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FML / by TheLandzaat
sup , uploaded this just to say im alive XD as you know im saving clips so im kinda inactive. please thumbs up , comment and fave. be sure to subscribe to the amazing editor www.youtube.com/user/TheLandzaat
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Why we eXist ep.2 | joined OS
sup guys , finally i uploaded a new ep :) sorry i was inactive for so long . i joined OS clan , and this is my "presentation" ep , some clips are really old , and some of the good one were renderend wrong so they couldnt get in. but still , i hope you like it , please leave a comment and like , just to keep me motivated. Amazing editor : http://www.youtube.com/user/SalvationEdits?feature=watch sub im if you like his edits , he is really amazing and underrated. song: Heartist - Where Did I Go Wrong?
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Mah best mw3 one in the chamber evar.
y0 , just decided to upload this cuz it was a very good and fast paced game, flawless and with almost 100% acuracy, if you dont like it just say and i will never post this kind of gameplay again :D
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Luck changes at the blink of an eye | by  SalvationEdits
y0 , decided to upload this because this was a preaty sick game , which one of you guys have ever hit 2 no scope cross map kills and 3 hitmarkers in the same game :D also , if you liked the edit be sure to sub the editor www.youtube.com/user/salvationedits
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TraMa Challange Ep. 19 | Existance
nothing special, i was just messin' arround in private.. like for parkour? :d
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cod 4 OCE | by TheLandzaat
Please sub , like , coment and fav for this crasy epic cod 4 OCE , edited by TheLandzaat. editor : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLandzaat
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Draven Quadra
tyler1 senpai plz notice me and my wood 43 mechanics ^_^ Also sorry for shit quality , used a web replay thingy didnt have playsTV active today
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