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League of Legends Urgot outplay
This shows just how important pings are in League. You'll see the Xereth ping the Illoai (their tank), but I want a squishy, Say, Shaco, Lucian. Xereth drops his goods, put's Shaco into my execute range. Surpress him in the middle of the enemy, so i get the flee of as many as possible (jhin was always wearing brown pants) Yi swoops in, cleans up the Illaoi while I tango with the Tham, before Jhin drops his curtain. I Body swap with tham, mainly chasing the jhin now I know where he is, and soon leave Tham to be eaten by the Yi... Poor Jhin, doesn't know what to do, and doesn't make the escape... bad times for them, good for us (p.s. Yashou wasn't a threat in top, and Evelyn may have been a bot...so ... unofficial ace?)
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I'm A Penguin
This is what happens if you ult as Xayah, and walk into bards tunnel before you hit the ground... i was quite surprised that i became a penguin
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Gnar First Kill
Just learning gnar, and this has got to be the cutest kill i have EVER seen
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Let's play Iron Man Demo
....actually, let's not. The controls on this are a little bit clunky at the best of times (though alright once you're use to them) so playing this at twenty to two on a night with screen lag from my recorder.... not a good idea
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Teemo Support Carry
Granted we lost, the teemo support is such a hard carry when you start getting fed ^_^
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Gailo Support Getting a triple kill
First we clear the minefield for our ADC. Then we launch a mass knock up, auto attack to finish their Jungler, love tap their ADC and laugh as the tower snipes him for you, before wind blasting their Support, smile as you walk into lane to push the minions back.
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Jinx and Xayah ♥ for life
how to turn a fight with just two little lonsom ADC's
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Lets Play w\friends
ZeCore took a break from league of legends to check out http://store.steampowered.com/app/304930/ and well... Kitteh kinda rage quit after the admin shared his privileges and night zombies raged on him.... The game play is a little smoother than this, but even on 44fps it feels kinda slugish, and the mouse speed on menu's is stupid compared to the sensitivity in game
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10 second preview of my towers firing
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Let's Play WARFACE
So my bro ndwar2000 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6_MJMutFn2g9-WahvVasug) requested I attempt a piece of software to allow me to capture from my xbox with the hardware I already have/ Now unfortunately I do suffer some screen lag, and thus actually Sniping was harder for me to do on this game even though I prefer that class set (though I've also lost my prefered pistol which sucks) Felt kinda sorry for the rest of the team (specially as I didn't tell them about my play issues) but then the results screen came up and there I was, front of the pack ^_^
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Welcome to my blue life
I'll be the first to say this isn't great, mainly a test upload, i've mixed other stuff together well but i need to rescue them from the cras.... and i know i shouldn't have played around with the key and tempo so much... but i'm still learning so give me a break
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Wade Baners Stats
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Learning to Tank
Learning to Tank on League of Legends using the Champion Gnar. Gnar isn't a normal tank, due to his dual form, however for Attack Damage Carries (ADCs) he's a nice transition as you can enjoy his squishy ranged mode, then beast out and go crazy melee style. So in this video you'll see me dying to towers alot, but that's because I felt i needed to test the limit of taking tower agro. It's all just against bot's and it is a learning video, so don't hate me too much for such rookie mistakes.
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Lol Rakan out play Zed
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What a little smugging can do in 8minutes. from scruff to layered hair
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