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Guinea pigs eating pumpkins 🐹🎃
I have about 19 guinea pigs and for Halloween I’m feeding them some plumpkins for a special treat.
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🐊💚New Orleans Swamp Tour 💚🐊
A little short film of alligators and swamps
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A Chilly January Vlog
2018 is passing by quickly ain’t it?
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Baby chicks spring 2018
Lol it’s chicks. I’ll update to the few of you who watch me content. From chick to chicken
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RIP Mac + New Guinea Pig
Mac was the father of all the baby guinea pigs, then he died earlier in December from what is believed to be a sickness. He will be missed from us and his GIANT family. Also we have a new Addition to the family! Inferno the male guinea pig! He is descendants of the rare “long hairs” and he will hopefully in the near future when he is old enough to produce bring some rare guinea pigs to the family! He has also made buddies with arctic another male his age.
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Winter vlog 2018 + all animals
Winter is coming! Time to get the guinea pigs and parakeets and that one chicken warmed up. This is the first video of 2018! Enjoy! 30 guinea pigs 20 parakeets 1 chicken 50+ animals in counting so far this year 2016 was only 3 guinea pigs + 20 parakeets + 1 chicken The house was supposed to be a aviary with a deck but it turned into a petting zoo housing birds and rodents. The aviary costed 10,000$ dollars in total plus six months or less to build. The entire family helped to build the aviary in that period of time. We try to take good care of the animals. Their extremely when it comes to their food. Plus housing and bedding and every two months we have to clean the aviary so no cockroaches would show up nor other disease carrying bugs would come and harm the animals. Plus we give them heaters during the winter and fans during the summer, plus even more expensive equipment. The water fountains keep on breaking so we keep on having to give them new ones 😂
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Guinea Pigs 2015-2017
This is a video about how the guinea pig family became what it is today!
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Piggy showcase (summer 2017)
This video showcases all of my piggies. By now (November 2017) the number of Guinea Pigs has reduced in size. Hope you enjoyed the video!
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Sick little piggie 😣
I found twilight with some cyst in her eyes and she wasn’t eating well. I put her in a comfy blanket and gave her some lettuce and baby carrots. Hopefully she’ll get better 😢
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Piggie feast - Winter feast 2017
This giant feast includes carrots, Roman lettuce, cucumber, eggplants, bell peppers, and iceberg lettuce! I do a giant feast for the piggies twice a year (summer feast and winter feast), these piggies can’t wait for the summer feast in 2018!
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Merry Guinstmas 2017!!!
Winter doesn’t like her sweater XD
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Baby Gooby Likes Carrots
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Winter and her babies
This is a relaxing video about winter and her new litter of three piglets!
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The first guinea pig
Mr. Guinster was the first guinea pig!
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Baby Gooby’s Story
She is a fluffy fat potato, that’s it
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