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Makeovers of BNTM 12 Tribute I don't give a shit Louisa
Georgia Mason-Mottram The top ten get amazing makeovers. Alisia Grant Britains Next top model Tamsin Hough Efi Muntoni-Clements Shaunagh Slattery Louisa Northcote Martha Miller Cirrah Leah Webb Sophia Chawki Kira MacLean Eleanor Sippings Ivy Watson
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Winner of BNTM 12 Tribute Eleanor Sippings - No Boundaries
Queen of the show def should have won. She can be Commercial, Edgy, High End, Glamour. Future World Leader. She got both eyes on the prize. Britains Next top model cycle 12.
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Legend of BNTM 12 Tribute Alisia Grant
Britains next top model icon. Abbey clancey step back a new bitch is in town. Love and light. Georgia Mason-Mottram Alisia Grant Tamsin Hough Efi Muntoni-Clements Shaunagh Slattery Louisa Northcote Martha Miller Cirrah Leah Webb Sophia Chawki Kira MacLean Eleanor Sippings Ivy Watson
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Sims 4 Pinkie Pie fun
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Cookie Monster DS
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Bride Dances with Mother with Cancer   God Bless
What does end-of-life care mean for people who have cancer? When a cancer patient’s health care team determines that the cancer can no longer be controlled, medical testing and cancer treatment often stop. But the person’s care continues, with an emphasis on improving their quality of life and that of their loved ones, and making them comfortable for the following weeks or months. Medicines and treatments people receive at the end of life can control pain and other symptoms, such as constipation, nausea, and shortness of breath. Some people remain at home while receiving these treatments, whereas others enter a hospital or other facility. Either way, services are available to help patients and their families with the medical, psychological, social, and spiritual issues around dying. Hospice programs are the most comprehensive and coordinated providers of these services. The period at the end of life is different for each person. The signs and symptoms people have vary as their illness continues, and each person has unique needs for information and support. Questions and concerns that family members have about the end of life should be discussed with each other, as well as with the health care team, as they arise. Communication about end-of-life care and decision making during the final months of a person’s life are very important. Research has shown that if a person who has advanced cancer discusses his or her options for care with a doctor early on, that person’s level of stress decreases and their ability to cope with illness increases. Studies also show that patients prefer an open and honest conversation with their doctor about choices for end-of-life care early in the course of their disease, and are more satisfied when they have this talk. Experts strongly encourage patients to complete advance directives, which are documents stating a person’s wishes for care. They also designate who the patient chooses as the decision-maker for their care when they are unable to decide. It’s important for people with cancer to have these decisions made before they become too sick to make them. However, if a person does become too sick before they have completed an advance directive, it’s helpful for family caregivers to know what type of care their loved one would want to receive. More information about advance directives can be found below in the Related Resources section of this fact sheet. How do doctors know how long a person will continue to live? Patients and their family members often want to know how long a person who has cancer will continue to live. It’s normal to want to be prepared for the future. But predicting how long someone will continue to live is a hard question to answer. A number of factors, including the type of cancer, its location, and whether the patient has other illnesses, can affect what will happen. The patient is in pain that is not relieved by the prescribed dose of pain medication. The patient is experiencing onset of new symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, increasing confusion, anxiety or restlessness. The patient is experiencing symptoms that were previously well controlled. The patient shows discomfort, such as by grimacing or moaning. The patient is having trouble breathing and seems upset. The patient is unable to urinate or empty the bowels. The patient has fallen. The patient is very depressed or talking about committing suicide. The caregiver has difficulty giving medicines to the patient. The caregiver is overwhelmed by caring for the patient, is too sad, or is afraid to be with the patient. The caregiver doesn’t know how to handle a certain situation. Keep in mind that palliative care experts can be called upon by the patient’s physician at any point in the person’s illness to help with these issues. They are increasingly available not only in the hospital, but also in the outpatient setting. When is the right time to use hospice care? Many people believe that hospice care is only appropriate in the last days or weeks of life. Yet Medicare states that it can be used as much as 6 months before death is anticipated. And those who have lost loved ones say that they wish they had called in hospice care sooner.
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Final information session Sainte Anne University
Sad show I loved everyone there.
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Countess Mother of the bride speech 2017
Mother talks on Soobways behalf and promotes her and the wedding as well love, and light baby. Hope the best for her and the future also the baby.
