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Nunu + Orianna OP
This combo works really well, especially in ARAM with the Ghostwalkers. (I was the Orianna)
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0 dmg Lux ult
Very interesting 0 dmg lux ultimate. (I was the Kog'maw)
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Xayah penta
XAYAH PENTA (I was the Xayah) That gnar set that up so perfectly.
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Almost double penta (Kata died right before, I was the Yi)
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Dat baron steal
Dat baron steal (I was the vayne)
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Wublin Island on Composer Island
My version of Wublin island on Composer Island. Sadly, it got cut off at the 64th measure, since that's the longest composer island can be, so I feel bad to about the Poewk and Screemu (Quibble and Furcorn) that didn’t get to play much, and the Scargo didn’t get to play at all, so it is not on the island. Credit goes to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exDtKE9fOWQ for most of the monsters and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHPCjOwTLno for the Wubbox (Pummel, Deedge, Clamble, Shellbeat, Scups, Shrubb, T-Rox, and Bowgart at the bottom of the screen).
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Teemo gets rekt
Nice (I was the Orianna)
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