd official 2012 "video game" Teaser Trailer
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Can I Clutch It? #3
Final Spawn - Ranked TDM My team mates blew the lead. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Gold & Funnies #1
Enjoy my frustration. Twitter: http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Gears of War 2 Stupid BS Montage
Please thumbs up the video? Helps me out, put quite a bit of effort into this "montage". Be sure to subscribe for more gears of war content.
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The Fox Silver
I almost never ask for likes or favourites but this one, i feel deserves it. I was playing with New Trip and TCG N7. This video is gold because of the gamertags, the deaths, the way the opponents play, the way our teammates play and much much more. This was the final match of the night a few days ago. It's a long watch but definitely worth it. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Morons on Gears of War Episode #15
Didn't feel like doing commentary on this one. The game chat was funnier then any commentary i could have done, lol. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Intense Capture the Leader Match
Man it is really hard to talk to yourself for 12 minutes. I'm working on my commentary skills guys. Be patient with me. Thanks for watching! GOW3 Wallpaper Pack: http://www.mediafire.com/?96yv42q57ee013r TGN Quadtage i talked about : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqT8mqwmKVQ&feature=channel_video_title Be sure to subscribe for more gears of war content
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Gold & Funnies #2
Plenty of gems in here. http://twitter.com//gearsdemon
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22-4 Warzone on Blood Drive
Off Host, I will never upload Host footage. 1 kill was stolen from me too =/ 23-4 truly. Be sure to subscribe for more gears of war content!
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Invincible Gameplay & Thanks to GoldGloveTV
Thanks for watching http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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15-2 Team Deathmatch - Thanks to Syphax
TCGwashere: http://www.youtube.com/tcgwashere Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe for more Gears of War content!
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Gold & Funnies #4
Decided to make a series out of this. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Two Nights of Shotguns and Snipers
All the gems (decent shots, streaks & randoms) from me playing this playlist for a few hours on tuesday and wednesday night. I never play for clips, i always play for the win. You see me blindfire a fair bit here but it's when I'm under pressure or when i feel i need to. Please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed? http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Can I Clutch It? #5
Final Spawn - Ranked Guardian. Unfortunately i messed up and didn't record voice chat. So you can't hear my teammates callouts and reactions to kills and if i do or do not clutch it. Which is disappointing. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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My Overall Thoughts On Gears of War 3
Messed up my wording a couple of times in here, I apologize but it's pretty difficult to talk to yourself for 12 minutes. Be sure to comment with your thoughts on the game or to something i may have said. Also, I could have gone on for an hour about little things like view kick and spawns but i didn't want to nitpick the game to death. I tried to just focus on the maps,weapons and a few other key concepts. Twitter: http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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HvNz Clan Wars Teamtage # 1 By Galuhxys
Clan wars is a tournament being run by TheFPSHub. It is a gears of war judgment elimination tournament for most of the main teams in the YouTube community. In round 1 we were against Array. This was our entry and we won. There are a couple of clips from me in here. Round 2 for us is against Affect. All information below. Teamtage Editor: http://www.youtube.com/user/GaluhxysEdits Round 2 information for Clan Wars : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KZWh8JYHYM
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Sawed off Patch Talk
Talking about the latest patch, Gameplay is Ranked execution from before the patch release. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe for more GOW3 content!
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Well, That Should Never Happen
You can apply the title of the video to so many things that happen in this match. Especially in the ranked menu screen. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Gold & Funnies #8
50 likes and i'll suck my own dick. Seriously. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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General Raams First Appearance + Unique Execution (Raams Shadow)
Just learned about the execution and decided to go back and replay this part to see it. It's awesome. Campaign exclusive execution though sadly.
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Overreaction to a Quad Kill with Mortar
The guy yelling didn't even get it, LOL.
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Gold & Funnies #5
Thanks for all the support on previous videos like this, glad you guys are enjoying them. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Live Commentary #5 - Quick Matches Are Fun
I am breathing into the microphone a lot in this one cause i was frustrated. Went and cried after the ending. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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The boomshot is broken...
So it happened again, not to me this time though. Be sure to subscribe for more gears of war content!
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Can I Clutch It? #6
Quick TDM, Final Spawn. No, that is not me at the end. Last time I used a clip at the end someone asked if it was me. That video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBGveugXjsM http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Forces of Nature & Guardian First Impressions
I don't know what the heck i was doing when i died near boomshot spawn. I posted a video yesterday too, be sure to watch that in case you missed it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9V37xRGPuY http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Quick Update Video & Getting Back into GOW3
Didn't Play any GOW3 in the last 2-3 weeks because i couldn't record and had some things going on in my life.(Nothing too serious) Twitter: http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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1:07 - Insane Blindfire http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Morons on Gears of War Episode #16
5 Matches, 5 Kills, You're good. By the way, on the escalation clip you see when i bring up the scoreboard that i have less points then him. Well that didn't last long, his points stayed the same. So please, no stupid comments about my score at that point in the match. We were like 2 minutes into the match. Zeta is first to 5 (unlike alpha)
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One Of My Worst Matches
Matches like this make me hate blood drive. I don't think it carried over well. Like the video if you hate blood drive stair campers. I will do a video about the new gears of war game on monday, which is when more information comes out. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Wrath Is One Funny Dude
All clips from 1 match. Wrath - http://www.youtube.com/user/WraTHerNOT
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Someone explain. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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This had me crying...
From laughter. I hope you guys are fine with me increasing my upload amount a bit. I'm trying to get my folders on my PC cleaned up, they are kind of messy right now. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Live Commentary #4 - My 1st Zeta Match
1st Zeta Match & 1st Match of the day. Live Commentary #1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GOYDiLT9yk Live Commentary #2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StMj2zhJBVY Live Commentary #3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b63iornw444 My Twitter: http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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Solo King of The Hill Beasting
Not sure if you guys prefer gameplays with commentary or without. Obviously my commentary isn't the best but it's not as bad as it used to be. This match in particular was a little too long to talk over but let me know in the comments if you prefer commentary videos or strictly game footage. The match starts off a little slow for me but it picks up. http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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My Favourite Music
Like the video or biggie smalls will kill you. Pretty vague on my music choices but just know that I listen to most genres, both mainstream and not mainstream. Sometimes I tweet songs I like on my twitter: http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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What Is Keeping Gears of War 3 From Perfection
The kid raging at the end was the guy who was down and not getting picked up by this guy. - Hot Pink Retro Lancer - Hot Pink Sawed off - Microphone was on and you could hear background noise the entire time - Terrible player - Little Kid - Stealing Kills - Waiting around corners - Female Character - Stupid Gamertag What am i missing?
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Gold & Funnies #7
This video wouldn't upload/playback correctly for days. Rendered it out at least 8 different times and attempted to upload it at least 10 times. Turns out it was an issue with the YouTube uploader. Thumbs up for my efforts? http://twitter.com/gearsdemon
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