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jordi - the last rites
oh, desperate times call for desperate measures it's the fate of glass to crack but in pain lies pleasure oh, is it a crime to completely withdraw in my bedroom? a means to an end of life slowly becoming a heirloom oh mother, now sing the last rites cuz reality always bites oh, life's dull and life's trite so mother, sing me the last rites ostracized by a terrible shyness i give the impression of a man who's drowned today, i sat n' listened to the silence it was the most deafening sound
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jordi - the scent of a woman completely on fire
for Ana Mendieta and Warsan Shire. I've failed to teach my mother how to give birth to me her womb was like a hammer for my fruitless husks of lethargy You see, I'm like a table that eats it's own legs off because it's fallen in love with the floor I want to make love but my hair smell of war no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark Oh Mother, my mouth is a burning church and apathy is a machette in my neck Oh Mother, your love was like war I never came back the same My body is burning with the shame of not belonging My body is longing Sometimes it feels like someone else is wearing my body Last night, in bed I swear I thought my body was on fire This song is a prayer, begging God in falsetto A liar on fire
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jordi - the fragmented body
i got a 50 feet tall vulture on my back i'm hollow, no tears can fill a sad sack and all the drowning women that refuse me a hand would they lend it, if they knew i am as damned yes, life is brief though it doesn't help when 100 black stallions gallop in my head i know, my voice it does sound farfetched please, give me yours, angel of death i try to opress my death drive, oh so futile strange how i can alter from violent to brutal chanting of rapture and pain, exposure, decay i got hands of clay, they build and they break sometimes i feel my arm like a swan's neck, so weak i try to lift my voice but their neck is thick bigger wings demand a bigger cage first, it was despair, now it is rage
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jordi - nocturne
a lonesome night in Ermoupoli, Syros. everyday i wake up a mirror breaks in my face i dream new music to calm me down but the pain never goes away
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jordi - valya
a fall into an empty pool slowly, it flooded with blood everybody laughed out loud the very next day at school clearly pronounced names in mud nobody laughs now and Valia sings: "these legs aren't made for walking" and Valia jokes: "it's back-breaking to get stuck in a bloody chair forever"
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jordi - lavender
blow the dust off your wings do not wait for the wind these are the words of a man who lost everything he was the remedy takes too long is it my swan song? the sad luxury of her eyes my redemption and my demise i will be in my bedroom calming down the noise as if i never existed sleepwalking on my toes
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jordi - the gospel according to quasimodo
unwilted and ever, the crookback gent visible only through the windows of the basement a face surrounded by leaves or made from a grave heart, he grieves the gibbous moon, it forms a spine white roses dripping blood and wine a saint with a demon's face or withered flowers on a crystal vase rejected he was, like a son deformed the weight of man on a quagmire his hospital room was a-stormed they found nothing but desire
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jordi - the furies
the beasts are snoring now and i'm huffing and puffing cuz i was scampering all day through just to slip off their fangs and my little siren is absent mastering tempting uses of her larynx while i'm shriveling here all alone not even worthy of a cataclysm the super markets are selling ambrosia but it's a rose-covered booby trap and i am clinging to the thought that utopia does not exist in any modern map father, is my chronic, unpleasant insomnia an anathema for wasting my days? and can u exorcise these new phobias i acquired when i stole the holy blaze i remember the day when the king's son was born he threw all of his fireworks and blew all of his horns and then suddenly inky trickles were falling from the sky a flock of blackbirds were stunned by the rumpus and died then a set of mourning tornadoes began to emerge they torn the king's clothes and his back they scourged and he felt like the culprit for all of his misfortunes i don't think i've ever heard of a more brutal torture
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