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VeNoM & ShAdOw
T.S.A. breakin ToY SoLdIeRs AmPlIfIeD
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T.S.A. breakin...
Toy Soldiers Amplified cedar hill
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talent show
Toy Soldiers Amplified breaking
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talent show part 3
Toy soldiers amplified
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talent show part 2
Toy soldiers Amplified breakin
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ToY SoLdIeRs AmPlIfIeD
T.S.A. breakin
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T.S.A. breakin...
improvised again ToY SoLdIeRs AmPlIfIeD
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kaylin freestyle
member of T.S.A. ToY SoLdIeRs AmPlIfIeD
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T.S.A. breakin
improvised ToY SoLdIeRs AmPlIfIeD
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M2: Video Report - Discover You Dream Job
M2: Discover your Dream Job
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M1: Video Report - The Uncommon Roadmap To Finding Your Dream Job
M1: Video Report - The Uncommon Roadmap To Finding Your Dream Job Key Takeaways: 1) barriers, when I notice or come across a barrier I can use the If I were perfect technique. or even better I can help others by using this technique. For example: My cousin said I want to play guitar, that would be my dream job. Why don't you? Well... you see I don't have the experience and there are so many others better than me. - Okay let's jump out reality for a second and let's assume that there is already a solution out there for EVERYTHING! If you had all the resources, this was a perfect world, and you were the smartest person. So now that you are the world's most resourceful person what would you tell yourself to solve the problem? 2) I,I,I Start with how you can give value to company X, then bring it back to yourself and finally tie it back to how you use your skills to help company X achieve their goals. - For example: Based on what you said earlier and my prior research your goals seem to be X, Y, Z. I might be able to help, I specialize in blah, blah, and blah. By doing A I can help you achieve X and Y. As for Z this might be a little tough, so I'll need some help to achieve that. Wow! 3) Understanding people: When I use Use, "Well you know it's interesting" and "You might be right" this will not only help me understand them and them understand me, but it will also help me to understand myself and why I'm doing certain things.
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