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Dare video
Hehe hey guys so sorry for not posting I have been so busy if you like this video than good for you I have also made like over four hundred pictures or screenshots of gacha life now so yay
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Hidden love ep.2(Gachaverse episodes)
Sorry this took so long I had to redo it and also I now have braces so ya Music is Beethoven
Views: 5 Itevehere Gacha
Bad life gacha verse mini movie
Hope y’all like it
Views: 7 Itevehere Gacha
The new girl ep.1
Hi everyone it’s me and this so my first video I have always wanted a Chanel so yay
Views: 9 Itevehere Gacha
Perfect pt.2 read desc
Today I finally made a goosing vid yay
Views: 5 Itevehere Gacha
Ugly to pretty
Sorry for not posting enjoy!!
Views: 4 Itevehere Gacha
Hidden love finally
Hope you enjoyed the series like and sub I’m also coming out with a new one tomorrow or today so stay tuned bye
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Perfect pt 1
Sorry that this is late I’ve just been very busy
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Perfect pt.3 read desc
Omg guys 1:00 eggsactaly Woooooo
Views: 4 Itevehere Gacha
Hidden love ep.1 season.1(Gachaverse episodes)
I hope y’all enjoy this took me a looooong time and I quash ya all a happy day
Views: 6 Itevehere Gacha
Hidden love ep.4
Views: 3 Itevehere Gacha
Making my new characters
This is my new character I do do Gacha studio but they take long I’m gonna be updating tomorrow stay tuned yay baii
Views: 8 Itevehere Gacha
The new girl ep.2
Hope you enjoy it yay
Views: 6 Itevehere Gacha
Hidden love ep.3
Hope y’all enjoy and hit the like button and subscribe
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Send this to you best friend
Please please please send this to your bff and like if we get fifty likes I will make another one
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Creating a asassin
Please like this is a new series comment down below what look I should do next!!
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Perfect pt.4
So wassup hehe...-_- Hi guys so I am not graduated I’m still in school and just let me make a bid so expect a video
Views: 2 Itevehere Gacha
Plsss I need ideas
Views: 3 Itevehere Gacha

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