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2 vs 1 with a twist - League of Legends
I was playing a custom game of 2 vs 2. My teammate went AFK from the beginning and just stood in the bush. He managed to get a kill anyways. That was some high level of afk skill.
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Mystery question - League of Legends
We need someone to investigate this mystery. Jarvan IV has asked us: "Who engaged?". Can you spot who engaged?
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Assassinating trough the 4th dimension - Skyrim bug
I managed to capture this bug in Skyrim some months ago. Sorry for not recording longer. I went after the guard and he was dead on the ground.
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Tahm Kench is good - League of Legends
A good example of what Tahm Kench is capable of doing. A nice kill pick and a good close call save after that.
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Lottery invade - League of Legends
I added some music over the original audio, because I was watching youtube at the moment. I managed to pull of this lucky grab in ranked play. My team was also very co-operating. Earned us an easy first blood and one less summoner spell for the enemy. With no vision, this grab was based on pure luck and hoping that someone is guarding the red buff inside the bush.
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Always watch the road - War Thunder bug
I managed to capture this moment in War Thunder. Always watch the road while driving or this can happen to you! This is my first video I have ever uploaded. Thanks for watching!
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