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Insane Ayumi 8-bit Theme
This is my first 8-bit Corpse Party Music : Insane Ayumi's theme ! Plese tell me in the comments what song to do next, I will be glad to do it !
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Who said Japanese planes are bad ? [War Thunder Montage N°1]
Very few people play the Japanese fighters on War Thunder, saying they are too weak. I am here to prove you that you are probably wrong ! This was supposed to be only an experiment to master Sony Vegas but I ended up pretty satisfied with the result ! MUSIC USED : Samurai Battle March : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8t0KTOeMPw
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Hana no Saku Basho 8 bit
Here is number 4 guys ! Hope you like it as much as the other ones ! Please tell me what song to do next, I would be glad to make it !
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Hoshikuzu no ringu 8 bit
Hard work but it's finaly here after a request ! PLEASE comment and tell me what to do next, I would be glad to make it !
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Chapter 1 main BGM 8-bit
Sorry for the delay ! but here it is ! Hope you enjoy it ! Disclaimer : I do not own Corpse party
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Slaughter of Sorrow 8-bit Theme
Second 8-bit Theme for my chanel, Slaughter of Sorrow ! Please tell me what song to do next ! And dont forget to subscribe for more 8-bit remixes !
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