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First Ever Trip to Cedar Point
Video of my first trip to Cedar Point. It's such an amazing amusement park! I forgot to mention that I couldn't fit onto Wicked Twister and talk about the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. It was basically helix city but still a fun ride. But I did hate that the lap bar was so low on Cedar Creek Mine Ride! I mistakenly said that Kingda Ka is fastest coaster in the world. It's Formula Rossa. My bad on that one! My favorite coasters were Millennium Force, Gatekeeper, and Maverick! Top Thrill Dragster is easily the best of my non favorites! I still enjoyed every roller coaster I rode there!
In Spite of All the Danger Quarrymen/Beatles Piano Cover
My cover of In Spite of All the Danger by the Quarrymen. As some of you already know, the Quarrymen would go on to become the Beatles with the addition of Ringo Star. In this cover, I'm playing the song in the key of F instead of its original key of E. So sit back and enjoy!
Changing out my Insulin Pump
This is a video of me changing out my insulin pump. I have to do this every three days. This is what we Type 1s have to deal with throughout our lives. I've been a Type 1 since I was 4. Many people have asked how I put it in. Well here you go.
Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge summer 2014
Video of me and my family crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on the way back from a vacation in Ocean City, MD back in 2014. Recorded by me on an S4 at the time. I apologize for the shakiness. Lots of people have an intense fear of this bridge. But I wasn't scared at all! I WAS IN AWE! Being from the OH, WV, KY tri state area, I'm accustomed to crossing bridges. So enjoy the video!
King's Island Trip
This is a vlog of my 3rd trip to King's Island in Mason, Ohio. I spent half of my day at Soak City and the rest riding coasters. I managed to ride 8 roller coasters in 2 1/2 hours. I highly recommend this park if you visit the Greater Cincinnati Area! I love both King's Island and Cedar Point the same! So sit back and enjoy!
Gallipolis City Park Christmas Lights
Here are the Christmas lights in the City Park of Gallipolis, OH at night time. They are kept up for the entire winter.
Hey Jude Piano and Vocal Cover
Here's me covering Hey Jude by the Beatles. This is after 16 months (1 year and 4 months) of piano practice. So sit back and enjoy!
Ace Marks Black Medallion Oxfords Review
This is my first ever shoe review! These are the same Ace Marks that I wore at the AGT auditions in Cincinnati. Hope you all enjoy!
Power Rangers Soul of Chogokin Dragonzord Review
This is my second review here on YouTube. This time it's the Soul of Chogokin Dragonzord. I hope you all enjoy!
America's Got Talent Audition experience in Cincinnati
Here's a video of my America's Got Talent Audition experience in Cincinnati, OH. And what an awesome experience it was! So many different acts there! And I met some awesome people as well! I really do hope to make it onto the show! But that's up to the producers. Too bad I wasn't allowed to video my actual audition, but rules are rules. But best of luck to all those who auditioned and those who are about to go audition soon! I was originally working on a 5 part vlog of what I did in and around Cincinnati before and after my AGT Audition. But I ended up scrapping that because I wasn't consistently keeping my phone in one position during filming, and as a result, those videos didn't turn out right. But thank God I didn't mess this vlog up!
Beckett Simonon Double Dress Shoe Review
In this video I'm doing a review on two oxford dress shoes from Beckett Simonon. The Yates Oxford Brouge and the Durant Oxford Brouge. I forgot to mention that I ordered the Yates back in July of last year, and the Durant in August of last year as well. So they ended up coming just in time for the Fall and Winter season. I just thought I'd make this video before storing the oxfords away for the summer. Hope you all enjoy!
Trip to Massenutten Resort Indoor Waterpark
This video of my first ever trip to the indoor waterpark of Massenutten Resort near Harrisonburg, Virginia. This basically a tour of the waterpark itself. An amazing place to visit in the Shenandoah Valley!
Power Rangers Soul of Chogokin Megazord review Part 2 (FIRST EVER REVIEW)
Here's part 2 of my first ever review! Like I said before in the first part, I know I made some mistakes along the way. Hope you all enjoy!
Me singing while on the way to Cincinnati for America's Got Talent Audition
Here's me singing my two songs choices on the way to Cincinnati for the America's Got Talent Audition. It was part of a planned 5 part vlog of my trip to Cincinnati and what I did there before and after the auditions. But I ended up scrapping it because I messed up in filming by not consistently keeping my phone in one position and as a result, those videos didn't turn out right. I ended up singing Over The Rainbow for my audition. So sit back and enjoy!
Niagara Falls at Night
Video of Niagara Falls at night from my vacation there back in September 2017. I was hoping to see it lit up with different color lights, but it had just finished the light show by the time I got there. This is the view of Horseshoe Falls from the New York side.
Hurt by NIN and Johnny Cash Piano and Vocal cover
Me covering Hurt by Nine Inch Nails; famously covered by Johnny Cash. This the second song I've learned on piano a little over a year ago. Easy song to play! I highly recommend it to beginners as it played in the key of A minor (same as your basic C major). The only thing different I do is play D minor instead of D major. So sit back and enjoy!
Power Rangers Soul of Chogokin Megazord review Part 1 (FIRST EVER REVIEW)
This is part 1 of my first ever review. A Power Rangers review at that! Bare with me as I made a couple mistakes here and there. I hope you all enjoy!
John Lennon Imagine Piano and Vocal Cover
Me covering Imagine by John Lennon. You'll notice that I aired a disclaimer at the beginning of this video. I also apologize for the lighting in the background. So sit back and enjoy!
Can't Help Falling in Love piano and vocal cover
Me doing a piano and vocal cover of Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. This is after 9 months of practice. So sit back and enjoy!