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My Dad Forced me to get married at 11
Marta will share with you how she got married at 11 years old. She was born in a small poor village. Her family consists of 5 members: Her parents, Her 2 brothers and She. Growing up, she and her brothers were all the same, and enjoyed the little things. They used to play with anything they could find in the garden, and were happy. But as the time passed, she notice that her parents always blamed her for the mistakes they could make. Her mom started to teach her how to do the chores, how to wash clothes, how to cook, how to clean the house at a very young age, While her brothers would spent the day playing. Her little brother Tom, would feel bad for her, but he was so small in front of their parents, and he couldn't do nothing. This seemed so unfair, but when she would raise the voice, her mom would scream at her and her father would look at her with angry eyes. She was only 6 years old when all this began. Her brothers started school, while she had to stay all day long at home. She wanted to learn to, but she wasn't allowed, sometimes she could steal her brothers books and read when she was alone. All this lasted for 5 years in a row. When she became 11 years old, she began to like a boy in her village, his name was Dan, he was the same age as she. When her Parents were at work, and her brothers were at school, she used to get out of the home, and walk for a while with Dan, they did nothing wrong for their age, they just holded hands and talk. But one day her father came home earlier and Saw her in the village with him. He got so angry his face became all red, and started to scream at Marta. She run towards my home as fast as she could. When he came , he didn't say a word to her. The next morning her mom woke her up, and told her: "You will get married today" Will all her surprise, she had no idea what marriage was. She saw her father, and a strange man, sitting in the couch. The strange man could be around 40 years old. Her heart started beating so fast as she was approaching them. ''You are not part of our family anymore, Now on you will live with Frederic''- her father told her. As much as those words hurted Martha was so scared she started shaking. ''Calm down'' Frederic said. ''You'll be safe with me''. She saw he gave her dad come coins. and then they haded to his home. When they were leaving her little brother started coming towards her. Marta Please don't go, he begged her with tears in his eyes. But It wasn't her decision. What could she do. She hugged him and followed Frederic to her new home. He didn't live far from their place. When she got married, she was the youngest there, her husband had 3 other brothers who were married too, they all lived in the same house. She had to cook for 15 people every day, and do the other chores all alone. She had no other way. They were stronger than me. To make it even worse they all made fun of her, even her husband. One day her family came at Frederic's house and when she was trying to make the lunch, she started feeling weak and fainted. Her brother Tom saw her, took her in his arms and run away from the village, for help, There were no hospital near. During the road he meet two strangers, they were tourists, they asked him what was wrong and Tom told them everything. They were shocked and immediately took Martha to the nearest hospital. When she got better They told her to make a video about all her story, because that would help Martha. She didn't understand too much, But she did as they told her and after he posted her video on social media, it went viral and One CHILDREN CARE ORGANIZATION helped Martha escape her village. Now She is living a better life, with her brother Tom, far away from otheir home. Even though she misses her family there, she don't want to never go back at that place. She can't change the way her parents see life, but she can change the way she lives her own life. Thank you for watching! All this videos are created by me. What I use: -Ipad Pro 2018 12.9 inch -Procreate to draw and illustrate my characters. - Rough Animator to make the animation.
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I Pranked My Dad.
Hey guys! =) In this video I Used My Mom's Phone To Prank My Dad. I was really scared, because I didn't know what my dad would say, but I did it in the end! He thought all the time that the person who he was texting was his wife. While I was provoking him with ''I'm not the only one'' lyrics by Sam Smith, he kept denying, and promised that he was faithfull to my mom, but something didn't feel right... What I used: -Iphone 6s (My mom's Iphone) -Viber app (for texting my dad) - ''I am not the only one'' lyrics by Sam Smith - Screen Recorder: Record it! - app Did you like the video? Want more like this? Comment down below! =) Don't forget to share it with your friends! Hope you are having a wonderful day. :)
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What I did to my daughter is unforgivable...
