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Otayuri- drunk texts (episode 1)
Otabek decided to chat with Yuri at the wrong time...
Views: 1784 Link Hylia
Otayuri- next day regrets (episode 2)
The next day Otabek reads over his horrifically embarrassing texts and is forced to confess his true feelings to Yuri
Views: 334 Link Hylia
Otayuri- Viktor talks to Otabek (episode 7)
After his unpleasant conversation over text with his crush; Yuri reaches out to Viktor Nikiforov to talk to. Viktor talks to Otabek to work things out.
Views: 222 Link Hylia
Otayuri-second thoughts(episode 3)
Otabek is having second thoughts on what Yuri has been dreaming of...
Views: 209 Link Hylia
Otayuri- Yuri talks to Viktor (episode 6)
After episode 5 Yuri decides to talk out his feelings with Viktor
Views: 199 Link Hylia
Otayuri texting story (part 8 FINALLY)
I have been gone for a little while. But I have gotten so many requests for the next part of this series so I decided to download the app again and continue the story. Thank you all for the support ❤
Views: 166 Link Hylia
Voltron memes because I stayed home from school
memes I made because why not
Views: 97 Link Hylia
Klance- Confess your love
Love is in the air... Sometimes it's hard to come to peace with it...
Views: 23 Link Hylia

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