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Best Beatboxer
One of the best Beatboxers on the world.
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Paweł Bębenek - Sanctus - by Mertuch
Sanctus is chour music. Composed by Paweł Bębenek. Played by Me ;) Enjoy!
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Mertuch - Master of Puppets (guitar cover)
First try... Very difficult for me. there was lot of mistakes, but I decided I will upload this. Check this out, vote and comment. Enjoy!
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Mirror Dance (Piano) - "Kochaj i tańcz"
Beautiful song from "Kochaj i tańcz" playing on piano ----------------------------------------------------- Played my Me - Mertuch, for my Girlfriend :* and my Friend - Kasia :) ----------------------------------------------------- I don't have any music sheet, played by Ear. (But I can write and give the chords) ----------------------------------------------------- Enjoy!
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Nobuo Uematsu - To Zanarkand By Mertuch (FFX)
My first movie on youtube ;) It's music from Final Fantasy X.
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Laughing makes you smile!
hapiness in a small pill
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Numb - Linkin Park (Mertuch Piano Cover)
This is my Cover of Linkin Park's Numb. Dedicated for my sister's friend - Magda. Enjoy everybody!
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Mertuch - Canon
The improvisation with a few mistakes. Enjoy :)
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