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AMV Bloody Bunny: part 1
song: [Vocaloid] Echo [gumi] (english) https://youtu.be/cQKGUgOfD8U
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AMV Saga GeoExe: cap 002 - 004
song - Getsix - Freacture channel: https://youtu.be/HW2BeYrdZAU
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Disneyland :California
yeah good time~ and Cold AF...but amazing time in california with my aunt~ Song & all credits here : https://youtu.be/PRcgZtv5_Qw
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Vain Glory: Blitz mode ~ fails shoots
i know i could shoot better then this....but its fine~ Song: Deadly Slot Game Credits - description of this link: https://youtu.be/BAvzsQX8uSU
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SkullGirls: Trying League mode (newbie)
song: morimori - MILK https://youtu.be/2CJw_rihu5s
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AMV Bloody Bunny (part 2)
song: The noisy freaks - French club https://youtu.be/SGjecIx0tc8
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clash royale: first time using sparky
song - https://youtu.be/iRft0gLbuGI
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CYTUS II: Is not the end?....(first try)
all audio used: Chaos remix https://youtu.be/NiYBFPwTCko Miatriss https://youtu.be/IDCyuePhhh8 Kiva-Chaos https://youtu.be/9YV3ic-dyOQ
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AMV Game of Dice
made by me song: Madeon - The City https://youtu.be/iqUBmeFn7qM original video from channel: JOICITY - game of dice intro
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Gun Girls Z: Trying my new Familiar
song - Dark kat - Hot chocolate https://youtu.be/y69QZxO4G2s
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Gun Girls Z: Kiana boss stage (low lvl tutorial?)
Song : lvther - some kind of magic (lyrics)
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Linkiux Darw : Deemo (Yawning Lion)
Song: YeahRight - Drink Up (ft Azuria sky) https://youtu.be/CL5vBO5bMN0
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Creative Destruction: with lag =_=
short video clip of all the enemy i could kill~ and the game stop Rec. cuz i was out of space~ but at least i got 2nd place~ the other guy won.....with help of lag~~ the game looks more like fortnite with every update they are making ._. why not fortnite mobile? is not out for this type cellphone....yet. Mobilegame~ Creative Destruction Song used: BIGWAVE- Fancy you https://youtu.be/nCfJfX5e_RE
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Destiny: 3 vs 6
kill 5 of 6 .....when u can't still u can kill~
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Lanota: first time (master difficult)
how a normal person will do~
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Linkiux try : Arcaea hard mode(first time)
uh...you know... some games are not made for everyone.... Song: Lunatic sound - Dement after legend https://youtu.be/XUa6hJ5-Ugo
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Short gameplay: "Vain Glory"
Using trap bomb item everywere
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Linkiux plays: Stellight (hard mode)
song: Revelation - Kiryu how normal person will made it...i think
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AMV Fate Apocrypha : my favorite fight ~ fist to fist, no weapons~
edit by me~ anime: Fate/Apocrypha song : Fall out boy - The Phoenix https://youtu.be/5hDZbroaQDc to the owner~ will appear down below later~
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AMV Star Fox Zero - Battle begins
Nintendo - Star Fox Zero https://youtu.be/wA2-0nTxaGg Song used: Love is war - mwk (german cover) https://youtu.be/wHO4tiRb6PY
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super mario bros z :retro battle
song - martin garrixon -Virus
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Linkiux plays: Nuitoy friends
Game complet, full upgrade, all buff buy it Song: Mighty Switch Force 2 - Credits (Rescue me) https://youtu.be/IV26NfESORM
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VOEZ: Crystal Cradle lvl14
playing as a normal person will do
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AMV - Sword Art Online Alternative : PM4 vs 30 enemy team
PM4 - Pito & M with 4 soldiers.....but...if you notice it......1 soldier is missing where he went?.... team 6 vs 30 short amv finally a chapter with real action Song used : Hey Hey - by superchick https://youtu.be/UQYMYSs3pV8
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Destiny ~ Randome things
Hunter~ shotgun and punch is the only way to spam for me~
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Linkiux play's : Cat Bird #1
Song Used : https://youtu.be/2xOi20tIDd0 all credits are on that link description~
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All Star Mode ~ Every first try ~
Music Released by Tasty Song title: dead c.a.t bounce ft. emily underhill - closer to me (dabin remix) Music Video: https://youtu.be/bL_orOhpnwg  Channel: http://youtube.com/TastyNetwork Album Download: http://tasty.network/001album
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Lanota: first time master difficult
how normal person do.... audio : https://youtu.be/_iseH4fZ5iE
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Creative Destruction: Blast Mode
song: Fusq - Blush (Moe Shop) https://youtu.be/TYE0DEuhVMg
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Linkiux plays: Clash Royale (fast mode)
Triforce iluminati confirmed
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Vain Glory: Casual mode (with lag)
Playing and winning with lag... song: Cafeine - RWBY Vol.2 soundtrack https://youtu.be/i8mZmgDMLjk
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Cytus II: (first try) comming soon~
or comming later.....cuz UNIVERSITY SUUUCKS xd
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Vainglory: Old ver.
old version but didnt had the time to edit it fast anyways Song - Date A live full opening
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Vainglory: Lyra gameplay
music Mistery skull - magic
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GoddessKiss: first time playing
kiss simulator to a girl to make her on your team?!?...what the... Song ~ https://youtu.be/n8Wx80TZ8OQ
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Vainglory: Blitz (beta)
Ringo crystal build music from this video ~ https://youtu.be/NdL5z11WkfY
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Linkiux plays: The Asylum (part 4)
song - Hirayuki sawano - aLIEz https://youtu.be/X0XBe1oZt6Q
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Gun Girls Z: boss battle mode
music Blade spring - ploutix
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Linkiux plays: Vainglory (blitz)
with a friend and guild member Song - https://youtu.be/xnnILqagWTE
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Linkiux plays: The Asylum (part2)
song - DROPOUT - My Muse https://youtu.be/gwNxhA9QP7I
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AMV - Zazel
Music used https://youtu.be/3QUXrLe8EV4 original video https://youtu.be/VMM9P04DcbA
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Linkiux plays : Ancestor
puzzle game song - https://youtu.be/3MteSlpxCpo #videogame #app
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Linkiux: sister figth vs cpu lvl5
so she is snake.....traning to figth with me :p.......sorry for the sounds.....
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Super mario bros Z : music background
song - https://youtu.be/kf692zBUOac
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Super Mario bros. Z : music video edit
Song - The noisy freaks - French club
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SPOILER ALERT : The Anthem of the heart
movie - https://youtu.be/VrzfS9FPqWc underpants channel from - Sr Pelo
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Linkiux: RE6 shoot my friend?....
meanwhile after too much trouble....... with Levia Kurama---
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Star Fox 64 : Hard route (on my phone)
Controls are so friking hard xd but i fet used to it...and still hard for the hard route~ but really enjoy it play my childhood game~ Songs - Link in order they appear https://youtu.be/AsIStO2aifE Summer Haze https://youtu.be/QGo89rKcs4g Fox Stevenson - Throwdown (remix) https://youtu.be/cfX1yBMQW3E M2U - Gravity
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