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my story
here is a transcript of what i am saying Also subtitles are now available :) If you guys find it in your hearts please donate to my Gender confirmation surgery any little bit helps :) https://www.gofundme.com/nzuxt8js My name is Kayla Taylor I am 21 years old and I am transgender, I have always struggled with who I was, from my earliest memory I knew I was not a boy. I never like boy things and was always playing with the girls in school. This did not seam like a problem until middle school. Fag Gay Monkey boy Thing These are only a few of the names I was called. I went home every day and locked myself in my room, and laid in my bed crying wondering what was wrong with me. I had no friends No life No love At 15 I tired my first suicide attempt with some of my moms sleeping pills It did not work and no one even noticed I had tried. I became completely withdraw I stopped feeling Two years later I was kicked out of my parents home They thought I was gay Some good friends took me into there family They adopted me For the first time in my life I felt like I had a place I belonged I still felt wrong in my own body but I had learned to ignore this I started college one year latter and began to live on my own While I was doing research for a paper I came across the term transgender The more I read the more I realized that this is what was wrong This is why I never felt like my self and others felt the same It took me another 2 years before I finally came out to my new family They told me that god does not make mistakes and if I went down this road I would lose them. I was torn apart how could I be happy with transitioning if I would lose the people I loved so much. How could I turn my back on my faith I became extremely depressed and began skipping meals And when I did eat I would through it back up…. I felt discussed with my body And some how I could no longer bury my feelings. I decided that there was only one choice left I chose to take my life I knew that if I lived I wouldn’t be able to stop my self from transitioning And that in the long run my death would hurt those I cared about less I drove myself to an empty parking lot and with tears in my eyes took 400 over the counter sleeping pills 1 ½ weeks latter I woke up from a coma in the hospital the first thing I saw was my adoptive family standing over me with tears in there eyes they told me that they loved me that they might not understand but they would try that I was to important to them to lose so pointlessly I am still struggling And they still have a hard time fully supporting me But they are trying Life does get better so hold on And never forget that there is some one who cares. I do not own the music in video, it is by skillet. 1. would it matter 2. yours to hold
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My 7 month transition time line
time line of my time on hormone replacement
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Hrt update and hb2
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Srs vlog day 1
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Trans rant & hrt week 3
rant about people being horrible to trans girls and hrt week 3 update
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Update !!! :)
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hormones update HRT
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Pulse orlando and other stuf
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Coming out parents..... hormone update month 7.5
hormone update and my parents reaction to me coming out.
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Enough (original song)
Original piano composition
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pronouns ?!
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SH*t Transgirls Say
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Trans Girl Reacts to Old Boy Photos
me reacting to old photos of me before i transitioned
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Week 1 HRT MTF
My first Week on HRT
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Dear America(open letter to all Americans)
Hi guys sorry about the late upload. i had an exam this week so i was to busy. anyway i hope you enjoy the video.
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mental health
sorry i kinda look like shit in this vid... didnt feel like doing makeup.
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What the F*ck America
All hail overlord trump :|
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Transparents 101
info for parents
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Two Genders ?
response to Jacklyn Glens video on two genders
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No trannys allowed
Vent about Trump's new trans phobic policy
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Im not a bigot, really ! (Story time video)
Transgender story time.... coming out....
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