In this video we will share with you a story that has to do with the forbidden love. Her name is Lisa, she is 45 years old, works at the hospital as a doctor and is also the mother of a 20 years old daughter, Ashley. She loves her to death, but Ashley doesn't trust her anymore. You will know why in a bit. Lisa has been married to her husband, Ted for 22 years. In the beginning their marriage was going pretty well, they were deeply in love, had so much fun, and laughted for hours. but now, he doesn't spent anymore time with her. He is tired when he comes back home from work, and is always the first that goes to sleep every night. It has been a long time since she felt wanted by her man. Lonely has become her only friend. until one day. When she met Simon, a 24 years old , handsome boy. He was her daughter's boyfriend. and seemed like a nice guy. She was happy for them, it was her daughter's first love. She started listening to romantic songs, became more girlish and her eyes was full of light. She seemed like she was living her firytale love story. Eventhough she loves her daughter with all my heart she become obsessed with Simon. She couldn't stop thinking about him, started stalking him on instagram. She was so attracted that even when she was sleeping with her husband, she dreamed about him. She knew it wasn't the right thing, but she could't control her heart. One day, he came at her home, while Ashley was still at school. So she told him to come and wait for her inside. Her husband was at work too, and they were all alone. As they were talking about random things, he suddenly conffesed his love for her. she was surprised, and never thought that a boy at his age will ever look at her in that way. She told him that She felt the same. But this was a mistake. ''Love is never a mistake''- he said After that they kissed and went to her bedroom were they made love and forgot about where they were and who they was. But after a while her daughter opened the door, and saw them. She bursted into tears and and with an angry face she run away as fast as she could. She never came back home. It's been a while since that day. She lives alone now and hates Lisa more than anything else. She is still together with Simon, they love each other so much, but she has to choose between him or her daughter. What should she do? Will Ashley ever forgive HER? Comment down below =) ''Be careful who you love, if you can.'' Thank you for watching! ------------------ All this videos are created by me. What I use: -Ipad Pro 2018 12.9 inch -Procreate to draw and illustrate my characters. - Rough Animator to make the animation.
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I started dating my cousin but... (Texting Story)
I just made the first texting story after such a long time. It is about two cousins that fell in love with each other. Thank you for watching! Don't forget to like & share & subscribe! What I use: -Ipad Pro 2018 12.9 inch -Procreate to draw and illustrate my characters.
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I just Got Pregnant this Summer!
Today Loren will share with you how she got pregnant this summer. She is 13 years old, and just finished 8th grade. She has always been a Tom boy, she likes playing with cars, and spent most of the time with boys. But this year she had a crush on someone at her class. His name is Rice. They barely talked with each other. And she had no idea how to tell him that she had feelings for him. One day someone asked him, what time of girls he liked, and he described that princess typo kind of girl. So Loren began to wear dresses more often, she started putting make up on her face, and acted more like a lady. She was trying her best to become more girlish so he would notice her. And That worked, after one month of her trying to impress him, one day, Rice liked one of Loren's photos on instagram. That made her so happy, but it didn't end there, he even texted her telling that she was pretty. The next day, when Loren went at school he spoke to her and gave her a flower. After that he asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. And without even thinking twice, She said yes. And that's how I had her first boyfriend. It was the 4 th of May when they started their relationship, everything was going pretty well. Rice was so romantic and caring. They spent a lot of time together, talked for hours, and at school when They had breaks hey would hold hands, hug and secretly kiss each other. On the 1st of June, Rice had his birthday so he invited Loren to his party. She couldn't be more happy. She wore the best dress she had, straighted her hair, put a red lipstick, and bought a gift for him which she put a letter on, expressing how much in love she was with him. The party was at Rice's house. It had good music and some delicious food. Rice invited her to dance and while they were dancing he told her that he wanted to be alone with Loren. She accepted because she trusted him. They went upstairs, In his room. After that They started kissing and one thing leaded to another, and they ended up making love. After a week she started feeling sick, she got worried so she took a pregnancy test. It came out positive. She kept the secret to herself for one month. Then a weak ago she told Rice, during a fight they were having. He told his parents, and they told Loren's mom. After a few discussions, Loren decided to keep the baby. Rice promised to help her, but they broke up because they kept fighting everytime they met after he knew, and that made her feel bad. And she was worried about her baby's health. The mistake she made is going to change her life forever. But she promised to try her best to be a good mom. She will still fight for her goals, And she will never stop dreaming. If one life is beautiful, two will be even more. If you have any advice, please let her know in the comments below. She will read every single one. Thank you for watching!
