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How to sell gum at school
WHAT'S GOIN ON YOU GUYS!xxXShadowGamingXL HERE AND today i have another video for you i hope you guys like it and if you are reading this then IF i get 5 LIKES then i will show clips of me selling gum at school i hope ya'll ENJOYED this and tell me in the comments section what i should do next and i ENJOYED you guyes comments !!!!!!BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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How to clean you shoes(ghetto way😂)
WHAT'S GOING ON GUYS xxXShadowGamingXL HERE and in this video i am going to show you how to make your shoes clean under $5 using the ghetto/lazy way and i hope ya'll are having a great day and comment what I should do next I love reading your comments!BYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
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Playing WOULD YOU RATHER !(cuz its out of trend)
WHAT'S GOING ON YOU GUYS xxXShadowGaming XL HERE! And im sorry that i haven't uploaded in 3 months because my phone wad broken.I HOPE YALL HAVE A GREAT DAY AND BYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
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Sorry for the bad audio and i was sick that's why my voice sounded REALLY WIERD.Hope yall enjoyed the video!😏😎Buyeeeeeee!
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Playing splix
Sorry for the poor sound in the video i promise to do better
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Soccer⚽ ice bucket challenge
Soccer ⚽ ball has been chosen to do the ice bucket challenge and now it challengers a football 🏈
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WHAT'S GOING ON YOU GUYS I FINALLY saved enough money i got a tripod !!!!!!And now i am just saving up for a better camera i hope you guys liked this video BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
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How to make slime (easy 2 ingredient tutorial)
What's up everybody my names ShadowGaming and welcome to my youtube channel and i hope you enjoyed this video and also leave a comment on what I should do next BYEEE!!!
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