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9+10=21 PROOF!
This video "proofs" 9+10=21. Of course this proof was wrong, but why was it wrong? Post your ideas in the comment section below!
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GROWCH 43.6 s Speedrun From First Checkpoint (Former World Record)
This is my speedrun on GROWCH from first checkpoint!
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My Blackpenredpen Response Video to the 1000th Decimal Place Of C10 (0.123456789101112...)
This is my response video to blackpenredpen’s giveaway. Join it too by watching this video https://youtu.be/xVFCna3wEe0 ! Blackpenredpen is an awesome channel that taught me a lot about calculus, I don’t know how to thank you enough because without his videos, I would not have learnt calculus this quickly. If you watch his videos, you won’t only learn math, you will also love math. Go subscribe to him now!
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GROWCH 42.5 s Speedrun (From First Checkpoint) (Former WR)
After 8 Hours of speedrunning, finally I got it. This is my 2018 GROWCH speedrun, after Ubisoft changed the last part.
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Melancholic Propensity - A Biology Short Film - Psychotropics
A Biology Short Film about Psychotropics. Class : XI B Members : - Ricky Valent : Victim - Felicia Novi : Ricky’s Mom - Kelvin Frandio : Ricky’s Friend - Wenny Lindy : Ricky’s Girlfriend
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