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Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea Rose
This rose has it all with disease resistance, huge long lasting blooms, and fragrance.
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Pink Peace Hybrid Tea Rose
Taken September 6th 2015. Meilland Rose. The most beautiful of pinks, fragrant, and long lasting too. The only issue with this rose is that it is rust prone here in CA.
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Pacific ocean sunset view from Fort Funston, San Francisco
Sunset viewed on the cliff at Fort Funston, San Francisco. View in HD 720P! A special place that is always inspiring, allows me to forget my worries, and is just downright beautiful. Bring a jacket because it will be chilly!
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17 mile drive
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Sunny day at Santa Cruz Bay
Short video of a stop at west cliff drive. A very special place for me, this part of the coast is beautiful as you can see the purple kelp floating about.
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17 mile drive
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