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Underrated Review: Ghost World (2001)
Written and edited by July Hizon.
Views: 7711 Underrated Critic
Lucky Chicago Lesbian Kisses Rose Ellen Dix
From the Chicago leg (Sep 27, 2017) of the Rose & Rosie Exposed tour.
Views: 15534 Underrated Critic
Sia's 'Chandelier' Music Video - BACKWARDS
See it in reverse!
Views: 1261 Underrated Critic
Orange is the New Black (2013, Season 1) Review
This is not an underrated review. Written and edited by July Hizon.
Views: 33464 Underrated Critic
How to Administer Cat Pills
Young lady shows us how to get your cat to swallow pills.
Views: 103 Underrated Critic
Harley Quinn Impression at C2E2 2015 in Chicago
I asked this wonderful young lady to do her Harlequin impression and she did not disappoint!
Views: 2507 Underrated Critic
My Cat Doesn't Like Being Outside
I tried taking him out for a walk.
Views: 154 Underrated Critic
Claire B Hardcore, S+ with MQ11 SMG
Yes, you can finish B scenario in under 2 hours while using the SMG and getting both upgrades. No bonus weapons, no bull$4lt. Hardcore difficulty.
Views: 21 Underrated Critic
OITNB with a Laugh Track
Imagine if Orange is the New Black had a laugh track.
Views: 234 Underrated Critic
RE2: Claire Bear dresses up as Elza Walker
Resident Evil 2 (Biohazard) 2019. Claire, Standard Difficulty, PS4
Views: 12 Underrated Critic
July Plays Biohazard Remake
I'm very New to live streaming.
Views: 12 Underrated Critic
July Plays Real Survival Difficulty as Chris BSAA
Biohazard Remastered PS4
Views: 15 Underrated Critic

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