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Slipknot - jump the fuck up sonisphere 2009
Slipknot @ sonisphere 2009 sorry for the shit quality
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G3, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse 2012 Heineken Music Hall
Some clips of the G3 concert on july the 20th at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, Holland. It was an amazing concert! Im buying an camcorder to record with better sound quality. Please subscribe. I do not own any songs from these artists!
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Battlefield 1942 kamikaze
bf1942 kamikaze on lanparty xD
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Rammstein - Pussy Foamcannon Live @ Pinkpop 2010
Rammstein live @ pinkpop 2010, playing pussy and well.. doing stuff with his "fleishgewehr" ;) Epic concert!!!! Please Subscribe!
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Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers |Live Holland 2011 | HD
Last nights Iron Maiden performance. shit quality, i had totally wrong camera settings lol. Epic Band. Epic Song....
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Megadeth - Live Clips | 15 june 2012 Holland
Some clips and pictures of Megadeth's concert in the "Parkstad Limburg Theaters" in Heerlen, Holland. They performed on 15th june 2012. I do not own any of these songs, or any other songs published by Megadeth or their record companies. Please subscribe!
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Metallica "Die" part in Creeping Death @ sonisphere 2009 nijmegen
The "Die" part of the song Creeping Death live @ sonisphere
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Arma 3 alpha - First look and gameplay
Some Arma 3 alpha gameplay, I was playing Wasteland. It is still really buggy and server hickups/crashes. 0:01 - Encounter with player. 0:21 - Hunting for the same player and getting run over. 1:24 - Checking the damage 1:43 - Running to gunstore and encounter players. 4:13 - Lag, resulting in server crash. 4:18 - Riding. 4:55 - Spotting player and getting shot at.
Views: 76 Roël Konings
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death | Live Holland 2011 | HD
epic Iron Maiden concert!
Views: 183 Roël Konings

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