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Hawn State Park, MO
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The Sweet Garden
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Sắc hoa đào,
Không thể dùng bản chính nhạc Nhật cho video này vì Youtube copyright issues, nên mượn tạm bài hát dịch lại tiếng Việt "Xe Đạp" của Thùy Chi. Do vậy, lời tiếng Việt và English sub không giống nhau, nhưng English sub dựa sát theo bản tiếng Nhật " Sắc Hoa Đào" :))
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Pipa of Highland
Lamdong, Vietnam, March 2014
Views: 57 khoa lee
A Beautiful Day
12hrs for 3mins and 17seconds
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Mot ngay mua tuyet, A snow day in St Louis ,
A snow day, no work, no school and i was waiting for an interview for new part time job. Actually this short video helped me feel more relaxing and melting down after much daily pressure. I was ready to get the best result later. Mua` tuyet o St Louis vao mot ngay kg lam viec, khong co' lop', Doan phim vua ngan vua run tay nay giup toi thoai mai hon va san sang cho cuoc phong van xin viec ngay sau do' :) Nikon D5200, Nikkor 18-140mm.
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The good skaters
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Colors of Spring
Around St Louis' parks for couple hours, I was so excited to capture some yearly colors of Spring and hope everyone enjoy this video. Many beautiful scenes are coming out soon . I am waiting for :)
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Carondelet Park
Views: 152 khoa lee

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