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Get[My Melody Premium Plushy Bag]! ufo toreba
I like how all the plushes are watching the one waiting to be won, then again its kinda creepy. another unexpected win.
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poor girl meets a pervert
girl waits to be picked up and comes along a strange man talking to her! men these days just a scetch of how i see men talk to women no matter what age, omg, peace to the world danm it
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Skyforge leg glitch
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Get ufo toreba kancolle - Rensoho chan Puppet
after 5 atempts i decided to poke the plush in the head and then this happend. my first win on toreba. i never though i would get anything ^o^
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trip to london
found this morning my hamster escaped the little git anyway had a great day in london i won a toy from family guy, i asked my freind if i could have it because it was his money and he let me have it ^^ i love family guy! in the end he managed to win 2 xD most claw machines are a con tip: observe before useing a claw mashine , that way u know if its good or not sometimes u just cant tell!! i love japan center very much though here was another time comeing back from london with my sisters, we were all hyped at the time lol it was pritty funny xD and when i got back from the day i won the toy i found this little thing in the bathroom lol seems like the hammys wanted to have fun too bless them xD
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Neverwinter glitch
Lol look what happened in my game NEVERWINTER (SR) https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUSA05528_00
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Lamb plush win ♡
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Teddy heart plush win ♡
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a preview of my 3rd reborn
this are just a few images of the new reborn that will be comeing home! she will take some time to arrive! she is alot smaller than the other 2 shes a prem baby 15 inch! but i think shes cute, her name is anna but i want to rename her but i dont know what to call her just yet!
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Toreba Get[Gudetama Lazy Nordic BIG Plushy A.Blue]!
Thought i would give this a go, never played this game before. was on my phone as i was playing, and after i pressed the arrows my screen froze, typical. but i actuly won something without even seeing what i was doing, still in shock really lol.
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me info
i made this vido on a web site, its just a random vid about me and ranting about othert things lol
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Paragon yin
Just for funseys
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my chinese reborn *Lei Lei*
happy xmas all well for xmas i got a few things but i wanted to show u lei lei shes 20" and little smaller than my first one shes a chinese asian reborn everything in the vido came with her shes just so cute with this reborn i feel like i can hold her more than kishi as she is not as heavy anways hope u like the vid feel free to comment and have a great new year
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Surgeon Simulator glitch
How am i ment to help bob when he is not working with me here? Surgeon Simulator https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUSA00861_00
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Rabbit puppet ufo
trying out this claw. will i win it, i dont think so.
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shadow r.i.p sweetheart
my nans cat , he passed away a few weeks ago , such a loveing cat and did not deserve end so quickly
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a freind in need
after jennies meeting with a strange guy, she goes into the school looking for david her freind and tells her what happens, daved trys to calm jennie after the dramatic experiance
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my page kanatapaw
just my thing for my page
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Snow. One heck of  a ride!
Lol out of control. This had me in stiches. SNOW https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUSA05395_00
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my hamster honey
i miss my shadow so much but this ball of fluff is my new little one ^_^
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sisters rant
me and my sis bethen talking after school at home
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pick up from school
me picking up my sister from school
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meeting a japanese freinds, a shoon fan!
me meeting someone from japan in england and we talk about jonnys , just a random vid i made for fun lol
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another sister rant
me and hayley ranting lol
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The Tomorrow Children loading bay monster
Spend most your time loading. This guys having a bad day and had fun destroying our pile .............-_-! THE TOMORROW CHILDREN https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUSA00807_00
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animal crossing with anouying sister part 1
i was TRYING to play this to show everyone but i had someone in the background winding me up i ignnored her as i dident want my voice recorded so she got pissed off with me part 2 is more funny lol
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my first reborn! (Girl)
well this is my first reborn i named her kishi its japanese , meens , long happy life she arrived yesterday i think shes really cute the little blanket shes in dident come with her , that was mine when i was a baby and the clothes shown i bought myself everything she was whereing in the vid she came with love her or hate her its your opinion but i just love her yes its a doll and no its not a toy my sisters have poked her so far and its already anouyed me as she is quite delicate anyway hope u like the vid feel free to leve comments oh yer the hammy in it thats my dwarf hammy bella shes also new to our family aswell lol byeeeeeeeeeee
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my first time in jade dynasty
well ok i was just messing around for a bit i have 2 charaters yorda and sisen yorda is traped at the moment in a area that keeps freezeing so i had to use this girl for a bit, i joined 2 days ago and im on lv 7 already on both charaters i think its a great game although it does take alot of space on your computer drive anway hope u like the vid feel free to comment song called chinese pursuer *goes back to play jade dynasty*
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