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Le Reine Sainte Anne Universite' Sammi 2017
20:04 My David song 24:53 my man causing confusion Not my video, but nice to have it here so than/then I can show anyone, and everyone. I loved all the clips in the movie.
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Angelica Tribute
Queen from the rugrats series and the only relavant one.
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Left 4 dead mickey
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Hale Family Speeches 2016
One of the unofficial slogans of the Trump era — besides “grab ‘em by the you-know-what” and Rudy Giuliani’s recent “truth isn’t truth”— is “nothing matters” (sometimes preceded by a nihilistic “lol”). Donald Trump flouts the Constitution, raking in money from supplicants who curry favor with him by patronizing his gaudy hotels. Congress is silent. The president’s commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, was accused of effectively stealing more than $120 million in various schemes — Forbes described him as possibly one of the “biggest grifters in American history.” It barely registered in the headlines. ProPublica reported that a trio of random Trump cronies with neither military nor government experience is secretly running the Veterans Affairs Department out of Mar-a-Lago. Republicans have made no plans for hearings. The president’s former lawyer testified that Trump directed him to commit felonies to cover up alleged affairs before the election. The shock lasted about 48 hours. This culture of impunity is less a result of Trump’s political skill — he’s deeply unpopular — than of one-party rule. The majority of voters want a check on this administration, but the Republican Party doesn’t care; it’s beholden to a minority that delights in the helplessness of fellow citizens. If Democrats take the House in the November midterms — which the model of the statistics website FiveThirtyEight gives them about a 70 percent chance of doing — that helplessness ends. Contrary to Republican claims, there are no Democratic plans for imminent impeachment proceedings. But there will be subpoenas, hearings and investigations. Things that haven’t mattered for the past 19 months suddenly will. On Sunday, Axios reported that Republicans are circulating a spreadsheet of investigations that House Democrats could undertake should they take control of the chamber. It was compiled by cataloging Democratic requests for documents and interviews that Republicans previously ignored, and it doesn’t necessarily tell Republicans much about Democratic priorities. Still, Republicans are right to be worried. Democrats who are likely to head key committees say they aren’t planning revenge; it’s important to them to show that they can govern. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, wants to make sure Democrats emphasize bread-and-butter issues like the rise in prescription drug prices. “One thing I’m not looking for is retribution,” he told me. “I’m just trying to get to regular order, I swear to God.” But regular order entails a level of accountability that the Trump administration has never faced. Adam Schiff, who is poised to lead the House Intelligence Committee if Democrats win a majority, plans to renew the committee’s investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election. (He insists that for Democrats, the investigation never stopped.) Schiff said he’ll look at the work being done by Robert Mueller, the special counsel, and by the Senate Intelligence Committee, and figure out where the gaps might be. “One that I would put as very important is the issue of whether the Russians were laundering money through the Trump Organization,” he said. If Democrats prevail in November, his committee won’t be the only one examining Trump’s finances. Under a rarely used 1924 law passed after the Teapot Dome scandal, leaders of three congressional committees — the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee and the Joint Committee on Taxation — can each demand to see the president’s tax returns. “You’re not going to find out whether this president put the United States in jeopardy because of his financial dealings unless you get his tax returns,” said Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., who sits on the Ways and Means Committee and has made obtaining Trump’s tax returns a signature issue. This month, after the ProPublica revelation that Mar-a-Lago members were dictating Veterans Affairs policy, House Democrats Julia Brownley and Annie Kuster wrote a letter calling for an investigation by the department’s inspector general. “Taxpayers want to know that their tax dollars are going to high-quality care for our nation’s heroes, not to line the pockets or egos of President Trump’s billionaire boys club,” Brownley said at the time. In a Democratic House, Brownley and Kuster would be in line to run key Veterans Affairs subcommittees, where they’ll be in a position to demand answers. “The goal, obviously, will be to get to the truth,” said Brownley.
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Shark lee hunting Farcry 3 Remind me of someone.
