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Lit - Koe no Katachi | Crappy Piano Cover
This time i played on a piano in my school, and my friend helped with recording. It sounds better, but my friend's smartphone has bad quality for recording... unfortunately i dont think i can upload video's on this piano often.
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Yumetourou - Radwimps | Pretty Good Piano Cover
Sorry for the camera shake, I might have to get a tripod to fix it
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Nandemonaiya - Radwimps | Pretty Good Piano Cover
It took me about 2 weeks to learn this song, I had a hard time doing it while recording due to me being nervous ._. I made a few mistakes in this song, sorry!
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Dear You - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni | Crappy Piano Cover
Im sorry for messing up the end, playing a song while recording makes me nervous because I have to focus on doing everything perfect ;(
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Zen Zen Zense - Radwimps - Improved version | Pretty good piano cover
I played on a different piano this time. I made a few mistakes, sorry!
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Secret Base - Anohana | Pretty Good Piano Cover
I havent uploaded in a while, but here is a new video 😊
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Agario Livestream: Lets kill them all!
Lets own this server guys!
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My Confession - Dan Salvato | Crappy Piano Cover
I slightly messed up the end, im so sorry, but i already tried doing this perfect for about an hour and it just doesnt work..
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