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All about Lolita fashion styls part 1
all about the lolita Fashion style! and pictures! all the credit goes to the http://www.lolitafashion.org/ site! picturs from google and the site! if you want more information about the lolita fashion enter the site!
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sweet lolita-strawberry in summer
sweet lolita in the clip strawberry in summer
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Lolita Tribute
this is a lolita Tribute i did . mana sama,kanon wakashima,Vampire Night,Loli Goth,Sweet lolita,Fruits lolita, anime lolita girls. all my favorite stuff!! ___________________________ about the lolita styls.~ ----------------------- there is 16 typs of lolita. -Gothic lolita -sweet lolita -casual lolita -Hime lolita -(white)Shiro lolita -(black) Kuro lolita -clasic lolita -country Lolita( fruits and more) -sailor lolita -Wa lolita(kimono style) -Guro lolita -Punk lolita -Ero lolita(like misa type ) -cosplay lolita -Kodona(ouji lolita) ouji means prince -Aristocrat lolita for more info about the lolita fashion and nore info about the japanese youth fashion www.lolitafashion.org
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Aishiteru[Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou]-Cover_Mimu
Im singing this Cover but the Video made by xLucidSky! DISCLAIMER : I do not claim ownership on the contents shown in this video. All lyrics and music belong to their rightful owner(im only doing cover). My videos are created only for entertainment purposes.
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All about Lolita fashion part 2
all about lolita fashion! and pictures credits : http://www.freewebs.com/lovely-neko/ http://www.lolitafashion.org/ pics from photobucket and google if you want more information about the lolita fashion enter the sites!
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באנקה סאי-כנס קיץ 2010
26.8.2010 Anime convention Israel. enjoy ^_~
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Suzumiya Haruhi no yuutsu Bouken Desho Desho Mimu VERSion
this song was hard to sing. OO _________________________ |♫| Romaji Lyrics |♫| Kotae wa itsumo watashi no mune ni... Nande daro anata wo eranda watashi desu Mou tomaranai unmei sama kara kimerareta kedo I believe mane dake ja tsumaranai no You'll be right! Kanjiru mama kanjiru koto dake o suru yo Bouken desho desho!? HONTO ga uso ni kawaru sekai de Yume ga aru kara tsuyoku naru no yo dare no tame janai Issho ni kite kudasai Doko made mo jiyuu na watashi wo mite yo ne Ashita kako ni natta kyou no ima ga kiseki I believe you... Modorenai toko made ikanakya tsumannai Saa oshiete himeteru negai wo kagami ni nageta My delight karada goto uketometara Your mind fly! Odorokasete odoroite egao ni narou Hajimari desho desho!? KIREI ga yami wo terasu mitai ni Watashi no chikara anata no namida docchi mo tadashii no Genjitsu ni yureru sensai na kokoro ga Kizutsuku no wa IYA Omoimashita itsumo itsumo mune no oku ni Kotae ga... Futsuu janai no ga touzen nara Kotaeru watashi wa nani ga dekiru? Futsuu demo futsuu janakute Kanjiru mama kanjiru koto dake wo suru yo Bouken desho desho!? HONTO ga uso ni kawaru sekai de Yume ga aru kara tsuyoku naru no yo dare no tame janai Hajimari desho hajimari nandesho!? Kirei ga yami wo terasu mitai ni Watashi to anata bouken no tochuu Issho ni susundeku doko made mo jiyuu ni Genjitsu wo koete Ashita kako ni natta kyou no ima ga kiseki Tashikana mirai wo Tsukamou mirai wo I believe you... |♫| English Lyrics |♫| The answer is always in my heart Why? I, who chose you, It was decided by my dear destiny that wont stop anymore I believe, That just mimicking someone is boring You'll be right! I'll only do the things that I can feel, as I feel them It's an adventure, right, right?! In the world where truths turn into lies, I'll become strong because dreams exist, not for someones sake Please come with me, Look at the endlessly free me, The present of today when tomorrow became the past is a miracle, I believe you It's boring if I don't go to a place of no return C'mon, tell me; I threw my hidden wish into the mirror My delight, if I accept it with my entire body Your mind fly! I'll make you surprised, then I'll be surprised, and well smile It's the beginning, right? Right?! Like beauty shining on darkness My strength and your tears, either is justified The delicate heart that wavers in reality Doesn't want to get hurt I've thought that its always, always, in the depths of my heart The answer is If it's expected to be abnormal Then what can I, who answer, do? It's normal but abnormal I'll only do the things that I can feel, as I feel them It's an adventure, right? Right?! In the world where truths turn into lies I'll become strong because dreams exist, not for someones sake It's the beginning, right? The beginning, right?! Like beauty shining on darkness, midway on the adventure of me and you We'll advance together, and endlessly and freely Overcome reality The present of today when tomorrow became the past is a miracle The definite future Let's grasp the future I believe you.
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Hare hare yukai Mimu
Mimu-Desu Talking . in this Video you can see me dancing the famous Dance from The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya-Hare Hare yukai. enjoy! and comment onegaishimasu
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Galaxias! cover-Mimu
Galaxias! Dance cover-Mimu Hay Guys it's been so long =D i Decided To learn some Dances cuz now I'm on my Summer Break after a long University study year as a Freshman. i Hope u like it ! Sorry about My rusty Skills here ! The song is Danceroid Girl Group Choreography ^_^ Enjoy
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Hare hare yukai in France in the Arc de Triumph site
im dencing in france XP
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neko  girls part 1-mimuza's webcam recorded Video
mimuza's webcam recorded Video - June 15, 2009, 06:56 AM -me draing neko girls.
