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Jinx 3 item ADC Season 7 vs Cait. 80% win rate.
My jinx build. I always go those first 3 items. After that, it's all necessity. I usually don't build MR on Jinx unless absolutely necessary like in this vid. I usually pick up GA after Lord Dominiks. Jinx can win any game as long as you stay chill and farm it out. I use the same runes and masteries on Xayah. Runes: Armor yellows, AD reds, MR blues, AS quints. Masteries: Ferocity: 5 Fury, Feast, 5 Vampirism, Bounty Hunter, 5 Battering Blows, Fervor of Battle Cunning: 5 Savagery, Secret Stash, 5 Merciless, Dangerous Game. I know I am far from perfect. Leave any suggestions/questions below! GL HF!
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Roze and Tie in AB
us in AB
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Ashe Plays
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One Night in Zul'Aman
LOL at Ziin! One of our Healadins got knocked into Halazzi somehow. Shes next to my Omen window. Light blue haired Draenei.
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