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Unboxing and buying a single 100 oz Scottsdale Stacker .999 silver bar? That's silly!
They are called "stacker" bars for a reason: so they stack with each other! After making the last unboxing video, I realized it was silly to just buy 1 because that defeats the purpose of it being a "stacker" bar...so I had to buy a 2nd!
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*UPDATE* Unboxing 2x Trivium Silver Shield proof rounds NOT  .999 silver!
Looks like I'm not the only one that tested these rounds and found they were NOT .999 silver. YouTube member "all is one now" shows the same results I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I62lMYrz1NI&feature=youtu.be So...does that mean his Sigma tester is also "defective"? Feb 2018 UPDATE: I returned these and got a full refund for both rounds. I will avoid anything made by the Mulligan Mint and I susgest you do too. Like MrMonkeySwag96 said, as long as you buy any of the other Trivium rounds that weren't minted at Mulligan Mint you should be getting a genuine and correct purity product so don't me afraid to purchase any of the other Trivium rounds.
Uncirculated 1884 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar careful unboxing and care tips 04/01/18
This video is only for serious coin collectors who value and treasure the rare Carson City Morgan Silver dollar. If that's you, be sure to watch the entire video because I know you'll love it! Triggered? You're welcome.
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Mighty Car Mods latest episode featured 3 of my fanking pics, 1 was Fank Of The Week lol! 180917
My 3 pics are at 0:31, 4:01, and 4:53. I was shoping at Albertsons and saw 7 different items so I figured I'd take pics of them and send them in to Mighty Car Mods to see if they liked them. Apparently they really liked them! I do not own this video nor do I make any claims to it's ownership. It is a clip from Mighty Car Mods latest episode from Sept 17th 2018.
22min drive to Tacos Mexico in Las Vegas + stupid & bad drivers
I just got Beachbum Shipwreck's 3 pack of hot sauces (this was mid April'17) and had to grab the best authentic Mexican Tacos I could find at a restaurant that was still open. This is my food story. No names and places have been changed to not protect any of the non-innocent stupid drivers caught on dashcam.
15min review of Beachbum's 3 delicious hot sauces on Tacos Mexico tacos!
After braving over 30mins of Las Vegas traffic and stupid drivers trying to wreck me, I made it back home safely to review Beachbum Shipwreck's 3 hot sauces I just got in the mail this afternoon! This review was recorded mid April'17 but I couldn't post it until now due to unforseen circumstances at my house which were solved by evicting the crazy tenant. Now I can resume normal activities like recording and uploading videos and without worrying about all my stuff being stolen or vandalized in my own house lol!
PUBG 181005 A_Total_Noob taking last circle blue damage FTW lol!
I employ a new next-level gamer strat by taking insane last circle blue damage and still win without getting a single kill...and ThickAssBitch helped a little too.
Some Pit Bullion silver collection and NEW limited edition silver dice!
***All 10 already sold. Not making more at this time because they take 12hrs per pair to complete.*** However, I would make another set if the right trade came along for an item or items I really wanted.
PUBG 181218 A_Total_Noob duo chute bug thanks to patch #24, but first grenade kill win!
PUBG releases patch #24 to fix bugs but of course creates more bugs in the process. Now I can only dive straight down and you can see me trying to press literally every button possible to stop the dive but nothing works. My teammate turns around to land near me and we decide to try to make the best of it. I'd say a chicken dinner was definitely "making the best of it"!
PUBG 180907 A_Total_Noob, random squad. YRGX90 w/M416 sprays me nearly point blank but I don't die?
I squad with a random bunch of idiots who all get picked off individually in the first minute because they didn't drop on my mark and instead all dropped separately. I have to figure out a way to take out an entire team by myself so I become a sneaky snake on a hilltop taking out all 3 guys, but I end of getting 3rd party'ed by a guy blindly tossing grenades who gets lucky with 1.
PUBG 180829 A_Total_Noob SA server, squad, 7 kills, 6 knocks, teammate commits suicide lol
I decided to play on the SA server because the damn NA server was nothing but Chinese people who didn't speak any English which obviously makes for poor team communication, and I ended up nearly doubling my previous record of 4 kills in 1 game with a squad of decent players with good communication and tactics but were just bad shots lol!
PUBG 180912 A_Total_Noob ramdom squad w/KINGOFNOOBS447, MiTiSx, Crustis, cruising in the new TukTuk!
I played a random squad and ended up being matched with 3 pretty decent guys with great communication and tactics. We worked as a team far better than the average PUBG idiots you usually see in great abundance. We go cruising in the new 3-passenger TukTuk, blow up someone else's TukTuk, I own some guy with my Vector, and we smoke an entire squad that pulled up on us in a pickup truck.
PUBG 181014 A_Total_Noob deleted Kim Kardashian with a grenade for a chicken dinner!
We loot Lakawi, roam the hillsides, I shoot a dead guy that looked alive, and we camp in a house for the last 1/3 of the game where I kill Kiim Kardashian and her teammate with a well-aimed double-grenade kill, but the last guy was good and knocked both my teammates so I had to Vector the crap out of his lvl 3 armor for the chicken dinner! Have I mentioned how much I love the Vector?
PUBG 180904 A_Total_Noob duo with ThickAssBitch  Don't trade items in the open! I avenge him!
ThickAssBitch drops some loot for me in a wide open field at the bottom of a hill and of course we end up get sprayed by a squad of 3 guys while we're standing there like moronic mannequins. Amazingly I barely get to cover with 10% HP but ThickAssBitch ins't so lucky and he dies just at the blue zone hits us. I end up running about 1.5km into the circle with about 2% HP left, manage to heal, then I camp a hilltop waiting for the squad that killed my team mate...and I destroy them all!
PUBG 181005 A_Total_Noob terrible start, but I carry the team to a chicken dinner!
Terrible start dropping at Camp Bravo where 3 out of 4 of our squad gets knocked all at once, but F_zzssry pulls out a clutch squad wipe and revives 2 of us just in time. My squad was taking heat trying to cross the river so I flank the shooter and Late game we encounter a mountain full of really good snipers who kill all my squad except me and I have to figure out a way to beat the last 3 squads who are all much better shots than I am. That's when it hits me: Let them all kill each other then just surprise the last guy standing to win it!
PUBG 181009 A_Total_Noob clutch Vector vs AK & AUG for the chicken dinner!
We drop Ruins for the first time and strangely no one was there? A squad tries to come in shortly after we land but my squad lays down supressing fire and I flank them with my SKS and not only knock 3 of them, but I also 1/2 knock my teammate ThickAssBitch by accident lol! I then flank and I perform a durability test on turtlewirtle's lvl 1 helmet with my SKS, surprise CooterBizkit with my Vector when he tries to flank me, show dullest_crayon how good a Vector is vs his M416 point blank, and take out turtlewirtle with only a bush for cover and I take almost no damage for the no-heal squad wipe. We end up going 3-on-3 at the end and I pull out the clutch point-blank double Vector kills against an AK and AUG with lvl 3 armor for the win. I don't understand why most people still think this gun sucks?