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Let's Play Ravensword Shadowlands Part 3
Here it is after some time, bit less in content than the others but i tried my best. Hopefully i do better in the next episode
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Blind Playthrough Child of Light Chapter 1
First blind playthrough and this will go in chapters. at the end of the video youll see that this game is split into chapters so one chapter one vid, ENJOY!!!
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Blind Playthrough Child of Light Chapter 2
Well here it is the second chapter of this awesome game Child of light, now near the end there is a part where there is no sound i apologize for that, due to various reasons the sound got cut there and i managed to get it back up, hopefully it wont happen in the future. Besides all taht, Enjoy
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Let's Play: Teslagrad Part 1
Hello All, This is my let's play on the game teslagrad, hope you like it. Im sorry in advance for the amount of times you hear me say awesome in this vid
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Let's play Ravensword Shadowlands PART 1
This is the first part in a series of let's play videos I have made for this game, hopefully you guys like it. It took me time to make the video good since my mic loves making the static buzz noise. As of now I won't be regular in my video uploads but in time they should get more regular, once a week perhaps. That's it from me, Enjoy the vid!
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Let's Play Ravensword Shadowlands Part 4
Hello everytone and welcome to part four of my lets play Ravensword 2: Shadowlands series. Sorry for the massive wait and i hope this epsode makes up for it. I will be uploading the next part in the next few days
Views: 534 KamoGaming
Let's Play: Ravensword Shadowlands Part 2
Here it is, the second installment in the Let's Play Ravensword Shadowlands
Views: 50 KamoGaming

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