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Forza Motorsport 7 Nurburgring rain game play.
music: If These Trees Could Talk - The Bones of a Dying Used Duel shock 4 as a controller on pc PC Specs: GTX 1070, i7 6700 (none k) Settings are on dynamic medium (some settings cranked up to high/ultra manually) You might notice slight stutter, that's due to the cpu bottlenecking during capture as i noticed it capping at 100% when it stutters. The frame rate had no effect on stutter (capture at 60 fps) I don't claim to have great skills because the set up of the car is supposed to be driven easily as AWD in the rain which might as well be better than traction control, ABS, and stablity control all together. However, at the same time it is a heavy car in the set up at 1.5 tons which make find the perfect braking point a little challenging. Still working on my racing lines for this track, though if i want to practice it for real i shouldn't race on rain settings due to little water pools interfering with the perfect race line. also braking points are dramatically different. I just enjoy playing on these settings no more no less.
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Canon EOS 5d Mark III Magic Lantern raw test clips
Actually i didn't do much work on this video. I just pulled some test clips that i took randomly and i stuck them together that's all hehe :P Editing done with Adobe After Effects ^_^ I'm planning on shooting short films after practicing with raw plus i need to learn more in editing videos and sound effects. I am in love with this quality! @[email protected]
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sony a7s random shots
75-150mm f4 olympus zuiko
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Canon 5D mark iii raw in nature!
Lens used - tamron 24-70 2.8 vc some shots were not focused so it might looka bit muddy in those shots i really love this quality!
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Birb cyote
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