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Speed Art - Horse
I was bored one night, so I set up the cam and drew a horse. How bow dah? I don't own the music; Breaking Benjamin does. More on my blog: http://draekonic-09.blogspot.ca/
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Literally Figuratively Dead Cat
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Speed Art - Dragon
This one's kinda rounder and cuter than my usual dragons, but I like how it turned out. Very manga-esque. Sorry about my hair in the shot, by the way... oops... I do not own the music; Paramore does. (I'm not an emo, I swear.) More on my blog: http://draekonic-09.blogspot.ca/
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Being a support main, a pentakill is a rare occurrence for me. As in, a once-a-year thing. If I'm lucky. Please allow me to bask in my mediocre accomplishment for a hot sec. thankss ^_^
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Morgana: the Arcane Comet queen, and pain-in-the-ass pseudo support extraordinaire (her burst is just *disgusting*). It's annoying when the screen doesn't display my fabulous accomplishment as an official penta, but whatever. I'm not salty, Rito-sama. (...-_-) (For some reason I built Lich instead of Liandry? tf?? Don't try this at home, kids.) (Also, take Ignite. Just... take Ignite.)
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lol wat
Sorry for the awful quality... League crashes if I have it on anything other than Very Low graphics. Yay. Anyway. just a dumb kill after Trynd ulted... ye
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Too much coffee?
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the baby snore
my cat Mojo did the snore and it was smol
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Janna Does SRS DMG
Maokai stole my penta 30 seconds after, but you get the gist. This account is only level 11, so my runes were off. Here's what I normally use, which are even more effective: Sorcery - Summon Aery, Manaflow Band, Celerity, Gathering Storm Domination - Cheap Shot (great for early game), Eyeball Collection Start: Lost Chapter, boots, 4 pots. The extra mana and AP is a lot more effective on Janna than the default mage item, I find. Build both Morell and Liandry. Sorc shoes and void staff were a must against that Urgot. I got Rabadon and a Banshee as well, but Luden's Echo and Swift boots would both be great potential buys to buff your Celerity rune, and Zhonya's could potentially secure that S+ at the end of the game. Confirmed: this build is a lot more effective than on-hit AP Janna. Burn Janna is win.
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