A 26-year-old man from Revere died after being attacked by a shark in the waters off Cape Cod on Saturday afternoon, Massachusetts State Police said. The man succumbed to his injuries following the attack in the waters about 300 yards south of Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet just after noon Saturday. Authorities identified the victim as Arthur Medici of Revere. Friends say Medici was born and raised in Brazil and came to the United States two years ago to go to college. They describe the 26-year-old as sweet and humble. WCVB-TV Family photo Arthur Medici His friends say Medici loved to surf and was at the beach with his girlfriend's brother Saturday afternoon when the shark attack happened. First responders performed CPR on Medici on the beach after the bite before he was transported to Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, where he was pronounced dead. State police and the Cape Cod District Attorney's office are handling the investigation. The Truro Police Department said all ocean side beaches in Truro will be closed to swimming until further notice. "Today is just keeping everyone out of water," Wellfleet Police Lt. Michael Hurley said. "There'll be a determination later about what the town wants to do with the beaches going forward." Play Video This was the second shark attack on Cape Cod this summer and the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936. Video from the scene immediately after the attack showed dozens of people working to help Medici, carrying him from the beach to the parking lot where an ambulance was waiting. Sky 5 spotted a number of sharks in the water off the beach about two hours after the attack was first reported. Seals were also spotted swimming very close to shore. WCVB-TV WCVB The Wellfleet beach is popular with surfers, and with sunny skies and warm temperatures Saturday it was busy, even though the summer season was over and lifeguards were no longer on watch. Joe Booth, a local fisherman and surfer, said he was on shore and saw Medici and his friend boogie boarding when the attack happened. He said he saw Medici aggressively kick something behind him and a flicker of a tail from the water. Booth realized what was happening when the friend came ashore dragging his injured friend. "I was that guy on the beach screaming, 'Shark, shark!" Booth said. "It was like right out of that movie Jaws. This has turned into Amity Island real quick out here." Booth said others on the beach attempted to make a tourniquet while others frantically called 911.
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Mk8 with GG
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Alyssa Van Bye dad Speech
It's the poster characteristic of the teenager years: adolescent rebellion. And it's one that causes many conflicts with parents. Two common types of rebellion are against socially fitting in (rebellion of non-conformity) and against adult authority (rebellion of non-compliance.) In both types, rebellion attracts adult attention by offending it. The young person proudly asserts individuality from what parents like or independence of what parents want and in each case succeeds in provoking their disapproval. This is why rebellion, which is simply behavior that deliberately opposes the ruling norms or powers that be, has been given a good name by adolescents and a bad one by adults. The reason why parents usually dislike adolescent rebellion is not only that it creates more resistance to their job of providing structure, guidance, and supervision, but because rebellion can lead to serious kinds of harm. Rebellion can cause young people to rebel against their own self-interests -- rejecting childhood interests, activities, and relationships that often support self-esteem. It can cause them to engage in self-defeating and self-destructive behavior - refusing to do school work or even physically hurting themselves. It can cause them to experiment with high-risk excitement - accepting dares that as a children they would have refused. It can cause them to reject safe rules and restraints - letting impulse overrule judgment to dangerous effect. And it can cause them to injure valued relationships - pushing against those they care about and pushing them away. So adolescent rebellion is not simply a matter of parental aggravation; it is also a matter of concern. Although the young person thinks rebellion is an act of independence, it actually never is. It is really an act of dependency. Rebellion causes the young person to depend self-definition and personal conduct on doing the opposite of what other people want. That's why the antidote for rebellion is the true independence offered by creating and accepting a challenge - the young person deciding to do something hard with themselves for themselves in order to grow themselves. The teenager who finds a lot of challenges to engage with, and who has parents who support those challenges, doesn't need a lot of rebellion to transform or redefine him or herself in adolescence. To what degree a young person needs to rebel varies widely. In his fascinating book, "Born to Rebel" (1997), Frank Sulloway posits that later born children tend to rebel more than first born. Some of his reasoning is because they identify less with parents, do not want to be clones of the older child or children who went before, and give themselves more latitude to grow in nontraditional ways. So, parents may find later born children to be more rebellious. From what I have seen in counseling, rebellion tends to have different roles in a young person's growth depending in which stage of adolescence it is expressed. Stage by adolescent stage, then, here is how rebellion seems to function. REBELLION IN EARLY ADOLESCENCE (9-13). Serious rebellion typically begins at the outset of adolescence, and when it does many parents think this opposition is against them. They are usually mistaken. Rebellion is not against them; it is only acted out against them. Rebellion at this age is primarily a process through which the young person rejects the old child identity that he or she now wants to shed to clear the way for more grown up redefinition ahead. Rebellion at this early adolescent age proclaims: "I refuse to be defined and treated as a child any more!" Now he knows how he doesn't want to be, but he has yet to discover and establish how he does want to be.
