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Sky Force 2014    Stage 9 Normal/Defeated the Arachnobot
Hello and welcome to duty This is my first sky force video but im looking forward to make some more.Stage 9 is insane even on normal.....i spent like 2 days just to see the Arachnobot.Well good luck everyone on stage 9 or whatever stage you are playing,and well meet again,here,at SrgMatrix
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DISTRAINT:pocket pixel horror #1|I HATE ELEPHANTS
Yo guys i'm SrgMatrix and welcome back to duty! Video number 1 of DISTRAINT:pocket pixel horror! Warning! Scary shit! A 2d style horror game witch i really love,but at first attempt looks a little weird.Hope you enjoy!
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New Clash Royale update! Bouth the ICE GOLEM! ITS COOL!
So i decided to spend 150 gems on a rare new released card ,the ice golem witch is really cool,it acts just like an ice spirit but doesn't frezze troops,just slows them...STILL NICE and totally worth it! Thanks for watching ,leave a like and subscribe to my channel to help it grow!(btw so sorry for all errors in many videos but my BRICK does not have much memory)
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Sky Force Reloaded/Stage 11 and Temporary Card
There you go! First Sky Force Reloaded video! I know i already finished the stage but this is only 2nd time i succesfully finish this! So hard though its normal! Thanks for watching and we'll meet back to duty,here,at SrgMatrix
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Special Christmas combat:Festivus VS Shadow
Hello guys and welcome to duty! Christmas means gifts in games too! So i'll show you a fight with Festivus and win his candy shuan gou Its also the first time that i fight with him. Enjoy!
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LEGENDARY ARENA FINALLY!!1 Clash Royale#Arena 10 #Update #( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
YO GUYS I'M SRGMATRIX WELCOME BACK TO DUTY! Here,i finally ...what i've thought impossible...REACH ARENA 10(9 for me)After 5 won battles,the last one witch i was pretty sure i was gonna lose,I got to the last of the arena! Thanks for watching and please help my channel grow by liking and subscribing to me!
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Please Don't Touch Anything | SO MANY SECRETS!( game crashes)
Hello everybody and welcome back to duty.First time i play this epic game(probably last one) After all the game crashes and i....rage but anyway i will try to retrieve it back and it's data.Thanks for watching! To be continued...
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Clash Royale. 10/10 CLAN CHEST OPENING
So we managed to get 10/10 clan crown chest,did not pretty much expect to but,after all I opened it today.Unfortunately no legendaries in this video,just to know there is a 30% of one in this chest.Once again if you don't like the orientation i'm sorry but this allows me to watch full screen like playing Clash Royale(just press full screen while watching on your phone/tablet.Thanks for watching and merry Christmas!
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S.A.S.4  Ep.1/Game analysis,general view.
So guys here is first video of SAS4,a general zombie shooter.I'll present today some gameplay and for new players only the maps and mainly rewards.This is not a walkthrough,i only show the video of a battle and the presentation.Thank you for watching,don't forget to like and subscribe to help my channel grow and i'll see ya next time!
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Battle Ram challenge 10 wins!/ Clash Royale classic challenge;New Battle Ram card
Yo guys!So here i will show you a Battle Ram 10 wins challenge.I was expecting to lose at 7th battle,but looks like i got up to 10.Thanks you for watching some close and epic battles! Enjoy!
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Battle Ram classic challenge 2#! |Clash Royale 10 wins chest! /Unlocked battle ram!
The 2nd part of the battle ram challenge! First 10 battles challenge chest that gave me 3 battle rams,enough for level 2 now.The previous battles are in the last video! Thanks for watching!
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New Clash Royale update! #2 /Using Ice Golem
Second part of the new update,short video and i'm not gonna say anything important because i've already did in first....Again,Enjoy!
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Clash Royale | Balance changes,NERFS after NERFS...
So on 23th of January balance changes are coming,but looks like this time they...suck.Zap is nearly an unusable because it does not kill level 9 gobs at lvl 9,ice golem is getting a HUGE nerf to its death blast and slow time,ice spirit does not leave minions at lvl 9 within 1 hit from the arena tower and more... All you did was just to make the game worse,do not think people will just use arrows cuz of your warning.Anyways i still love CR and i hope you are at least making the zap back...please
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Please Don't Touch Anything #2 | HOOOLY CRAP!! I GOT A DIAMOND!
Please Don't Touch Anything #2 is out! Sorry for long period of not uploading but ive been trying to get my progress back! Anyways i did it! Still not finished the game,but i got so many interesting endings!Thanks for watching!
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Today i found in shop an ELECTRO WIZ FOR THE THIRD TIME,and as i had enough gems and coins to buy it,what could stop me from doing it? Also i opened a 10/10 clan chest,bullcrap but I finally have it...the electro wiz.Thanks for watching,if you liked what you see subscribe to my channel to help it grow and do not forget to leave like for support! Enjoy!
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INSANE BATTLE / EPIC COMEBACK! (Low lvl account replay)
OMG! I WAS SO AMAZED WHEN FIRST REALIZED I BEAT THIS NOOB! A level 9 in arena 6,vs a lvl 5(120% fair wtf) but he was not like others witch were dropping on pourpose,this fella really fought back! After rezisting for 3 minutes and holding back all his stupidly strong attacks(+spam) ,i decided to attack the other totally unexpected side,as his only defense was tornado at that time,and battle ram did not actually work that bad.Results are unexpected.Thanks for watching! Leave a like for support and subscribe if you are new to my channel to help it grow,thank you!
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Shadow Fight 2 | Nova defeated+Wasp(Interlude)
Yes,yes i do have....hax [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] Here is the link: http://www.wendgames.com/2014/12/shadow-fight-2-mod-apk-191-unlimited.html?m=1.(press first download button) But you cannot blame me because i have already played over 3 times ,once reached the gates of shadows and then stopped cuz it bacame boring,so i decided to find a hacked version and see how Titan is,plus all the other gameplay after the gates.Thanks for watching!
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