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Higurashi Kai OP Parody (My Version)
This is my Parody of the Opening of Higurashi no naku koro ni Kai. I've been working on this for about a year now. It's still Work-In-Progress but I really wanted to show it now. I know it's not syncronized. that's because I'm new to the animation field. I don't know how to make an old film effect in After Effects. Some of the vids I watched weren't really helpful. Oh! Btw, the characters here are my own original characters! :P and my drawing style changed a bit through the months. So, some drawings may look different than the other. (i've been working for this for almost a year, okay? it's natural that my drawing skill would develop then.) If you want to see my drawings, you can go here: http://[email protected] My character's names are: Rujiru Ryuuoujin - Guy in black w/ red eyes and the black dragon Iris Kusanagi - brown haired girl Kyla Mizuki - Orange-haired girl Clyde Kaminari - Snow-white-haired guy Kouya Wolfang - The werewolf and Ryuu Kusanagi - Winged Being I showed a bit of Rujiru's past because Ruji's past is a really traumatic. Please rate and comment! and please, no f**kheaded comments. Program used: Adobe Flash CS3 Adobe After Effects CS3
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