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MK 8 with Marksman mous POV
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Sammi with Klonve and Sis 2 - Traitor's Castle Crashers
Pink Knight's Magic style is very similar to the very last scene of the game, where the Orange Princess, (Spoiler) now revealed to be Tricky the Clown, releases penguins, pink weasels and hearts on the screen, after interrupting the kiss. When using Pink Knight's Splash Attack, all enemies that are hit are stunned and flash peace signs for a few seconds. Pink Knight could possibly be Tricky the Clown. This is backed up by the appearance of several Meowburts during Tricky's act at the end of the game, as the NG Lollipop and Meowburt both give an Agility boost. Pink lollipopz Pink Knight's sprite All the proceeds for the Pink Knight Pack on Steam go to charity. Pink Knight is a S character (S-). Pink Knight is the only playable character to smile in the whole game, with the exception of the Civilian. Unlike the Civilian, Pink Knight maintains a smile in game. The Pink Knight is the only character to have a Magic Projectile that can critical hit. The Pink Knight's projectile magic can only be used against the Evil Wizard's red shield instead of the blue shield. Pink Knight is a fan theory / concept brought to life. Pink Knight's splash has the 2nd highest amount of hits per cast, 16 hits. Fencer and industrialist have the highest amount of hits per splash cast which would be 28 hits. In Castle Crashing the Beard, Pink Knight has no shield. Pink Artwork for the Pink Knight In Castle Crashers Remastered, Pink Knight is a starting Character. It has been confirmed by the game's artist, Dan Paladin, that Pink Knight is a sexless alien from another planet. Pink Knight's magic charging state is similar to Hatty Hattington's, but instead of gems Pink Knight unleashes hearts. Pink Knight was made to promote the fight against breast cancer. It tells you this when purchasing the DLC pack. Pink Knight is a playable character in the game Super Meat Boy™. In that game, it could perform a jump in midair and also do an "Air Flutter" jump, much like Yoshi in the Mario series. Pink Knight Pack's Description (Not the Steam Version) is a reference to Valve's Team Fortress 2's Pyro Class's Description
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Gmod Murdertime Tango
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Cam can't help falling - Spring Formal
Elvis Presley - Can't help falling in love with jew song
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David song for me - Sainte Anne moment
Friend singing about a dead friend, when I think he might be the one gone. I will always love him.
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Speech for Kaitlyn Kelly 2018
Soobway Speech featuring giraffes, air horns, memes and my two wedding proposals. From Sainte Anne
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Sainte Anne Moment - My newborn
My lady bug while working in the gardening club. This was the least hardest task where I won a plaque, but had it taken away due to my behavior in the activity.
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Oct 5 RS 2014
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Darkened School RP GMOD
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Sammi races Danny Decent
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Shyho some NYC leveiling up
marverl heroes 2015 just leveling up some people uploaded for shits and giggles watching Filipino culture while loading this/
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Shyho loves B attacks
Smash 4 I won against the king 4 times wow wii Swtich and bait
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Team Markleer PACDOG smash Wii u
Fox and falco lazers for the win. Wow wii pacman is like have a key and duckhunt is like have a can.
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Da Lee Mario Party 9 - Water World
Me - Birdo / Da Lee - Luigi / Sister - Kamek / Mario - Moxie 19:11 Sharks are so Da Lee. 22:43 Last place for too long.
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Weiner sinnging  D
Should be nekkid.
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Countess Mother of the bride speech 2017
Mother talks on Soobways behalf and promotes her and the wedding as well love, and light baby. Hope the best for her and the future also the baby.
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Lets go to the buffet omw
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Sammi speaks 2014 2
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Markleer MK8 2 Luigi's
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Sammi Thresh Dominion
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Sammi and Garrys Mod Da lee too
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First Roomates Leah E Cranberry Song 2016
She wanted me to work at DQ no thank you after 8 and a half years of education I am working non minimum wage, and in something I can stand so that works for me for real. Love and light and after people get bf's they ditch me.
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Terraria - Klovne POV
4:45 utter insanity of special effects.
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gauntlet lee xD
Shyho gets her crown and plays with king, 187 and gilly I have so much fun it was nice of shelly to drop out so i can play with em
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Pink and gold COmfired mario kart 8
Mokaji and Chikamungus are the 2nd and 3rd people to confirm to be in Twitch tv all star battle.
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7 Days to Die Fancy Place
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