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Locked in school overnight with my Crush!
Amanda will share with you a story that happened to her. She is 15 years old, a freshman in high school. She likes going to school and loves books. She has two close friends: Eva and Steve. She also has a crush on the popular guy, Mike. But of course he has a girlfriend, so the only thing She can do is to draw hearts in her diary with their names together and dream about them that maybe in another life she will be a popular girl too, and they will be friends or even better a couple . So, one friday, they did not have much classes, so she decided to bring with her one book so she could read when she would have some time off. When they finished all the classes, she decided to go to the school's library to finish the book, 2 hours were left for school to close. It seemed Enough time for her. As she was reading, It was getting darker outside. Suddenly someone opens the library door and enters inside... Thank you for watching! ------------------ All this videos are created by me. What I use: -Ipad Pro 2018 12.9 inch -Procreate to draw and illustrate my characters. - Rough Animator to make the animation.
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I pranked My Mom.
In this video I will be pranking my mom like someone kidnapped me. I know I shouldn't go this far, but my mom is a really cool person, and we make jokes all the time together, so she will forgive me in the end. I hope so. Thank you all for watching! Subscribe for more videos like this one. What I used: -Iphone 6s -Viber app ( For texting my mom) - Screen Recorder: Record it! - app
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MY BROTHER IN LAW (Animated Story)
Emma will share with you a strange story that happened at her home with her brother in law. She has been married to the love of her life for 10 years. They are deeply in love and tell everything to each other. But they had a problem that has not escaped yet. The problem is not with her husband but with his brother. He started coming home when her husband was at work. The first time she didn’t take it as something suspicious or annoying because he just asked her if she COULD make him lunch, But now it is worrying her. Thank you for watching! ------------------ All this videos are created by me. What I use: -Ipad Pro 2018 12.9 inch -Procreate to draw and illustrate my characters. - Rough Animator to make the animation.
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How I lost 10 kg in one day! - 100% True
Do you want to lose some weight Because summer Is comming, and you want to look the best you have ever looked? Sally can help you with that. She will tell you how she lost 10 kg in one day and it was really easy for her. One day After she finished school. she decided to start exercising beacuse everyone was talking about eating healthy and getting the perfect body for summer. Even when she opened her phone or her computer, she saw ads all over the internet saying. " I can help you loose weight fast" This tips will make you have the body of your dreams, and you will feel so much better with yourself.''." Bla Bla Bla It Was so annoying, and made her feel bad about herself. So she convinced herself to try it, she decided to buy 10 kg weight, and a yoga mat so she could exercise at her room. Find out what will happen next, in the video. =) All this videos are created by me. What I use: -Ipad Pro 2018 12.9 inch -Procreate to draw and illustrate my characters. - Rough Animator to make the animation.
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Lost in desert S.1/ Ep.1
This is a funny animated video about a girl that is lost in desert and dreams like she is on the beach and everyone is giving her water, especially kids playing around her, in their own way. Thank you for watching! All this videos are created by me. What I use: -Ipad Pro 2018 12.9 inch -Procreate to draw and illustrate my characters. - Rough Animator to make the animation.
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*Shocking Transformation* Full Make Up
Do you want more videos like this? Thank you for watching!
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