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Sleepover Fun: Truth or Dare Time!
She chose dare!
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Grell Sutcliff Voice Impression Kuroshitsuji
Hey guys! I feel like crap, but I'll get over it. Head lice SUCKS! Tahler's video: https://youtu.be/tUeg7Lj0gjy Everyone yell at Tahler and tell her to stop using my stuff( lol not really I'll figure it out be nice to her she's newer to this than I am)
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Undertale Part 1- SO HAPPY!!!!!
Me freaking out because of undertale!
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Try Not To Laugh Challenge ft. Jonas!
The LONGEST video I've ever made, but oh well. Warning: crazy hair alert! Just bare with me for now, I'll have something better up as soon as I can.
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My First Gaming Video!!!- Agar.IO
I know I sound like an idiot, I just don't care.
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Mannequin Challenge!
Was after school with friends and were on our way home.
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The End of This Channel
Just watch the video.
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My wierdo cousin
What happens during sleepovers, stays on youtube. :p
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Nerdy B-day Party Fun: Watching a Ukrainian Dance
Was just going through the pictures and videos on my tablet and found this from my 13th B-day party. I do not claim to own the song nor the dance, but my friend Kathryn knew it and wanted to show me/teach me. This is her doing the dance herself. The song being played in this video is called "Dancing Lasha Tumbai" and belongs not to me, but to Verka Serduchka. Happy viewing!
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Getting To Know My Subscribers
Idfk, I was just bored and realized that I have a working tablet to make videos with. Can't wait to get to know u guys!
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Free Blanket For Anyone Who Needs it
Hey guys! Don't forget to like and subscribe! I hope this blanket can make someone in need very happy. Facebook: Aubrey Tyler Gmail: [email protected] If you know someone who needs this blanket or you need this blanket, please contact me at the websites above. If you want to see a pic of it, go to my facebook page. BYEEEEEEEE!
The Wild Zoe - A Documentary XD
We braved the wild Zoe today!
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Hey guys! There may not be many of ya but I'm amazed I have as many of you as I do. Happy New Year to all of you and may 2017 be full of promise! Congatulations Wulph Pack! BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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Video Gap Update!!!
Sorry for not making a video in a couple weeks. This is just a little update. I'm out of town rn, but I will make a video when I get back home, which may be a couple weeks yet, so don't wait up for me! Also, welcome our new subscriber "rose_guard snowmenv.s."!!!
Promoting "Our Story" Part 1
Just started a Septiplier on Wattpad!
Chubby Bunny Challenge With Zoe Granville!!!
Had TONS of fun making this! Go check out Zoe ! My Social Medias ~Zoe Youtube ~ ZoeEthiwRawberry {Arts & Gaming} Devaintart~ ZoeGranvilleDraws Wattpad ~ Rugrats4Life SnapChat~zoeship1008 Facebook~Zoe Granville ^w^ We Had Fun I was screaming XD~Zoe
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Mini Update From My Grandpa's!
Was watching Matt and Amanda when I realised I haven't made a video in awhile. Love my new sewing machine!!!
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Wolph Wednesdays
Finally figured out a schedule!
Try Not to Laugh Challenge Part 2 ft. Brady!
Boredom at it's finest! Enjoy! BYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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