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Renai Circulation Dance-Mimu
Hey guys its been a while! i know i look here very serious but that was because i was nervous during the shooting O_O~ very sorry about it ~_~. Thank you for watching!! until next upload see ya =D
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True Tears Reflectia Mimu
please go easy on me Enjoy ^^ True tears-op by me. lyrics: Niji iro no kairo ni Musuu no kotoba tachi Hanbun dake demo Koko naraba susunde yukeru Totsuzen no merodii Mata kasoku shite yuku Kokoro o tsukanda Hitohira no kage mo keshisaru Manazashi kira kira Amari ookikunai michi demo ii ne Soushite Kakedasu tobikomu kiseki e Miageru te wo furu hikari e Tomaranai kimochi wo tsunaide yuku Rifurekutia Yurameku chikazuku ashite e Kanaderu yumemiru mirai e Massara na sora doko made mo tsurete Namida no owari aizu ni translation: The endless words Even if its only half, in the rainbow circuit I can move on, if its from here The sudden melody began accelerating again Erasing a petals shadow That grasped its heart The gaze twinkles Its okay even if the path is small And then, start running, jump into the miracle Looking up, waving to the light Connecting the unstoppable feelings Reflectia The wavering tomorrow that gets closer Ringing the future dreamt of Taking the clear sky along to wherever With the tears ending as a signal
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S4 League- Nobody/ Wonder girls Dance
I'm bored =D
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In the End -Ipod Piano
fooling aroung with my I-pod =D
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♫Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai♫(Mimu cover)
sorry for bad quality T^T` This video is not mine! right reserved to the creators! im only singing!
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[CC]Mimuza playing halo
Just practicing with the sniper.
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Cami 2014 כאמ"י
Sorry for the bad Quality =]
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Mimu You are my love
Song-You are my love from Tsubasa chronicles. lyrics:ame ni nureta hoho wa namida no nioi ga shita yasashii manazashi no tabibito shizuka ni hibiiteru natsukashii ongaku omoidasenai kioku samayou yume wa tobitatsu no chiisana tsubasa de omoi no kienai basho made futari de tooi umi wo sora wo koete kurai yoru no naka de watashi wo terashiteru yasashii manazashi no anata ni aitai...
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kyuketsuki couple Speedy Line art
http://ibispaint.com/art/829835238/ Visit My Deviantart if u intrested in my Art =D: http://mimuza.deviantart.com/
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Epik high-one
epik high-one cool mv X3 hope u like it!
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S4 League Mine playing for first time
Here My video testing of overwolf progrem in the new game I downloaded S4Legue.
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Caramelldancen =D
OO` My friends and me guffing around in my neighborhood in the night ಠoಠ ... XD it was in 2-3 AM? lol.
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Disneyland part 2 !!!
part 2 of the disney parade videos my dad took. enjoy.
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GO MY WAY - idolm@ster - Kami Con Israel 2009
The video is not mine! i just dancing in this one! OO` i'm the Gothic Lolita in the left.! the video is MichDesu's!
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Disneyland part 1 !!!
the videos my dad took in disneyland in the disney parade.
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DragonBall XenoVerse- 1'st Summoning Shenron
I Collected all 7 Dragon Balls for 3-4 Hours, main quests I got the balls from: quest number #2 – “Prepare for the Attack of the Saiyans!”: Hidden condition 1: less then 5 min Hidden condition 2: Defeat Goku - U should Deafet first Yamcha, Tien and last Krilin up until 4:38-4:30 seconds, after wards an patroller in training should appear, win him and hope for getting Key item after the first Material Item that appears. Second quest: #15 – “Explosion of Namek”: Hidden Condition 1: less then 3 min Hidden Condition 2: Defeat Time Patroller in Training Same Instructions. Hope for the Time parolleer to appear, same with the Key item, the system game Randomize the loots and npc's so be patient. Main word here is Grinding. Hope this guide helped ya'll. thanks 4 watching. Peace out.
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Coloring Process OC Chisa by Mimuza
I'm Using here Simple Staedtler Color pencils =D, This the hair coloring part. Visit me please in mimuza.deviantart.com =3. Thanks for watching!
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Be myself -Mimu from Macros Frontier
its me singing the song "Be mysel"f megumi's nakajima song. from the anime "Macros Frontier".
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some of my drawings X3..
amm with my bad skill with the camera O.O`` i took video of some of my drawings X.X`` XP the last draw in the video i did yesterday ,fan art of the manga princess Ai. amm anyway enjoy.(sorry X.X you can hear my perents argueing and my little bro going crazy XDD) song:Mecha Macho boom Artist:Gyaruru.
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Seikan Hikou-Mimu
this is suckish X.X gomen
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Aa!First kiss Mimu cover
amm this is my cover for Aa! -First kiss. the quality of the recording is not good ,but this is only i can do. enjoy guys. and thx for listening!
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Lilium(music box)- Mimu cover
thank you for listening!
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