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Living with Depression and Anxiety
This is basically my little story and insight about how it feels to live with depression and anxiety, and how it can feel sometimes.
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Time I could have been kidnapped(Spook)
This is a lil story about the time where some cunt literally tried to kidnap me and my friend. Some cs surfing in the background because im not original.
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TF2 Spy Gameplay
Just a little complation of me playing spy hope you enjoy
Views: 93 DopeMemes
Mineplex Gladiators ep 2
More mineplex xddd im bad dont judge ily
Views: 91 DopeMemes
Mineplex Gladiators ep.3
I'm pretty bad at mineplex rip me
Views: 120 DopeMemes
Mineplex Gladiators (Episode 1)
Gladiators on mineplex!
Views: 116 DopeMemes

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